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And yes, I can see why, they're gorgeous! :)
Vivienne x


They sure are lovable! Hey - I wonder if my dog and I are beginning to look similar..? I just posted a couple of pics of my terrorist terrier today since I love to show her to the world. :-D

Magic Cochin

Lovely pictures (I like beards)

Your doggies are so lucky to be loved so much.



I want them.But don't tell my cat.


I love your dogs too!


Non-dog owners just don't get it do they?? I love our dog too (but I really really loved Jose our sadly departed sea dog)
Your 2 look very very special
Take care


Just in case you don't know what I mean about my best mate Jose
go to ...

get you hankie ready x

amanda makes

How cute are those two? I can almost feel their fur.....your photos are so good! xxxx


Thanks for sharing your adorable dachshunds. Our standard dachshund has just been to the dog parlour and no longer looks his lovely, shaggy self. I will pop him onto a later post so you can see him.

Linda Gilbert

Lovely,lovely photos - Thanks for giving me the biggest smile x


I really love my dog Max and frequently feature him on my blog. Your babies are adorable.
Have a great day,


We have only had our dog for 9 months and we love him to bits, he is adorable. I totally 'get' the dog lovin thing now.
Although his name is Wilson he is also Baby Dumplin, cutes patoots and puppeee! Now I've written that down it's made me laugh out loud!
Your two are totally gorgeouus! Love their little beards( I'm talking about the dogs) although I'm sure Hugo is lovely too!
Rachel x

I know exactly how you feel. We got Lottie (a Spaniel)a month ago now and it was instant love. They really are 'man's' best friend. And who knew I could find five hours a week to happily walk her!I'm gonna keep an eye on my own ears though now just in case they begin to droop and get hairy! :)


Yes it's hard to tell where Hugo ends and the doggy begins, I love seeing your doggies pics too, they look like lovely characters.

Planet Penny

Oh so cute! (and Hugo too!) I wish we lived nearer, I'd love your doggies and Higgins to get together!
Penny xxx


They are too gorgeous ! Such character shown in all your photo's xox


What's not to love? They are adorable, and so darn cute together. Precious pictures, Vanessa.


Great pictures, great dogs.
Carol xx


so much cute here!


Your dogs are adorable :) (hehe, so is your husband ;) by the way, love the dog you made as well! How do you make your figures? clay?


Totally understandable, when they are sooooo sublime. Apparently, my partner thinks it a bit off that every time someone says how lovely our Podenco/German Shepherd cross Rufus is (yes, the Ru, as he is known) I say 'Isnt he?' and we end up gazing at him adoringly together, me and the complimentor. C always says 'thankyou, your dog is lovely too', but I am too busy caught up in the wonderfulness of the Ru..... I have always done this, and cant seem to stop myself ;-)

Bobo Bun

Millie wanted to see the clever ladies blog tonight after birthday tea. Well she fell for your dogs immediately. She adores Alfie Blue, but had really wanted something much more scruffy and terrier like so yours fitted the bill for her. I really hope Mike doesn't start looking like a Pug, or me for that matter really, Maybe we already do and don't realise it. Ho ho. Have fun loving them Vanessa as they look like they're thriving on it.



I feel "warm and fuzzy".

XXXXX to you all


so cute..both of them !!! ;o)))

Paula F

The dogs are indeed adorable. Hugo appears to be " a splendid specimen of the gentlemen species" as well.

Alice and Raymond!!!

they are so cute Vanessa, and how handsome does Hugo look with a beard??!!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, I totally get the dog love. My sister invited us to come visit at their lake house overnight or a day trip. It's 4 hours round trip to get there. I said, what about our dog? She goes, "I didn't even think about Buddy as you're so well aware of the 'no pet policy' at the lakehouse." So, I told her that our dog could not be left for 12 hours in the house, let alone overnight. Sheesh. So, we were un-invited because of our perfectly well-behaved Cairn Terrier. HARUMPH.

Oh well! Hugs from Oregon.. Teresa

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

He He that is so funny! I have seen lots of people who start to resemble their pets while working as a vet nurse.....its really amazing :-) Cute, cute, cute puppies!!


HI Vanessa
Has Douglas ever spent any time in the Czech Republic? Only my little dog Eliska wonders if he might be her dad. She does't know who her dad was, but he was definitely a dachsund, and she does look quite like him!
... and if he's not her dad, she does think he's very handsome....


Love the matching beards! I too have a fine furry boy at home with a magnificent dark beard which looks lovely against his golden fur. His name is Mr Henry (or sometimes lov-e-ly Mr Henry, or the bobby dog) and he even has his own theme tune. It's great being a doggie Mum!

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Handsome Hugo and the fur babies! Perhaps there IS truth to the theory after all. I spent this past weekend moving to a new home and I think that Lucy and I resemble each other in the fact that we have both been rather disoriented. And I'm not sure that my hair hasn't managed to go a bit whiter, to match her little furry maltese self. Gotta love the doggies.
I completely missed telling you how much I also love Mr Woofs. His little feet are so much like my daughter's little miniature black and tan dachshund. All body and tiny little feet that click on the wood floors when he runs about tending to things. Mr Woof certainly seems happy with his first place ribbon, as well he should be. It takes a lot of energy and spunk to have the waggiest tail ever.


Blimey, Hugo is hairier than Ellie!! xx


Dear Vanessa, I love your dogs, too! You have so beautiful photos of them!
Have a lovely time with your sweet family!
Teje & Nero


Miniature wire dachshunds are the *most* lovable ... we used to have four but age took it's toll and we are sadly down to just one scruffy little fella now, Wilbur. (Whippets are of course very loveable too ... I have to say that because I have five of them !)
Can I ask what Douglas and Ellie's breeding is please ... Wilbur wants to know if they're related :)

Porsche Pierson Church

Vanessa, I could not agree with you more about Ms. Hickson and Miss Marple. Ms. Hickson could have been my grandmother's twin. The resemblance was remarkable. No one before or after Ms. Hickson has played Miss Marple to such perfection.

I lived in England for three years -- ages ago. Your blog brings back such lovely memories. And, I've taken up knitting! Lots and lots of garter stitch scarves. Hope to improve.

Best regards,

Porsche Church

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