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jane smallcombe


I hope you're feeling better soon!

As you know I check your blog regularly and was quite worried when you hadn't posted - glad to hear you are on the mend!!!

Jane x


Vanessa, I missed you last week, so I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.


Sorry you have been ill.Glad to have you back.I missed your blog.Hope you continue to improve and quickly.


Yeugh coughs and colds are most unpleasant and really do interfere with the business of getting on with life, hope you have a full recovery soon and continue to have those pretty primulas and your paints to cheer you up.
So pleased the exhibition is going well too, well done you and sidekick Hugo xox


Sorry to hear you've been under the weather Vanessa, must be all the more difficult when you are self employed and your work space is temptingly at home. Glad to hear you're on the mend. The Spring flowers available now are wonderful aren't they? I bought a few mixed bunches just from the supermarket today but they had anemones which I love and also paperwhites and narcissi which smell heavenly.
Take care of yourself. Was thinking of you today as I made up the spare bed and admired my Fair Isle hottie which you created, clever stick (lucky me)!
Hen x


all that colour must help....wish you well

Vintage Squirrel Katie

Vanessa, we may go to Edinburgh over the next 3 weeks at some point and will pop into the RSA and have a gander! Well done Hugo for rescuing the situation - it's not always clear what they want for submissions. It's such a marvellous, grand building. Did you meet lots of interesting folk at the private view? My parents used to exhibit there, once or twice a year for the RSW and RSA Annual exhibition and the highlight was going to the viewing and observing! The Annual exhibition is held else where now, so I haven't been into the RSA for a couple of years. ls Evangeline going to be for sale? Are you considering doing any more pigs - could you let me know your thoughts, only I'm due a birthday present! Katie x


Hope you feel better soon! My hubby went thru that one in November, I know just how you must feel. We had too many late nights trying to get him to stop coughing, he finally had to have two courses of v. strong antibiotics.

You've done some wonderful work while you've been poorly, those flower and teacup paintings are really outstandingly gorgeous!


Lovely art work and colours - get well soon x


Vanessa Sorry to hear you haven't been well - I hope you're soon on the mend!
I love your flowers in their teacups and the lovely colours of the primulas
Take care of yourself!


Colds are so pesky! I love your paintings and I hope you feel better soon.

kate is greedy

I love your cup of tea paintings so much, they satisfy me on so many levels. So sorry to hear you have been unwell, I have a picture of you in my mind wearing a long, pale musliny dress painting away and looking very consumptive and 19th centuryish. Take lots and lots of photos of the exhibition, lots of love, Kate xxooxx.
p.s. you are so right about the bunnies taking all of the attention. They are so cute I have to duck out and feed them dandelions every two minutes... as a result though they are becoming very tame and one even began grooming my hand for me today!!!


Hope that you are feeling better soon. If it's a nasty cough you have I had the same before Christmas and it did seem to drag on forever which is debilitating in itself. The primulas are lovely and good luck with the Exhibition and hope you shift the lurgy soon!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Bless you, Deary, and feel better soon. Please take care of yourself as much as you can, what with having work to plow through regardless of the sniffles and coughals.

Alice and Raymond!!!

Sorry to hear you've been unwell Vanessa! Wishing you a speedy recovery to full health and wonder at life....
Hugo is such a legend making you plinths and delivering them, isn't he just the best.
Hoping we get to see some pictures of yuor work IN the exhibition so it can be like we are there too!
Lots of love from Alice and Raymond XXXXX
oh and your primulas are so healthy and beautiful!


Hello Vanessa, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly - a cought can be a horrid business. I do hope you feel all better soon - I know what you mean about enjoying every minute once you're well again.

Your primroses have cheered me up too!


Hope you feel better soon Vanessa- my sympathies, I have a persistent sinus infection that just won't go away- roll on Spring and sunshine!


Sorry you've been poorly Vanessa, hope you're back to full health soon!
Those primula are just what the doctor ordered though. :)
Vivienne x

Claire Smith

Hey Vanessa, looking at those gorgeous Primulas certainly must lift your spirits and inspire you to pick up a paint brush they are just gorgeous.
Well done Hugo and your handyman skills. Vanessa I think he deserves one of your wonderful little 'prize winning' ribbonny things for saving the day.

Claire :}

Planet Penny

Get well soon, Vanessa. We missed you! love Penny and Higgins xxx


Go Hugo!!!!!!


ps: feel better soon


I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling very well and happy you are starting to feel a little better again. Please take good care of yourself and try not to push yourself too much. Being self employed is not an easy option is it; no built in safeguards and comforts to take for granted, like the odd duvet day.I hope you are managing to get lots of rest and with a bad cough it's important to stay warm and dry too. Hurray for Hugo being a champion at diy and coming to the rescue and sorting out a plinth. It all sounds amazing though and you should be very proud! Your flowers are stunningly pretty - the paintings and the 'real' ones. Gorgeous colours all. Hope you are back to your usual vitality and good health really soon. xxx


Hope you feel completely better very soon Vanessa. Those beautiful primulas must help recovery, the colours are just so bright and beautiful. Congratulations on the Edinburgh exhibition - how exciting!!

Get well soon. Love the flower paintings.


Hello Vanessa! I hope you get better soon! Thank you for a lovely and colourful post!
xxx Teje


Here's some extra big wishes that your cold doesn't last too much longer. Those nasty coughs do hang on, don't they? Hubby and I are finally over ours. Tea with honey and lemon does seem to help.


I was very sorry to hear you've been ill, Vanessa - there seems to be a lot of coughing about at the moment. Your new paintings are coming along beautifully despite that! I love all the primulas - such delicious shades - I've got quite a few too now and in fact can't have too many... Lovely to hear about the exhibition, and the plinth panic being resolved by your lovely husband. I hope you feel much better soon. Helen x

Claire Boynton

You poor old thing. I hope you're better soon. In the meantime take good care of yourself, promise?

Lovely colours and stunning pictures, as always.

Claire xx


Hi! I hope you feel better soon. I love your paintings, they're very pretty, as are the Primulas.

Cherry Cabban


Do hope you are feeling better, at least you got to go to the opening of the exhibition. Well done.



Vanessa, I am another big fan of primulas, and your photo has got me wanting to get some for my window sill...tomorrow morning!

Your bright painting's colors are such a subtle heating up of another palette I identify as yours. Really lovely!

Hoping that you will continue to feel better each day. Bravo to Hugo for that double-quick plinth building. Wow...he is a star.

I am sure you will be getting lots of acclaim from that exhibit. xo


Oh Vanessa I lOVe your pretty flower and cups painting! So bright and cheery! I'm going to have to buy some primulas to brighten my world now. :)xx


Vanessa, I put a few piccies on Lalomino out of an old children's book. Though you might be interested.. :)


I love your knitting -the scarf is gorgeous. I have to get some of that wool! Lovely!

The Curious Cat

Oh Vanessa - so gorgeous! Your paintings and the scarf...I wish I had your talent! xxx

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