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Evangeline is too cute for words. She has stolen my heart :)

kate is greedy

It is such a nice and funny world that we live in when a paper mache mouse begins to feel like a really good friend. But, we have so much in common, we both love tea and biscuits, taking breaks from chores and we adore the same colours!!! Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


I think the adventures of Evangeline would make a great book !! She is lovely. :)
Vivienne x


What a little darling! I do love the way she's hloding on to that biscuit - we're frightfully posh, don't you know!

Dawn Marie

I love Angeline. She is fast becoming a favourite of mine.


Oh I do love Evangaline. I keep popping in to see what she's been up to. A book sounds like a fantastic idea...... please please....


i love...trop beau!


Just had to say that Evangeline is quite divine! I absolutely adore her!


Nothing to say but absolutely adorable! And love the Camilla line. Definitely more than a coincidence. C.x


Goodness me your papier mache work is seriously good, I feel that as I stare in amazement she may start to actually move. Evangeline is simply gorgeous. Ooooh you must be chuffed with yourself, I hope you are. I so admire you, I think you are too clever for words. Sorry for sounding a bit weird but I don't know how to say it without being a little gushy!

(Hope Clementine is well x)


this just gets better and better, this gorgeous Evangeline is adorable, really beautiful


Evangeline Evangeline where oh where have you been .... we oh so love you in this house we do xox Just precious Vanessa x


soooo cute reminds me of my little girls story book character Marguerite in Marguerite's fountain by Rachel Elliot and illistrated by Petra Brown x Love your Evangeline hope she makes it into a story a.s.a.p ....


Vanessa, Evangeline is amazing! Absolutely love her and the whole idea and the stories she can tell. I was wondering how long it takes to make her? I would think a long time!!
You are brilliant, xoRobin❤


I love her! I think I've only done paper mache once in my life and I was just a kid then, but seeing this makes me want to try again! Any tips?


I agree that the Adventures of Evangeline would make a lovely book, and just want to say I love your attention to detail, the bite taken out of the chocolate biscuit caught my eye with this particular Evangeline. I could see a whole range of products, notepaper and so on for children to encourage them to write letters or notes, birthday cards, pencil cases..... all sorts of goodies for little girls.


Absolutely super cute! I so agree with Maggie! Lots could surface from Evangeline's Adventures!
I can't wait to be able to purchase one in the near future!
xx for now


I love Evangeline...she's wonderful!!
Sorry to be so pedantic..but C was sneered at for saying 'wicked' to describe the engagement...well, it is rather an odd description , don't you think???

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I adore Evangeline! I think of her life as yours - a bit of work and tidying up - then time for a dance (in a faire-isle dress atop a hay bale) and a song (while the balloons sail) and then a nice snug little cup of tea and treats. I'm waiting for a knitting Evangeline - and a gardening Evangeline come summer! I'm absolutely in love with your little mousie family, Vanessa. You truely are a bearer of Joy.


Evangeline and her sisters are truly beautiful. You are a very talented lady and reading your blog and seeing the accompanying photos brings me a lot of joy. Thank you!


evangeline darling, dreams can come true!


Fabtastic as ever Vanessa.


If I can't have my very own Angeline to own I think a set of prints might be nice too - your photos of her from the various angles are just lovely!


Your imagination and skill are just amazing. You never fail to enchant!

Alice and Raymond!!!

Love her! I love that each poece is still the same mouse with the same personality! you are so clever! (I'm saying that in every comment here, am I getting repetitive?!)

Lisa Hafey

I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award...

There's no prize, but I guess you get to wear the badge on your blog? Not sure of the details. Anyway, if you want to continue the chain, the details are here on my blog:

Lisa Hafey

becky peabody



Vanessa, please allow me to add more applause for Evangeline. That brilliant young mousie really knows how to live in the moment.

And I just keep wondering, how do you manage to get so much grace, attitude, wit, style and lightness from papier mache? I realize that you've been working in this medium for a while, but ... wow! It seems to me that you have complete mastery.

Hoping that your cold will be gone, gone, gone really soon! xo


Hi Vanessa,
Evangeline is soooo adorable. I missed quite a few episodes of the Archers this week so i`m going to listen to the omnibus edition tomorrow.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


This is so lovely!


Hello Vanessa!I love Evangeline! I can't find words to say how lovely she is - so sweet and alive!
Sunny wishes from Teje!


Evangeline is gorgeous!!!


Evangeline and her cup of tea and biscuit is so sweet!! I love her dainty little paws! You are so imaginative, Vanessa - I love seeing the ideas you have for your new work, it's delightful. Have a lovely week. Helen x


She is beautiful! How do I get my own Evangeline?


Fantastic! I've recently discovered your blog and just love your paper mache mice... they remind me of the mice in Bagpuss from my childhood (my favourite programme from the 70's lol). I can just see them all whirling around singing their little heads off :D x


I am new to your blog, Vanessa and am amazed at the wonderful things you create! They are so beautiful! If Evangeline ever wants to come and stay in Australia, we would gladly welcome her - tea and scones will be on hand, too!


She is perfect! I had to share with all my friends on my blogs!


How lovley, you are just so talented. She is very cute and imaginative, congratualtions!

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