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What lovely little tea cups - oh, how I wish that I were more creative!


These are adorable, and oh how springly, just what I needed to see today with all this snow around here.

Your etsy-shop is lovely, too!


kate is greedy

The COLOURS - I can't even begin to tell you what they do for me. And I just took a little jog over to your etsy shop and am so, so, so impressed with all of your prints as well. Such a good selection. Keep showing us stuff because I love it and get sooo much inspiration. Lots and lots and lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


Oh they are so utterly cute!!!!
Great Job :)
I always love your ideas <33



I'm just loving these creations.


Oh Vanessa they are soooooo cute! Another triumph! I cannot get over how clever and talented you are.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Liz W in Missouri, USA

And this, then, is the reason that I so love coming to visit your blog. It's a snowy day here in the middle of the USA, and pretty gray. The holidays are over and the winter is looming ahead, and yet here in your world the seedlings are jumping up out of their lovely little cups (with handle warmers, no less) and all is bright a gay. It's why the mice dance and the puppies are so content!

Becky Peabody

Oh my! What are you trying to do to me - make me bankrupt? I could find a new home for each and everyone of them! Evangeline is still enjoying her new home! Have shown my hubby your etsy shop page and left a big hint if he ever wanted to buy me something special!!


What a JOY to behold, thanks so much for sharing your seedling tea cups with us Vanessa! The colours, textures, fabric, crochet, shapes are all so enchanting and beautiful to admire. I hope they all go to wonderful homes xox

Bobo Bun

How wonderful to find such an addiction. I can see why. When you can spin such whimsical, beautiful creations then I don't think I'd be able to stop. Sound advice too from your business advisor.



I absolutely adore your seedlings. The fabric, colours, hand stitching, layers are all so exquisite. What beautiful creations.
Clever lady.

Jo x


My you have been busy and such beautiful colours. I am now quite embarrassed that I've done so little recently, maybe tomorrow.


Yes, adorable!!!


B-R-A-V-O!!! for seedlings in teacups! i don't need to say anymore, do i?


They are stunning! So so so so so lovely! Are the handles french knitting or crochet?


First I must say that I think 'tuckled' is a sweet new word, one which would be very useful! I made up a new word by accidentally typing favourites severla times as 'favourities' but then I thought that it was rather descriptive of little things we love best! Your tea cups are just wonderful - such beautiful colours and delicious little details! I'm going to have a look in your etsy shop and see which is my 'favouritie'. Have a lovely creative week. Helen x


I just found your blog, and I must say that the things you make with papier mache are stunning! Just lovely!

Planet Penny

These are SO cute, and the colours are very you. Hope they sell like hot cakes! Penny xxx P S Dachshunds definitely snortle, especially when asleep!

mama elf

The seedling cups are adorable. I can see how they are time consuming to make, but ah, the results, so joyful!
I am very tempted to make something nice out of paper mache as I have made it for my son's school project...He is not hot on handling it, so he won't be too dissapointed if I used the leftovers.
And tuckling sounds just right. Our tumble dryer is "tumbly", much better in my opinion. Why not improve language, when we can?

Jo Harratt

Im a very lucky lucky girl today as my husband has just bought me one of your gorgeous seedlings!!!! I cant tell you how excited I am to own one of your lovely designs!!!!
After only just discovering your gorgeous blog I NEW I had to have a piece of your work!! and its so strange as its my birthday tomorrow and you listed them today!!!! yay!!!!!!
I've picked the 'teeny tiny' seedling one as I feel its quite poetic as ive only just started my little making business last year and some how I feel it represents hopefully my teeny tiny business growing!!! Thank you so much Vanessa and im sure I will be back for more!!!!!!!

Janice Perkin

the seedlings are gorgeous


Cute attack!!!! adorable!


I love your little seedlings! Apart from the lovely colours it is all the detailing that makes your work so lovely. Everything that is you is there - even crochet! The embroidered wording and fabric are just gorgeous. How lovely for Jo whose husband has just bought a little seedling for her and how symbolic! These must take a whole heap of work but I bet it's fun too. Things go in cycles don't they; it's hard to stay doing the same thing always, as there are so many things to try. Having said that, I am knitting - about a third of the way through my first ever sock and my only dpn experience. I'm enjoying it but the difficulty is all to come!


the most adorable,enchanting teacups i've ever seen. there is such a sweetness about your designs and the colours are a dream.
you are just so amazingly multi-talented, i hope you give yourself a jolly good pat on the back now and then, or at least a cream cake if you can't reach your back for being so clever. you are without a doubt one of my top favourite artists and i just wish my piggy-bank where a bit fatter (maybe it will be one day) so that i could buy one of your lovely creations again. i will at least start saving up.

thank you so very much for having a blog that is such a joy to visit. it's a very feel good blog and i'm sure it brings a lot of joy into many peoples day.

hope you have a lovely time with the knitting gang tonight.




Hi Vanessa,
I don't know how I've missed commenting on this post before because it's so delightful! I know I'll read it over again and again. I adore your teacups, you must justifiably be very proud of them. Roll on more of your fabulous creations.
Have a great weekend.
Hen xxx


So. Very. Gorgeous!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

So great! It is good to explore other mediums as well, you can always come back to knitting :-)

Jill Holland

Oh beautiful! Love the colors! What gorgeous baby shower gifts they would make!

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