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Lovely, lovely scarf and lovely, lovely chocolate bowl being topped here too and left in the hall for visitors to help themselves to.


Love your scarf and all your fair isle. Bright cheerful pictures.


Gorgeous colours!! Just what we need on another dull grey day! Thank you Vanessa
Enjoy your knitting group tonight


Love the scarf and the colours.Wonderful.My husband has become quite an expert on Frida Kahlo as he gave a talk on her to our Art Appreciation group.His next challenge, The Scottish Colourists!
Glad you are feeling better.


Gosh, wonderful, wonderful!! You are so patient...I love the stripey dress, the scarf,and bibette...I've knitted stripes!! on a smaller scale..I blogged today about them...


Fantastic colours on the scarf! I'm not quite brave enough to do fair isle knitting yet as only just starting out in knitting but will do one day.

Frida Kahlo's art is very vibrant and she was a wonderful artist. x


I saw your scarf and actually "Oooooh"ed! How fantabulously beautiful!

I love, love, love Fair Isle!

I'm new to blogging but have read your blog for a while now, and I love it! Thank you for sharing it all with us!

Ruby xx

Claire Smith

Hey Vanessa, wow, gorgeous scarf, love those colours.

Freestyle Fair Isle, wonderful.

Claire :}

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Beautiful - of course! It looks like the scarf was knit in the round - or did you seam it? I think it would be such fun, because you could center down to just working on one little section at a time, and then it wouldn't seem so endless. I wish I were better at carrying colors, but you're an inspiration - I may have to give it another try before long. (So many left overs from other projects, don't you know!)


Such happiness in all your lovely photographs today! I love your fair isle, I have attempted it before ad can really appreciate how addictive it becomes and it looks super impressive too x I adore Frida Kahlo and was fortunate enough to see an exhibition of her paintings in Paris a the end of the 90's which also had some of her clothes and letters to Diego on display xox A real highlight in my love of art life x

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Gorgeous!!! I am mad about Fair Isle. And well done to Hugo for taking such lovely pics :) x

Hi! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated your blog for the Stylish Blog Award!

Alice and Raymond!!!

What a fun post Vanessa! you never fail to rbighten my day and make me feel all happy inside! I loooooooooooooooove your take on fair isle, it is so much fun, and those gorgeous stripey tights look fantastic on!


Hi, Vanessa!
I just L.O.V.E your fair isle scarf! It´s gorgeous!! And I do love your photo shoots and all its atmosphere: the colours, the stripes, the good vibration!
Claudia, from Brazil


All your fair isle work is just gorgeous!
I wish i were that patient. I started a sweater like your nice dress. (do you remember?)But i'm really not sure about those colors.. your look so much brighter.
And i LOVE your new scarf! I need one like yours!
Thanks for sharing!
It's always nice to visit your blog and read your posts.



Hi Vanessa,
I just love your fair isle scarf, the colours are just fab. I wouldn`t know where to begin free form fair isle knitting you are sooo clever. I have to follow a pattern i`m not that confident. I do like the plants in your previous blog and didn`t realise you could have them inside. Oh & that blog with the tea-cups painting, GORGOEUS! And i was thinking that design would make a lovely tablecloth.
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Samantha Heap

This scarf is lovely! I love the bright colours and the pattern is so pretty!

Samantha x


love the scarf - such bright cheerful colours, which is just what a scarf should have. Loved your stripy leggings that you wore on the modelling session too!! It's dull, damp and dismal here, and I am feeling just as grey and miserable on the inside after facing a barrage of criticism from someone who is supposed to be close to me, and I thought would support me. I can't tell you how much your bright cheery post has lifted my spirits - thank you so much. I've not had much chance to be in blog land so haven't read your previous posts, but hope everything is OK and hope to be around to visit and be revived by your cheery tones and beautiful colours a bit more often.


Such a wonderful, colourful post that really made me smile too! I so love your fair isle scarf and dress - the colours are too delicious to describe, just gorgeous! Helen x


Wow Vanessa, it's so beautiful! Love love love the scarf and just wish I could knit like that. I have only just started knitting and last night finished a hat for myself - v satisfying. I can only hope that one day I will be able to produce something as lovely as your scarf.
I hope that you enjoy wearing it!
Best wishes
Katie x


That scarf & photos are a knock out! Very inspirational. Inquiring minds are wondering - is it lined or as someone else suggested knit in the round? Very much enjoy your art work, sculpture & knitting adventures.


mmmm,lovely:spurring me on to get stuck back into my fairisle project- stalled when it got difficult and I got under the weather!

Crochet Galore

Your work is absolutely beautiful.

Margot K of VA

I wonder if you see the comparison of your fascination with stirpes with Kaffe Fassett's caterpillar woven stripped material for quilting?


Simply beautiful!
And I love love love the pictures of you. My favourite is the top right hand one of the first mosaic piccie. Looking very pretty Ms Vanessa! :)

Planet Penny

The scarf is gorgeous, Vanessa, and SO long! I do love a long scarf you can wind round and round! Lovely cheerful pictures as usual. Hope you are soon back to bouncing health!,
love Penny and Higgins xxx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Hello Vanessa, I was so cheered to see your lovely colourful post full of your gorgeous knitting. It was lovely to be reminded of your fair aisle phase and all the fun and creativity that went with that and then the stripes too...Bliss :-) That Bibette dress looks awesome, can't wait to see it finished too. I have been off line thanks to the force of Nature and have missed all the happy blogging community. Yours was such a nice post to come back to. I have those furrows from the glare as well and believe it or not UK has worse glare than Oz...I suffered terribly if I didn't have my sunnies on when I lived over there!

Dawn Nelson

A riot of colour...just what we need today cos the sun's gone away and it's another dismal Scottish winter's day up here! Hey ho. Your scarf cheered me up. I love bright colours too.

Dawn x


The one thing I really love about blogland is that whilst I may not be able to identify with many of the bloggers, their posts often give me ideas for crafts that I hadn't thought of, and as in the case of your fair isle scarf, rekindled an old interest. I haven't done colour knitting of this sort since my sons were small - they now have teenage children so you can tell how long ago that was! - and I am excited by your scarf to have a go again. You are young and pretty, can get away with bright colours... they wouldn't suit me, but I have found a lovely selection of colours with plums and greens and creams, and an old book of patterns to adapt. So thank you for giving me my next project!


Oh, it's so beautiful! And I so much appreciate the way you worked in the stories and pictures of the other knitting, too, and how one thing led to another. Such a fun glimpse into how your creative mind works! (And such lovely end results!)

Lois Morgan

I came to visit for a burst of colour on this drab Ontario winter's day.
Thank you! My eyes are wider now. And I was just thinking about the Frida film the other day, and how I want to borrow it from the library again to view... I love her colour and her spirit. Lots of colour in Mexico.


Glad to hear that you are definitely on the mend, Vanessa.

Your scarf is brilliant in many ways! I love mixing up fair isle stitch patterns and colors, and have made sweaters in which the the front, back and each sleeve had similar yet not identical progressions. I just kept the over all colors in harmony and the number of rows equal so that the breaks between colors matched up at any seams.

Basically, as you did, I just went for it and had fun exploring fair isle. I never tire of messing about with it, using 4-ply, DK, chunky, or even mohair yarns.

Please do tell Hugo that he's a fine photographer!



Looking at these lovely pictures is very de-stressing. I love your fair isle so much - yours is what has really sparked an interest in me. So colourful alive and vibrant. Your new pictures of you wearing your scarf are lovely - love all the poses and your colourful outfit of red leggings really suits you - you look really happy and well in the pictures! I hope you are feeling it again after being poorly last week. Hopefully you are well on the mend now. I also loved that Frida Kahlo film and really enjoyed it. Some very happy and cheering pictures, a good reminder of what an excellent knitter you are as well as all your other talents. I have been garnering info on how to do fair isle - all it needs now is for me to actually have a go! I can do continental and English style knitting now, so hopefully holding a different colour in each hand will work for me. Got a few things to be going on with first.


Really beautiful, the perfect remedy for an otherwise overcast and gloomy day. Thanks so much!


SOOOOO gorgeous, OMG, I love all of it!! Is there a pattern for that dress? I so want to make myself one!!! I didn't read all the comments, sorry if I'm being redundant.

Awesome work as always, Vanessa!!


Love the scarf! Colour palette and pins at the ready. They have been for the last month so this post was just the umph I needed to get started!! Thank you. Sorry you have not been well. Take care.


You are the Fair Isle Queen. I adore your dress, and your scarves, and hot water bottle. You have a natural sense of colour and pattern for freestyle - and it's so lovely to see what you make.


Beautiful blog - I just love the colours. The scarf is gorgeous and I also love paintings of the flowers in the teacups. They are my sort of colours.

I particularly admire the fact that you did the scarf free hand - it must have been such liberating and fun just to do whatever patterns and colours you felt like.

Hope you are better too.


Your fair isle dress is what first grabbed my attention with you - I sat and thought 'wow this woman is talented!'.....and I wasn't wrong!

Gorgeous colours as always!


My first visit to your blog, and I am mightily impressed with your scarf. I'm not much of a knitter and have always shied away from fair isle, but I like the idea of having little blocks free-style. A scarf sounds like just the right size project for me to have a go - so many thanks for such great inspiration. I shall visit more often.


Your scarf is gorgeous, congratulations


Gorgeous, gorgeous scarf!!! Love what you do with Fair Isle.
Glad you are feeling better.


That is one beautiful scarf. I have been scared of Fair Isle, but after seeing this post, this might just be the year I give it a go.

Thanks for sharing!


I do like the plants in your antecedent blog and didn`t realise you could accept them inside. Oh & that blog with the tea-cups painting, gorgeous! And i was cerebration that architecture would accomplish a admirable tablecloth. Fantastic colours on the scarf! I'm not absolutely adventurous abundant to do fair isle knitting yet as alone just starting out in knitting but will do one day.

villa moraira

Fabulous combination of colors used in the scarf....The scarf suits you very well and you too looks beautiful in the scarf...All the comments here itself shows that how they like the scarf and its colors..

location calonge

Lovely scarf i see ever in my life..The choice of the wool and its color are done splendidly...Your style to wear it is also gorgeous....

tunic girls

I admire your dress, and your scarves, and hot baptize bottle. You accept a accustomed faculty of colour and arrangement for bathe - and it's so admirable to see what you make.

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