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What a delightful story, and a pig so full of fun and spunk. I must get this book for my small collection of children's books. I'm wondering if little pigs exploits will show up in some of your paper mache pieces? Gorgeous pictures, Vanessa.

kate is greedy

That book is hilarious - I want to buy it for the school library!!! Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


Love that Pig!

I can see this going on my book list for next time I put in an order.

For my Grandson you understand.



I love the picture of the pig breakdancing!
I'll have to buy this book to go with the others in my collection!


What a fabulous story and great illustrations Vanessa. I feel it could be one to add to my collection of lovely picture books... even though all my "babies" are now grown up!


Boris Johnson is fab isn't he? He certainly is value for money and an excellent inspiration for your lovely pig.

I've got pigs on my blog today too :o)


I very nearly chose undies just like Pig's in M&S this morning. Eventually I went for stripes instead but I am hoping for a similar spring in my step.



Wow - I can't believe I didn't make the connection! I'm a children's librarian and this is my current favourite book to use for class visits and storytimes. When I'm reading it I watch the kids and without fail some little soul will clap their hands over their mouth, horrified, when the goat eats the knickers! My best part is shouting out that I've lost my knickers - always fun to do in a quiet library.

Anyway, congratulations - it's a fab book.


Your post about knickers and ...well...other underwear could not have been more apt. Thak you for making me smile. (for more info have a peek at my blog) x

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I'm betting that Pig and Louise would be best friends, just because of the pure joy of knowing one another!


What a fab book, love the illustrations you did too, so bright and fun!


It snowed today...where is our Spring? Where? I love this little tale - thank you for sharing. ~Kelly

Planet Penny

Oh Vanessa, that did make me laugh! I know what you mean about exploring the comic aspect of the characters, and 'our Boris' is a prime target! Isn't it funny that pigs don't wear clothes, but put them in knickers and then take them away and they look, well, rude! I must buy this for Max and Benjy, I'll really love reading it to them.
Higgins has a lot of 'baby' photos too, and I too am amazed when people aren't as besotted as we are. (I'm typing this one handed as Higgins is cradled in the other arm, so besotted is the word!)
lots of love Penny (and, of course, Higgins!) xxx


Ooooooh I have to buy a copy for my darling little girl Ella x Where's my bank card............?


I want some of those knickers, would really cheer up the February gloom....and a bra to match! Awesome.

Alice and Raymond!!!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you were inspired by your mayor when you made this pig's character, that made me laugh... what a cute book and how awesome that it made you inspired to explore characters more indepth yourself, thats one of the things I love about your papier mache, that they have their own stories!
Love Alice
p.s I bet the baby photos are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! We don't have any of raymond because we didn't get him until old age, but we like looking at old pics because he looks a lot younger now he has had lots of loving care!


Well I agree with what you say about Boris, so colourful and because of that, a welcome change from the grey suits of Whitehall. And love, love the pig story and the drawings are great too.

Magic Cochin

Gosh that looks like it was a whole lot of fun to illustrate!!!

Do you think that Mayor Boris will be reading this? I wonder?

Have fun with your doggies this weekend


Oh, Vanessa, that story did make me smile - I'm off of buy a copy for a small friend.


One of my favourite things in the world is children's books and this one made me squawk with pleasure! I had hours and hours of fun and unforgettable moments sharing pictures books with my daughter. I called her over to look at this post and just as I did, she thought it very funny (she is all grown up now). Pig is a wonderful creation, an absolute gem. I chortled at one picture after another. I can definitely imagine Boris Johnson as your piggy, he is as you say a character! I have to say your cow looks truly astonished at the antics of Pig and who would not? I did empathise with dear old comfort eating Pig with his carrots tucked under his arm and tears rolling down his cheeks. I just love this book so much! Your characterisation is so funny and spot on. I understand about the papier mache being totally your creation. Having just been enthralled by your story telling as well as your pictures, I was wondering if you had ever thought about writing your own book as well as illustrating it? You do have a lovely way with words, so you could definitely do it if you wanted.

I'm with you on the 'baby' photo's too. How could anyone not be interested? What is wrong with some people!


Oh what a beautiful blog.

Janice Perkin

it is fantastic Vanessa - I just love it


Love Boris!

I'd love to see a few baby pictures...


too funny! and yes, can't think of anyone more deserving of your illustrative tribute than B. Johnson!


love boris the pig, he's great, we shall definitely be adding him to our book collection. Am not sure this is at all an appropriate comment, but I just can't resist -when we lived in our student house, in a very dodgy area, there was a video store nearby which had a sizeable collection of ahem, adult entertainment alongside the regular blockbusters and one that always intrigued our entire house was entitled Pigs In Knickers - we were forever joking about renting it out - your post and book have brought back lots of happy memories, and did give me such a giggle this morning - am sure your pig is so much cuter though (the mind boggles what might have been on the other video...) so I will have to get your book now and possibly even copies for my former housemates - Pigs in Knickers for a new generation...

Totally with you on the admiration of pets and children though - anyone who can't be nice must be very bitter and twisted inside methinks..


What fantastic illustrations, Vanessa - they are brilliant! I loved looking at them, and the story was so funny. Children's books are often so witty and clever, it must be a great area to work in. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures - I must get that book!
Helen x


How fantastic! I, too, have to get this for the school library! Love the story and the illustrations are hilarious. You've captured the movements beautifully!

Have you considered writing your own books as well as illustrating?


Hello Vanessa! Wonderful, happy book and your paintings are most beautiful and joyful! Have a lovely week! xxx Teje


Love it, reminds me a of a book called "The Queen's Knickers" but Boris is so much more interesting. I used to work in a school library and the kids enjoyed "the Queen's Knickers" but I'm sure they'll love because the animals are much more appealing. Your pictures are adorable.

Bev from Australia


I LOVED this story - just purchased one - sooo wonderful! Kelly

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