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Hello Vanessa.
That Evangeline is so full of fun...her exuberance is infectious. I know how to do the teatowel fold, but must try to learn the dance.
Your notion of greeting cards featuring your imagery is very, very good. I think that they would be very popular.
You've also made me smile with the image of the blackbird-powered shower. xo


How lovely! I'm glad Evangeline is having all sorts of adventures.

French Knots

I think your sculptures are amazing, so full of life and character. I'm sure cards would do well, have a word with the Cornish Print Company.I wanted a short run doing with some of my pictures and they were very helpful and well priced.

Holly Marie

Hello Vanessa,

I think postcards, or cards of your sculptures is an excellent idea! I love to just look at them, they are so adorable. It would be a real treat to receive/send one in the mail. You have amazing talent, I look forward to seeing what else you create! :)


dHi Vanessa,
More delightful creations! Love the little prints on those tea towels in particular. You clever stick, you! As to the Moo cards, I use them for mine (gift cards and postcards) and they are good quality and an easy interface to work with. Another advantage is that it's no extra to print lots of different images where as when I looked into it, you had to have the same image printed a milllion times to get it cheaper. I'd definitely love some cards or postcards and I understand the pricing issue when printing on a small scale. Sounds fine to me.
Been a lovely day here too (until now), doesn't it make you feel so much better?!
Hope you're all well.
Hen xxx


Evangeline is such a happy little soul isn't she! She frys an egg just how I like it too. :)
Vivienne x

Heather Melton

I think it's a fab idea to get cards printed I'd definetly buy some :)


What a wonderful post. Im reading this as I am getting ready for work..really early in the morning and feeling a little, well bleh. But this post made me giggle and hope for Happy weather. I love your Evangeline, especially with her teatowels, her spontanaity is lovely and just so inspiring. Thanks for starting off my day with a big grin :D


Hello Vanessa,

Both the sculptures are wonderful, so much fun and so cheerful! I think the cards would be a great idea - I would buy some!


Do Moo cards please! I would love to buy postcards of your sculptures.


Oh yes please moo cards and posters would be fantastic!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Well, first of all, I notice that Evangeline's fry pan DOES have a handle. This is a lovely accessory for any frypan - you might mention it to Hugo! LOLOL
Isn't it wonderful that the sunshine brings a dance to Evangeline, happy creature that she is? I understand that she was going to invite the sparrows in for breakfast, but the cannibalistic idea of feeding them fried eggs for breakfast was a little more than her tender heart could bear. So she fixed a cup of tea and toast and had a little dance around the kitchen before she settled down for a nice meal. Later in the day, as the sun rose higher and the spring flowers came out, she waved her tea towels for joy to the sun.
Cards! Yes please. I'll be the first to order since Evangeline and her friends are some of my favorite people in the world.


I'd love to buy postcards of your sculptures.I love the new Evangalines-woman after my own heart. Why iron or cook when you can dance!!


Yes please to the cards. I think they would be really popular. Evangeline is a very cute character and will go far. I just get all happy and skippy when you do an Evangeline post. Good to see you in better spirits. Take care. Helen x


your new evangelina are so cute, I love them, as I can't afford them, I would be pleased to buy postacards!
Marie in france

Penny Peberdy

Postcards would be brill! I love Moo and use them for business cards and little moo cards (the originals) and they are great.

Let me know when they're ready!

becky peabody

Yet again - just lovely - I want them all - YES! to cards and postcards - they would be fabulous! You are clever!


I love the motion in your sculptures! They look so light, but I can only imagine the time to structure them. :) We feed the sparrows here in Ontario too. They chase away the Robins and Cardinals, they are so cheeky.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, I also love the idea of the cards - especially for those who can't afford an original sculpture, but we love them dearly - we could have a little bit of them by buying the cards.

I hope you buy Hugo a nice frying pan.. have you tried cast iron? How about a nice Le Creuset or Staub enameled frying pan? In a pretty color!

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)


Your Evangelines are making me smile, they are full of vitality and charme, I love them both! Excellent work of art!

kate is greedy

Cards would be fantastic - I am beginning to feel such a good friendship starting with Evangeline and it is another way to spread her happiness around the world. I love her slightly scrabbly fingers too - they are so real. lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


Ironing and cooking should always take 2nd place to dancing!!
I love little Evangeline, she's such a sweetie! I love her little pinny!
I think your postcards would do very well!
Rachel x


Those mice of yours are lovely - a Spring in their step!

Judi A.

Evangeline makes me smile - can't help
it.:-) I love the idea of the cards as it's probably the only way I'll ever own one of your creations. The sparrow in the bird bath sounds like another sculpture idea forming! So glad you are smiling again.:-)


it's a yes from me to the cards! (as long as there is one of Florence!


I love your new Evangeline's, they are so full of character, love how she is doing her little dance! Your characters would look fab as postcards or cards, I would buy some:) though I think a mixed selection would be great, then people could frame them if they couldn't bear to give them away! Glad you are feeling better, I've not been following you long, but your posts are such a lovely happy read, take care, Jenny x


Dear Vanessa, thank you for a wonderful "smiley" post, love Evangeline, so full of character.
Yes, the blackbirds do love their baths don't they? Today a wood pigeon decided to do the same........... and when I went out not one drop of water left in the birdbath!
Carol xx


Wonderful mouse! made me laugh for joy.I so envy her stylish shoes- and the tiny feet within them....
Cards of her should prove mega popular- go Vanessa!!!!!!!


Cards are a wonderful idea. I do love all of your sculptures, it really makes me smile when I see them and then I have to go back and look at all of the small details. Thank you for sharing with us.

Alice and Raymond!!!

they are both lovely Vanessa!!! And yes, greeting cards will be a wonderufl seller for sure! maybe I need to make some Raymond greeting cards! Do you think they;ll sell???!!!! he he he he he
Lovely work as usual!

Claire Smith

Hey Vanessa, I think Evangeline no.1 might harbour a secret desire to be a Morris Dancer............

I love the apron Evangeline no. 2 is wearing. I really think you should make them in adult size, they are lovely and where o where did you find such a teeny, tiny wooden spoon. Did Hugo (man of many talents) carve it for you?
Moo cards definitely , give it a whirl and see how it goes. Am sure it will be a winner.

Claire :)


Another vote for cards - I would love one of Florence :0)

I love your sculptures - they fascinate me - sooo pretty - love the detail :0)


You don't iron tea towels do you!?! I don't iron anything, except cotton tops, which I try not to wear any more. I would love to see (and possibly buy) postcards of Evangeline. She would be a very considered purchase, but a couple of postcards or greetings cards would be very tempting. Dancing Evangeline makes me want to get up and do the tea towel dance!


I would MOST DEFINITELY buy your postcards! xxx


Dear Vanessa

I often watch blackbirds bathing in my birdbath.Strangely over the years I have become convinced that this mostly happens in the spring when you know, a young bird's fancy turns to love. Got to have a bit of a wash and brush up for that! But do you know what is even funnier? Observation has proved to me time and time again that the lady blackbird spends a lot longer in the bath!!


I have been looking at all your pictures of paper mache characters and wishing that I could have a picture of them for framing...

I like all the characters! I'd love cards too(or postcards, but cards a preference as I sent lots!) - perhaps a 'box set' with a few different characters or else the same characters in teh different poses you have posted on your blogs because they show the movement and character in the sculptures.

Let us know if you decide to go ahead as I;d love to buy!


Love Evangeline and love her tea towel dance, a mouse after my own heart. Yes please to cards. I know you have been having a hard time recently and it is so nice to see happy mices dancing again!


oooh, just had another look and I have some of the same ribbon as Evangeline of the frying pan has in her apron! I covet it (the ribbon that is, not to say that I don't covet an Evangeline, that goes without saying), but would willingly sacrifice it for a mice's apron strings.


I love that tea towel dance! Evangeline is gorgeous!

The tea towel dance makes me think of the descriptions of English country dancing (or morris, I forget which!) that were in my 'Abbey Girls' series.


Hi Vanessa, there's a new idea for you, a blackbird having a bath! It really is an awesome thing to watch. I love the idea of cards. Evangeline is such a naughty, but beautiful lady.


Cards? Postcards? A BIG YES!

Rebecca Barrow

Evangeline is completely fantastic, and she makes me laugh with delight every time I look at her! Cards please, definitely! And please ignore the trolls out there - your spirit of fun and delight in life brings so much pleasure to us all - you are the sunny patch in my day.
with love (and best wishes to Evangeline)


Ironing teatowels????? Good grief, whatever next? Do people actually iron teatowels.
It's the little details that make your sculptures so special, the fried egg for example.
And birds bathing in the garden gives me pleasure too... we have some little blue tits who don't just drop themselves in, but very timidly, like someone testing the water, slide gracefully in, sideways. Or one prefers to reverse in, so funny to watch!


Just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic corchet step by step patterns, they are brill! I am very very new to crochet and I have found them really clear. Love your mice aswell :-) Re the cards, there are other sites that do them cheaper I am sure so might be worth searching around before buying them.


Oh Evangeline, where oh where have you been? You with your glorious imagination, creates for the rest of us a fascination of a mouse doing a dance all the way to France, we wish you all the happiness ever in a country with sunnier weather!

She is sooooo beautiful Vanessa she makes me want to dance xox


Oh my how gorgeous are they - I think I need to start saving up!!

Mariza Rodriguez

Hi, I´m from mexico and just discovered your blog and fall in love with just so cute and full of joie de vivre


i'm always at the tale end of commenting.....but for heaven sakes!!!!! get those cards aprinting!

loved the a.m.'s in bed post. yes you are lucky.....i don't have to wake up and rush off to work anymore either but your routine looks especially lovely. ok i'll say what i've been thinking for a long time already, a you might have suspected......i want to be YOU VANESSA when i finally grow up!


Planet Penny

Oh dear, I usualy have a look at your blog first thing while I have a cuppa and your sculptures always give a smile, no, a chuckle to start the day! Just wonderful, I LOVE the idea of doing the Dance of the Seven Teatowels!!!
Interesting to hear about Moo Cards, I've had a similar suggestion about my Planet Penny animals and although I did my own Christmas cards they were awfully time consuming and by the time you've factored in time, card, envelopes, ink etc getting them done professionally seems the best way so thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to being able to buy some of yours, which I would probably frame rather than send to anyone else!
love Penny
PS I also loved the fact that when I got to the end of your post there was Douglas's little head peeking at me, aaaw!


It is such a lovely sunshiny day here, that I am going to potter out for a little walk to the shops; I shall be admiring the blossom on the way. Spring really is here and I feel nearly as happy about that as Emmeline looks!

Loving all the stitching on Emmeline, the colours are all so pretty and vibrant. I don't know how you do it as pig and mouse eyes are very small, but you get so much expression in them. She is lovely and I definitely think photo's of her are a great idea.

Actually you have lots of things on your blog that would be lovely - nice reminders of all the lovely and varied things we have seen and of course we could pass them on to other people to cheer them up too. In fact I could get carried away - notebooks, cards, calenders - even printed fabric, so you could make a lovely Emmeline cushion perhaps!

The Curious Cat

oh man! Amazing!!! xxx


cards are a great idea. You could do a price/quality comparison with somewhere like Bonusprint

she really makes me smile ... as do you ... can you tell me how you make tea towles stiff? :-) xxx

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