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love your blog and work!!!! such a nice dog and mouse!!!!!


Hi Vanessa
I love love Mr Woofs! What a character - how long does it take you to make one of your beautiful pieces???
Have a great weekend

kate is greedy

How can you even bear to part with him - he is such a happy, happy doggy chappy. What good company he will be - I hope you are going to make a papery dog for you and Hugo too.

Barbara Simpson

You are so clever, I love your wonderful, whimsical creations, they make me smile.

Bobo Bun

It's wonderful sharing this visual journey with you Vanessa and seeing how your work is slowly changing. I can't say I prefer one stage to the other, I love it all. Millie was just on her way up (as it's really bedtime and time for peace from children now) and saw your daschund. "Wow - I love him" she said. Little do you know I thought. Better go and hurry them up and then wine for us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lisa X


Ooh, I'd love Mr Woofs. I do wish I hadn't spent all my money.


another absolute every one but florence is still my fave




Gorgeous as always - I wish I had half your talent and imagination!


I love his ears and raised paw; so alive! And his cheeky grin.

Vintage Squirrel

Oh, Vanessa and here I was thinking things couldn't possibly be any better than Evangeline...........
Katie x


I Love this one!Such a cute doxie :)


Mr Woofs is adorable. I love him, gerat job.
Have a great weekend,

Raspberry Cookies

Greetings from Ontario Canada!
This is an amazing blog...the fun blog name attracted my attention! Great and very admirable creativity and talent!

I shall add this site to my favourites and visit again soon, as there is so much more to see on this site!

Pretty Nelli

OMG, I just love, love, love mr. Woofs.

dutch sisters

Never seen such a fabulous doggy! (love your blog)

amanda makes

Vanessa, you go from fabulous to even more fabulous! I adore this little chap! I'm so excited about my you know what! Loads of love, Amanda xxxx


Hello Vanessa! Mr. Woof is amazing and beautiful! And Evangelie with her egg-pan and 'dishcloths' is soooo sweet! You are an unique artist and I love love love all these figures you make!!! They look so happy and joyful!!! Thank you for giving us something so lovely to see!
Have a sunny weekend! Teje


Thank you for making me smile once again, you are so talented, How can you bare to part with your creations, I would want to keep them all. I would like to have them all!!

The Muse of The Day

I don't know how you managed to create a sculpture of a dog that would make it obvious that he is happy and content - but you did it. There is so much personality in his face. My ABSOLUTE favorite part, though, are his ears. I had to enlarge the images (#5 and #9) on my screen to see it up close - his EARS, or more precisely the flowers on his ears! The flowers hint at the fact that he has been spending some time in the garden sniffing about all the spring flowers that are popping up. A little surprise for the up close observer- totally brilliant. Carolina


i just love Mr.Woofles with his happy-flappy ears and waggy tail ❤
he has made me grin from ear to ear :o)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I love Mr Woofs, you have captured him perfectly!!


Love Mr Woofs - reminds me of when I was a little girl and my mum had a dog like this called Rover. Have a good week. Leah x


Loving Mr Woofs. He looks just like one of our mini wires, Tolly, except sadly Tolly doesn't hve such a lovely sweater.


Vanessa, I am in total agreement with the earlier comment about the Ears of Mr Woofs. They are to my eye the key to his personality. I love them! They are truly dog ears.

It's such fun to see what you are creating, and I continue to be astounded by how you are able to create these delights so quickly.

When do you sleep? xo

Planet Penny

Oh Mt Woofs! Are you sure your name isn't Higgins? Vanessa, he's adorable and if you are making postcards of him I would like to put my order in now!
Love Pennyand Higgins xxx


I absolutely love him! I've enjoyed all of your papier maché creations, but this one is now my favourite! He's so beautiful and makes me smile.


Mr Woofs is wonderful! You keep getting better and better, Vanessa! Love his colouring, expression, shape, and decoration - just brilliant!
Helen x

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