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Vanessa, I bet she is absolutely tickled pink. I know I should be.

It's simply wonderful you clever girl!

Have a lovely weekend.


Bobo Bun

Hope you had a lovely evening. I'm back in the technical world again (hooray) so I stopped by here straight away. Just shown Mike, he was speechless with delight and then he said with awe 'simply stunning' and how thrilled Millie will be on her birthday.

Only a bit longer that I have to keep this secret.

Have a great weekend Vanessa you super talented creator of creatures and mischievious little Millie's.

Lisa x


Just crazy go-go-GORGEOUS! :-)


I'm very impressed! Beautiful, wonderful, loved!
with love


Very impressive. You always inspire me to want to have a go at papier mache!


Beautiful girl and a beautiful figurine. No wonder Lisa is delighted, what a treasure.
Carol xx


Oh Vanessa that is absolutely brilliant!! What a wonderful likeness of Millie it is.
Beautiful. :)
Vivienne x


Hello Vanessa! You have made Millie and Betty so beautiful! Millie looks very alike and both of them have so sweet smile! Your small, qute animals are so sweet and alive that I would like to hug and kiss them! You are an unique talent and I wish I could open that invisible door, too!
I wish you sunny and happy weekend! Teje


Smashing - your little sculptures are the best Vanessa.I yearn for a smiley amenable sheep just like that one to keep my grass short and fertilised.


Hi Vanessa,
Millie & Betty are beautiful, just beautiful. I love the wide smile on Betty`s face.
You`re brilliant.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

jane smallcombe

Amazing likeness - you are sooooo very clever!!! Cannot wait to see your next papier mache!!

Jane x


Vanessa, you are AMAZING! And you're obviously having a wonderful time! Carry on papier macheing darling girl!

Vintage Squirrel

I just want to walk up to that gorgeous sheep and tickle it behind the ears! Your work is amazing, Vanessa.


I am AMAZED at the face you painted for the little Millie! So adorable and life-like. Wonderful! You really captured her smile.


Vanessa, this is just wonderful! Having had a go at papier mache, I know how damned hard it is, so for you to be able to create to this standard leaves me speechless (well, almost). How you actually get a papier mache figure to really look like a real person, I just don't know. The whole work is beautiful sheep, stand, everything. Lucky lucky Lisa and Millie (what a lovely little girl she is too). I hope you might create something in papier mache with a sewing bias (ha ha) one day? Hope you had a good supper and have a lovely weekend.
Hen x

Crochet Galore

Wow, wow and wow. You are one talented gal.

Rattling On

Vanessa, what a wonderful job you have done. Portraiture is so difficult, never mind 3D, and you've 'got' her so well. Luck girl whose Mum commissions such a piece. I do hope she gets her sheep.


Vanessa, you are a true artist. Your talent is so special and unique. I would be so honored to have a piece of your work. Maybe someday! The little girl looks just like her, I wouldn't think that possible but you did it!!! Congratulation on your masterpiece! xoRobin❤

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, thank you for sharing this delightful paper mache sculpture with us! I was the 4-H Dairy Goat leader for my 3 children and this takes me back to them showing their goats in the County Fair. Fun memories. I could only dream of having such a beautiful piece of art like this to mark those lovely memories.

Hugs from Teresa in Oregon


Wow! I think you have captured her beautifully!!


Absolutely incredible!! Millie looks just like Millie - but her socks make me think of you. Love, love LOVE it! I would love to be able to live in your creative world for a week. What bliss!

Karen Barrett

Absolutely think you have captured her spirit. What a lucky little girl to have a mum who thinks of these things, and you to translate!


Amazing. Absolutely incredible how you managed to make the little figure look so alike!


Your papier maché figures are truly wonderful Vanessa. So charming. I love all the things you create but these are my favourites. Millie and Betty are gorgeous. I would be thrilled to death to have something like that for my daughter.

Janice Perkin

your work just seems to be getting more and more amazing - you are really clever


Amazing, it looks just like her, you are very talented.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Vanessa you are a marvel!! So lovely and I love Betty's blue rinse....I agree with Millie there would be nothing better to save your pennys for :-) Gorgeous as always and I am sure it will be treasured :-)


She is perfect!
Have a beautiful day,

Penny Peberdy

Oh, I LOVE your stuff!

BTW - just bought a copy of the pig book!


Oh Vanessa, this is beautiful!! And what a great idea from Lisa. I will remember to ask you to do something similar in 8 years time!! :))




Double WOW. It's your best piece yet. Lucky Millie.

Jo Harratt

Oh my word this is just AMAZING!!!!!!! you are so clever Vanessa!!!

Absolutely love it!!!!


This really is amazing, you are so talented every mother would want to own one of these works of art. just wonderful.


Oh, it's wonderful...
I wish you could make one for my granddaughter...maybe when she's older, bit difficult to convey a 8 month old's character??
Take care


Vanessa this is gorgeous! and your little girl is uncannily like Millie! Lisa will be thrilled!

Liz in Missouri

Miss Millie is a very lucky little girl and in for a big treat come her birthday. You absolutely caught her little imp of a smile - and I'm loving the fact that you are sending her a pair of fairisle socks. Beautiful Betty should be very happy too, that she is going to a home that will love her so much.
I adore your world Vanessa! It's quite magical.

K Blue

This is incredible! You really captured the that smile of Millie. Oh, I love this so much. You truly have a gift.


How incredibly talented you are, this is just so so beautiful. I love it so much and it captures Millie so wonderfully. You are so wonderful! Best wishes Anne


Amazing work, Vanessa! To capture a likeness as well as making something so decorative is sooo clever - you really are incredibly talented. I do love the figures of pretty little Millie and the adorable Betty and the delicious colours you have used too...marvellous!
Helen x


Just amazingly gorgeous! You are so, so, so talented!:-)

The Curious Cat

And there you go again...knocking my socks off with your amazing talent... wow...


I have met Millie and this is uncanny Vanessa. What truly wonderful, joyful work.

Judi A.

With the first picture my thought was, "How does she get the faces so perfect?!" Scrolling down, my thoughts in exclamations, were "How does she do that?!!" You are an amazingly talented gal!


This piece has literally just brought tears to my eyes Vanessa. You are amazing, Tam xxxx


that's amazing you are so talented - I'm so in awe of your talent I've never been able to do papier mache not even able to cover a balloon so to create such lovely sculptures is wonderful.

Dawn Nelson

What a lovely thing to have! You've done an excellent job!
Dawn x


Wow, papier mache Millie and the real Millie are very alike. She's beautiful! I like the sheep as well, she has such a nice expression on her face.


Hopefully my internet connection is steady again now and not going to keep falling off (I lost a couple of comments over the last week since I first saw this post). I can't get over this one Vanessa, I was staggered by it to be honest. You are so clever! If I was Millie's Mum I would be carting this piece around and showing anyone and everyone and then when I had finished showing it off I would lock it a way in a harm-proofed cabinet to protect it forever! I would have adored a piece of art like this based on my daughter, it would be so special. You have got Millie's smile perfectly and encapsulated the two photos into the models likeness beautifully. It is a really stunning piece of work - amazing to see her immortalised in this way. I love the sheep too - definitely deserving of being no 1 in the show, such a dear little face. All the details are just wonderful - like the little sheep on Millie's jumper. What a fabulous commission. I bet Millie adores it too. A big favourite with me!


What a magical peice. Lisa told me today that she'd commissioned a piece from you. Its absolutely lovely. Such wonderful talent. I'm sure she'll be thrilled.
Have a lovely week.

S King

These are lovely ... I'm sure you say how they're made (papier mache, I'm guessing) but the way you capture expression in the faces (human and animal) is exquisite ... do you do workshops?

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