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I wonder if the new Miss Marple will knit!!
Vivienne x


I agree totally Vanessa!! Miss Marple is most definitely not sexy!


We've just been enjoying a Joan Hickson fest with our boxed set of Miss Marple. She beats all the others into a cocked hat. Perfect.


Hi Vanessa,
I saw that about Jennifer What`s her face too and let out a loud TUT! The world has gone mad.
The photos are beautiful. The one with the white table, two chairs and the irisis peeping out through the grass is a must for you to paint. I can almost visualise it in my mind.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx


I will not watch any programme with Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple! It's an outrage I tell you!


We have libraries closing here in California too...and it is an outrage which will lead to further outrages; without libraries, how will people be able to read the books to learn just HOW Miss Marple should be portrayed. It's a slippery slope, I tell you. Slippery!!!

I am somewhat comforted by your garden photos...though they are so far away in time and space.


Lovely garden photos, glad you didn't find a body in the shubbery though! I'm constantly amazed that anyone could think Miss Marple could be played by a person under sixty - and we're all totally spoilt for it to be played by any other actress but Joan Hickson now, her portrayal just isn't going to date.


I agree! Joan Hickson WAS and IS Miss Marple and that should never, never change!! Cx
P.S. Love the gardens!

boo textiles

gorgeous photos and I couldn't agree more about Joan Hickson being the very best Miss Marple. I too will not be watching a sexed up Miss Marple. It will never do!! xx


What absolutely lovely gardens. I have often wished to go and visit an open garden but never been. Your photos have inspired me to try some out!
Joan Hickson is Miss. Marple and so say all of us!!


So many things get 'makeovers' that are disastrous. They see something that works and is popular e.g. the incomparable Joan Hickson and think oooh we could make this even more popular by up-dating it,moving it to California and casting a 'babe' in the title role...thus revealing the fact that they just don't get it AT ALL.I know playwrights have stolen plots and characters from each other regularly over the centuries, but this sort of nonsensical, smash and grab trashing beggars belief!


What lovely photos! Totally made my day (which has been hard indeed. I'm so happy to find another Miss Marple fan. Certainly there will be a revolt if they have Jennifer Gardener play the dear soul.

PS: Died at the sight of your cream tea, hall and all. Oh, what loveliness.


Totally agree, Vanessa, a sexy Miss Marple, the very idea! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
I'm very partial to Gardens' Open Day visits myself, with, of course, tea and cakes.
Carol xx

Jan Quigley

The gardens are gorgeous & yes i can just picture Miss Marple sitting their with a cup of tea & her knitting. :-)
Now I thought it was bad enough when they started changing the storylines as they make each new series. I can live with that, but the idea of a young sexy Miss Marple is just wrong!!!!
What next, Justin Bieber as Poirot?????


Joan Hickson is definitely the best Jane Marple ever filmed. No question about it.

Perhaps that new rumor is just some sort of April Fool's joke?


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I can't imagine any other Miss Marple.... sacrilege, I agree with you!




I told my 18year old son that Jennifer Garner was going to be the new Miss Marple he couldn't believe it, neither could I. Perhaps it's a early April Fool's Day prank because we who love Miss Marple can't let this happen. Are you with me..........not sure what we can do.

dutch sisters

Love the gardens. Miss Marple, sexy? What are they thinking.


Joan Hickson is the only true Miss Marple. I have a sudden urge to get all my Miss Marple DVDs out and watch them.


My first thought on reading your post re the possible new Miss Marple was noooooo!! My second thought was mentioned by Frances - maybe it's an April Fool's joke?
Hope so! Love your garden pictures so much, what a beautiful wild but under control garden!
Helen x

Vintage Squirrel

are you all forgetting or are unaware of the wonderful MARGARET RUTHERFORD playing Miss Marple in the 1960's? My parents bought us a box set (she was before my time. I'm 43) but she is fantastic in the role. I very much like Joan Hickson as Miss M but she is not better than Margaret Rutherford, just very different. If you can get yourself some of these on DVD, do. They are in black and white and your children will be glued to them as well. I agree that Marple could never be sexy or younger than sixty, it's simply not part of her character and I'm sure that Agatha Christie never pictured her so. She would definitely love visiting gardens, drink tea and eat delicious homemade cakes in a very refined manner, all the while observing those around her!


Well I have never heard of the actress chosen for Miss Marple so cannot comment on the choice; however I would say that sexy isn't a word one associates with the wonderful Miss M. Not to be confused with the definitely sexy Miss M aka Bette Midler of course.
Joan Hickson was brilliant, better I thought than Margaret Rutherford in some ways, and nobody has come close, although to her credit Julia MacKenzie did do a passable version don't you think?

Rachel L

I agree. Miss Marple is 80 if she's a day, and wears hand knitted shawls. Joan Hickson rules! If whoever wants to make a detective story about a young, female sleuth, then its not Miss Marple, so leave her alone as is. I'm sure AC would be appalled!


What do they know in Tinsel Town anyway!?, they dont realise wisdom comes with age, we shall vote with our feet and not see that film.
That garden looks like heaven on earth, can it really exist?


I do so agree about Miss Marple. Please leave us our memories of Joan Hickson as the perfect Miss M.


I adore your posts. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos with us! I am an Agatha Christie fan, and feel shocked they're contemplating a young version. I'm not ready to say that it will be horrible, but I am ready to say that I'm skeptical.


I am aghast at the idea of Jennifer Garner being Miss Marple, almost as aghast at the terrible plans afoot to close libraries in the U.K. I adore Joan Hickson and am currently re-watching episodes (courtesy of MY wonderful regional library system). Your garden pictures remind me of my long-standing fantasy of taking what I call a Miss Marple Bus Tour in England - historic houses, lovely gardens, cream teas, perhaps a murder or two, you know the thing. Thanks for the photos.

Penny Peberdy

I think that, maybe, a prequel could work... Miss Marple learnt to knit, for example...


Joan Hickson definitely the best. Agatha adored Margaret Rutherford, but was horrified at what they did to her books in the films.

I believe she once saw a young Joan Hickson in a play and said that she would be a fantastic Miss Marple when she was older.

BBC listened.

The two that have played her since have put away their knitting. I fear it will be a trend that will continue.


Ok, NO ONE messes with my image of Miss Marple! Jennifer Garner? YIKES! I don't have anything against her, but being a fan of Agatha Christie for so many years, reading nearly all her books, I certainly agree with you. Joan Hickson was perfect.

The knitting, the gray hair, the wisdom that only comes with age...for Pete's sake, next, they'll change Hercule Poirot to a thin American, wearing a baseball cap.


Unheard of! I found Geraldine McEwan acceptable as well, but J. Garner? We should form a club of some sort...


Oh the horror! I can't imagine who would have thought up such an idea...could it be the Hollywood crowd who hope to make a ton of money creating a Lara Croft alter? Of course a trillion men will suddenly become Miss Marple fans...
I actually love Margaret Rutherford...she always seemed such an inquisitive busybody, but butter wouldn't melt in her mouth :)

Morning Quickie

Garner is a fine actress, and I like her as a sleuth, but casting such a young woman goes against the entire point of the character:

If they wanted to make such a drastic change they could have just started from scratch!


Love the iris in the grass, now there's a good idea!
I rather like the Geraldine McEwan version myself.


How dare they, it must go against some human right ageist legislation let alone the laws of common sense. Joan will always get my vote.


What ever Justin Beiber going to play Poirot...Pah..!


Oh no! I agree, Ms Marple is not a sexy detective lady! Her charm is completely in the fact that she's old and has wrinkles and grey hair and she's as smart as she is because of all the wisdom she's learned along the way! Hollywood for you, ey?

Madelyn Rutherford

Dear Vanessa,
I am from the states---why would they not get a British actress to play Miss Marple? I am watching the Midsomer Murder Mysteries, now. I watch one a day and just drool over the scenery. Oh, to be in England. Madelyn


What a heavenly garden! I want one just like day....;) xx


love those, of course hickson is the best. after reading this i told my father, "forget my nursing degree, im going to be miss marple, my hero" he simply said and how will you support yourself? "why, my rich nephew of course, Eric (dear brother) and katie (wife of said brother) better get on that".

Crafty Mermaid

Ack! you're so right! You can't have a young miss marple.


It would be interesting to learn more about the young Miss Marple but I can't really see Jennifer Garner in the role. It would have to be someone more along the lines of Keeley Fawcett. I'm sure that's not at all what they have in mind. This is as bad a suggestion as having Robert Downey Jr play that chap who lives at 221B Baker St whose name I will not mention in the same sentence.... Joan Hickson was marvelous and I've quite enjoyed Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie. Even Angela Lansbury wasn't wrong for the role. Why can't Disney leave well enough alone? They've already trashed enough literature and history!


Thank you for info.I agree with you that Joan Hickson is very English and she played her role perfectly.


Beautiful photos!

Charlotte Trayer

I agree--Joan Hickson was THE Miss Marple! She exactly fit my perception of her from reading all the books and stories. I didn't care for the ones with Geraldine McEwan--for one thing, she tried to play it too cutesy. Also, they changed the stories too much on those, and called the series "Marple", which, of course, was never done in that era--it Had to be "Miss" or "Mrs.". Julia McKenzie isn't too bad as Miss Marple, and Angela Lansbury was also acceptable.
A friend just sent me the link to your blog tonight, and I'm enjoying it!

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

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