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Another gorgeous piece and what a lovely home it is going to! Love the apron! Enjoy your Royal Wedding viewing tomorrow, what a good idea to wear hats, wish I had one, I have a fascinator though, I think I'll wear that!
Sally xx


I think she should definitely do Kate's hair tomorrow.


I love Audrey and I know Amanda will too!
Have a great day tomorrow - I'll think of you in your hat!! hopefully there will be photo's??????


Hope you have fun tomorrow, Vanessa. Love your latest creation. Please please can we have some cats and please please doing some sewing?! Bought some cards, they're lovely and doubt I will be able to give any away!
Love Hen xxx


That's stunning! Enjoy the wedding and congratulations on a beautiful sculpture.


What fun all dressng up, hats and all, hope you all have a tickety boo time watching the wedding, I know we will xox Love Audrey, she's fab, the cup of tea is just too sweet x Congrats on selling your cards, will you be having some more printed ? Enjoy the royal knees up x

Bobo Bun

Audrey made me chuckle. She's wonderful as usual Vanessa. I chuckled because you've captured the sense of her bustling about all busy in the salon.

Lovely, bet Amanda is thrilled.



Audrey is just wonderful! I have so enjoyed looking at all the details you've included -and she has such character! Well done on selling all your card packs so quickly - I hope you get some more in your shop. Have a lovely time tomorrow!
Helen x


Audrey is adorable, and her pose and clothes are just right for a snappy hairdresser, like she. Quite athletic she is, able to balance a teacup in the middle of lopping off someone's tendrils, but we all know that talents abound in your magical world. Congratulations on your card sale. You deserve it!


I think your cards are wonderful, I'm glad they have sold so well! I'm waiting for my credit card statement to come first. They look just lovely; I hope you can restock.

I think that Amanda Blooms piece is stunning - what a talking point for customers! Audrey - what a great name for her. Really fantastic and original. Love that you chose a hare too. She is so vibrant and full of movement and expression.

Cats would be amazing, I second Hen - what about a Siamese? I know you are more a doggy person (I have a soft spot for your dachshund paper mache) but I think you would do it so well.

I am really looking forward to all the wedding stuff tomorrow, the weather here in London hasn't been so good today so fingers crossed the rain stays away! Enjoy dressing up tomorrow, sounds like fun and the weekend too xx

Teresa Kasner

I absolutely *LOVE* the toe-dancing bunnny! Your sculpting of her is tip-top of the apex of perfection! I put some pix of my beach trip on my blog.. hope you have time to pop over and see. Hugs, Teresa from Oregon USA


I'm happy to say, I'm one of the people who purchased your cards and can't wait to receive them. I love Audrey, another masterpiece! LOVE all your details. Enjoy the wedding, I know i will. xoRobin❤


Fabulous hare, I love the cup of tea.


Vanessa, you -astonishingly, as you were superb to start with- just get better and better at modelling.
Best yet.
Go order more cards girl!

Sharon Garlick

Just fantastic, how you manage to capture the movement in all your sculptures amazes me and is quite remarkable, especially Audrey on her tippy toe or should I say paw. The detail is quite stunning, you never fail to astonish me with your creativity and imagination, another superb sculpture, bloomin' marvellous. Sharon

Alice and Raymond!!!

Hello Vanessa! I'm not surprised they sold so quickly! they are a great way for most people to have a bit of your work in their homes no matter what their budget, YAY!!!!! COngratulations!
And Audrey, well, she is awesome and yes, a life sized aprom like that would be fantastic!!!
Have fun watching the royal wedding, we'll be asleep here!

amanda makes

Oh Vanessa, Audrey is more beautiful than I could have ever hoped! She has been by my side all day and my clients absolutely love her! Thank you so much! The thing I love most of all about her is the slightly wistful look in her eyes. She is a girl who says 'The show must go on' and gives her very best! I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow! I shall think of you in your finery. I'm going to open a bottle of champagne and drink it in my jammies while I watch the fun on the telly! xxxx

The Muse of The Day

A "H-A-R-E- dresser" for Amanda's awesome new shop? A-W-E-S-O-M-E.



Love Audrey! x

Teje & Nero

Dear Vanessa, where you get your ideas!!! 'Amanda' is so so so lovely, qute, sweet and funny! If I'd had her, I would smile all day long!
Thank you for specian lovely moments with your creations!
xxx Teje


I love Audrey, her face is so perfect. Her eyes are so beautifully realistic. :)
Enjoy the wedding!
Vivienne x

Liz A.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy "The Wedding"!


Audrey is simply beautiful! I love her sweet muzzle! xxxx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Audrey is fantastic, wish my hairdresser was like her! Amanda is going to love her and she will fit right in, her shop is stunning isn't it!
Enjoy the wedding, sounds like fun wearing a hat and getting dressed up :-)

Anne Reed

I think Audrey is fantastic and Amanda must be thrilled to bits.Enjoy your wedding party.I have a vision of 'hatted' ladies squashed on a sofa surely inspiration for your next artwork 'The Royal Wedding'
Anne x


What an adorable hare! Such a lovely idea. I'm so glad the cards sold so well - I'm thrilled with my own set :) Your outfit sounds fantastic for today.

crafty mermaid

so cute :)


Wow wow wow! She is gorgeous :) Can't believe I missed the cards again! Will be keeping a close look out for the next lot! Hope your royal wedding party is going well!!!


That is gorgeous - I follow Amanda I bet she loves it and how fab will it look in the salon - I wish I lived nearer xx


She's beautiful! I love the movement in your sculptures; thinking of the dachshund one, too.

Lois Morgan

I love the view from the back, so jaunty! I hope you enjoyed your lovely weather, we're still a little dull here in Ontario, but better than what is going on in the States! I do love your sculptures, Vanessa. They just balance so perfectly. :) Lois


that hare is the bees knees! i hope you'll continue making the cards!


Audrey is adorable. I love the way you managed to capture movement in this figure.


another enchanting creation, lucky Amanda! hares are wonderful, fascinating creatures ( i suppose i have to think so because my surname is the Dutch word for hare) and well, you bring out the magic in all sorts of folk from piggies to mices :3 you are like a Beatrix Potter of a Molly Brett only with even more dimensions. i just love visiting you here you are always provide the most delightful and charming surprises.

warmest hugs to you on this delicious first of May xxx


Planet Penny

I hope you had a lovely time watching the Royal wedding in your hat and you didn't twist your ankle in those heels. I watched it on my own which meant I didn't have endure being teased about the tears, I'm hopelessly teary at weddings! I love your hare, so much personality. I haven't been about much and so missed your cards being on sale, I hope there will be more soon.

love Penny (and Higgins!) xxx


Vanessa, this spritely little hare is a delight! Every detail is perfectly chosen and executed. Your imagination and skills are so well balanced...just like Audrey's poised pose.

I saw Amanda's comment above, and know how happy she must be. surprise at all that the cards are so popular. Best wishes, please get some rest when possible...though I know it must be hard to stop working on these marvels. xo


GOODNESS ME!!!!!!! Your sculptures are simply INSANELY beautiful and oh so very happy too :)




OH my goodness! Absolutely stunning! I just can't believe how very talented you are!! I mean that in a good way!! hahaha as in I can believe it of course, but can't believe it still.
Beautiful piece. I so so sooooooo would like one!!!!! One day Vanessa, one day :)

I'm sorry I've been out of the loop, but we've moved counties/houses/lives/etc and it's all still a bit upside down. I'm hoping to get back into the blogging-business once I've finished my final exam paper and manage to get to my desk in my... wait for it... STUDIO!!!!! Whoop whoop.
Love for now

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