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Hi Vanessa
Have you ever been to Ireland?? Specifically the West? The clouds are just fantastic there


One day last year I was so thrilled and engrossed looking at the perfectly circular holes lined with little mineral crystals in a stone I found on the beach that I fell over.
Didn't drop the stone though, it still thrills me every day on my windowsill above my work desk.
It is in my stones with circular shapes in them collection.


I can't believe that you are talking about heart shapes as I was being rather observant in my own home the other day thiking wow we have a lot of heart shaped things about the place including pebbles from our beach and soap made by Alice this last Christmas! I am a big fa of people watching too but nature observation has to come out trumps xox


Yes, it is lovely in the Summer to look at the clouds and see what you want to see in them. We also like collecting pebbles from the beach with holes that go right through so we can thread them up when we get home and hang them up - it always makes the place look Summery and reminds us at the same time of happy days on the beach looking for these pebbles. We also sometimes paint them which is a lot of fun and you can always keep some at bay for that rainy day.


Oh yes, I cloud 'observe' too! I love making things out of the different shapes of clouds. You know what else I do it with? Patterned tiles. :)

I didn't see the heart in your trees (I mean of course I can see it, but that's not what I saw saw). I saw an eagle landing!

Have fun at knitting!

ps: finished all the cardi bits, i just need to sew them together now!! yay!

Bobo Bun

Love your last two reflective posts Vanessa, beautiful imagery as usual. I like watching too, but get less opportunity these days. You definately have a lot to offer conversation and I bet they're so glad when you arrive at the knitting group. Unlike you I'm really lazy about just getting off my bum and going along to our once monthly one.

Hope you had a lovely evening dear Vanessa



Yes, I love a bit of cloud watching too Vanessa. It sort of clears the head doesn't it? x


How nice to find someone else who collects heart shaped pebbles, thought it was just me!! I love to stargaze, cloudwatch, and people watching is something that most writers do without realising they do it. It provides endless inspiration for stories! And I often see things, shapes in other places... for instance, when my husband spent time in the Falklands, he bought back a plate with a map of the islands, and one of them is just like a flying Ted Heath bird... you can clearly see the outline of his nose, chin, two little legs dangling down and wings... of course, HE can't see it. Men can be so unimaginative at times, dontcha think?

Jo Bleaden

Hi Vanessa
I love to watch and take in what's around me there is so much pleasure to be had from simple things. That way there will always be something to brighten my day. I'm a bit of a people watcher too but that's just me being nosey!
Jo x


These garden photos are just the thing to look at in the middle of a blizzard! Beautiful.

Vintage Squirrel Katie

watching nature is rewarding and can be very amusing. Lately we have been letting the hens out of their spacious run to roam free round the garden, in the hope that they will eat a good heap of the weeds in the flower beds. If I am going out anywhere, I leave them in the run, so I know where they should be. One of our Marans, Margo likes to fly over the picket gate and cross right over the garden to feed on the sunfower and niger seeds dropped by wild birds from the feeders. The last few mornings, we have been sitting, chatting over the breakfast table when this black and white speckled hen shoots across the front of the big windows, head down, wings flapping furiously, legs a blurr of motion, as she heads back to the run, knowing that I will be out to feed them in the next 15 minutes...........she thinks we don't notice and waits all chummy and chatty on the wrong side of the gate, as if to say, Good morning, I am soooo starving, I just had to linger here for hours and make sure I was first in the queue and of course I haven't been anywhere else, stuffing my crop!'

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I see the heart - but it looks sad. A bleeding heart - with the foxglove trickling down. Oh dear. Too pretty a picture for a broken heart! Let's call it an airplane - flying in over skyscrapers, bringing home people whose hearts will be mended when they are reunited again with their own true loves.


I'm really enjoying your summery posts at the moment


Hi Vanessa and thank you so much for your gorgeous photos, foxgloves and seats encircling trees ... my very favorite things ... Keep warm and remember how important it is to eat the whole slice of cake ... We are the opposite down here heading for 40 degrees Sunday, much love, Barbara


Yes, I do love looking at clouds and nature and people, observing and imagining and being fascinated with the details of things you see around you. Seeing your foxglove picture reminds me of one summer afternoon, years ago, when I was drawing a foxglove (or a bit of one) in the garden on a sunny day, and I watched the bees, very close up, going in and out of each flower collecting pollen. It was quite magical! Must make time this summer to watch the bees as closely again. Thanks for a lovely thoughtful post. Helen x


I finished reading this post thinking I know exactly what you mean! I am a sit on the outside person too, though only the people who know me really well know that. My day job doesn't really lend itself to that as I teach but I am happiest at home, just me and my fella completely relaxing. Watching the birds, knitting, getting the fire on, eating lovely home cooked food and listening to old music. I love your pictures. How wonderful to have seen those shapes in the clouds. It is amazing what we see in life if we take a little time :) x

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