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Linda J

Oh dear Sir Henry, I wish he'd come and help in my garden - I just have all his unruly rabbit cousins and their idea of helping is definitely not mine.....have a lovely adventure and I hope the sun shines!

amanda makes

Oh Vanessa, I love him! And of course seeing him looking so splendid is making me very excited about meeting his much younger sister! Can't wait! Never mind taking your lovely doggies for a walk! Back to work young lady!!! xxxxx


Sir Henry you are such a treat! I do like your polite manners and english disposition. Another amazing make Vanessa, I love that you combine all textures and your sewing / needle / hooky / knitting skills into all your beautiful characters. So rich and interesting xox Wishing you and Hugo a dreamy time away xox


Oh my gosh - he is fab!!!

Janet Brown

OMG - I soooo wish I had heard that Radio programme - but how awful that the April Fool joke backfired - he must have really been squirming - I bet their weekend has rather a strained atmosphere and has probably ruined Mothers Day for her too!!!

I love your Sir Henry - he is just divine - such talent Vanessa - have a fab little jaunt with Hugo - take care xxx

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, your hare is simply adorable, as are all your sculptures! My dog does the same kind of faces and noises when he wants to go out! I know you'll have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to seeing pics when you return! I'll miss you!

Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)


OMG! No, no it's ME who is in love! I'm rushing out of the house and look forward to the moment when I can savor this post and pictures AND all the comments about Miss Marple. Can't remember if I added my two bits but I am definitely in the Joan Hickson camp. xoxo!


ps ok i'm going to say it. hope it sounds more nice than kind of pronouncing and pretentious. but.....

i think you are going to be the next beatrix potter! truly!


Oh Vanessa Sir Henry is my favourite yet!! but each model you show us is my favourite!
Re the US 'joke' how truly awful - as you say how anyone could find this funny is beyond me - I wonder what the outcome of this was, it couldn't be good!
Have a lovely 'jolly' with your gorgeous husband! I'm off with mine on the day you return so until then
much love


Dare I say my favourite one to date? He's adoooorable! Though I should add, I love all your characters, but I have a soft spot for hares.
Have a great time next week.


The Hare is scrumptious and the chicken...well, perfect.
Have a lovely time away- gosh,how much will I miss the excitement of seeing a new post appear with a new sculpture?
A lot.
Have fun!


What a handsome chap is Sir Henry, he'd be more than welcome to help in our garden.
I hope the radio April Fool was really a joke on the listeners and that the participants were actors otherwise I think it was very cruel and certainly not a "joke".
Enjoy your trip!
Carol xx


He is gorgeous! He reminds me of a late friend who always wore a collar and tie, even to garden. He grew the most fabulous organic fruit and veg.
That trick was stupid and awful. My DH played a really sweet trick on me last week. I was sitting at the computer and he came in and said, "It's raining!"; he was in the middle of something and I had washing on the line. I rushed to the back door and saw the washing wasn't on the line; he had brought it in already and had hung it up on the airer! Ahhhh!


He is wonderful! Such a character, and I love the colours and all the details. I was amazed at the april fool radio 'joke' - so not funny! I don't like april fool jokes - they always seem a bit mean to me! Have a lovely week next week!
Helen x


Vanessa, He is fantastic. So sad about the joke isn't it? People can be very cruel I think. Have a lovely day,

kate is greedy

My all time favourite!!! I want to show him to the Slipper Sisters. Love Kate xxooxx.


Vanessa, Sir Henry is splendid indeed. You really are so talented. I love the little story about him, it really brings him to life. xx

June Purkiss

Another fabulous creation. Have fun on your adventure!

Linda Gilbert

I really do suffer from " blog hopping" disease. And suffering from the symptoms are so worth it when I find myself peeping at blogs as beautiful as yours
Kindest Regards Linda


Love sir henry brambles - reminds me of Monty Don who's now back on gardener's world - yeah! x Leah x

Liz W in Missouri, USA

I believe that Lily is really a sweet little birdie, who simply cannot refrain from the little bits of gossip that she sees about her on her daily flights to and from the bird bath. Sir Henry is, indeed a gentleman, and by the smile on his face I think Lily must be to the part where she is explaining all about Evangeline's Cha-Cha, and they are basking in the joy they feel for their friend.
Sir Henry will be getting back to his cabbages soon, though, once he has a little wipe at his nose with his hankie, and straightens his tie.
I hope you and Hugo (and Ellie and Douglas?) have a wonderful adventure this coming week. It's trying so hard to be Spring that I'm sure whatever you are up to, it will be all the better for the time of year. Safe Travels!


I love Sir Henry, he's my favourite! He has such gorgeous eyes. :)
Have a great adventure!!
Vivienne x

The Muse of The Day

I have to tell you, Vanessa, the real talent you have is that of transporting my imagination to another land. I need that. I need it like most of the people on the planet need food. When I am in my studio working, my mind drifts in and out of the task at hand and I love thinking of all the lives your characters are living. My work is very different from yours, but my imagination needs to be "juiced" none the less. I can not thank you enough. Carolina

Susan young

Vanessa..Hes fabulous and his Brogues are delightful.When I many years ago now left school at tender age 16, it was to do a 5yr training in Surgical of the first girls in NZ to do this...Brogues were such a Challenge to make..all those holes to be punched and zig zags to click(cut)and welting the Upper to the Leather soles and then waxing the Soles and have made me remember so much...and I do so love a Hare and a Gardening English Tie wearing one.. Clever talented Girl are so Delightful and Imaginative and I'm just Besotted !!Thank You!


Have a great adventure..
Sir Henry is wonderful
Take care

sarah-jane down the lane

Dear Vanessa, I have been a very poor follower of late, life has taken over and I have not been to visit for a while.

Heavens above, what a feast for my eyes! The sculptures are DIVINE! I love sir Henry, I love Evangeline, Mr.Woof is gorgeous and I especially love Florence the little Gardener ~ She is so pretty in her headscarf with those periwinkle eyes.

You are brilliant! Wowzers trousers, so glad I stopped by this morning.
Have a lovely break - I shall be back to see what you have been up to!

Love Sarah x


Oh Sir Henry is just lovely, he has a rather sad, wistful look on his face though, or so I thought.
Like you, I can't stand cruel jokes and how people find humour in some of these practical April Fool jokes is beyond me. Jokes which harm people physically are horrible as well... when I was at school, a couple of the girls who didn't like me thought it would be fun to move a chair just as I was about to sit on it. Unfortunately for me, we were in the playground at the time, concrete playground, and a landed awkwardly and have had back problems ever since. They still thought it funny when I was in pain. Girls can be such bitches, even at a private school and even at a tender age like 10. Back in the late fifties this was as well.

Regina - MiaDeRoca

Vanessa - your hare is amazing (all your work is of course :-).
I love all these little details, the expression he has, how he moves his head and - is there a handkerchief in this trouser pocket?
And to Sir Henry: what a great choice of tie for doing garden work and I adore that you match your socks with your collar!


Sir Henry and his little friend are wonderful as usual. I agree with you, jokes are not funny if they hurt other people. Have a lovely jaunt and take lots of photos so we can all pretend we have been too.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Have a great time off Vanessa! I love that cheeky face that is taking all that gossip in, his eyes are positively glinting!! Sir Henry Brambles makes me think of Jam :-)


Hi Vanessa,
Sir Henry is BRILLIANT!!! You clever thing.

Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Alice and Raymond!!!

Sir Henry is lovely! ANd I love how you have painted him and his little friend so that you can see the newspaper through it, it is very magical.
Ooh, what a terrible april fool's joke, I've heard one similar to win concert tickets, a girl had to break up with her boyfriend on air and he got quite angry, I felt sorry for the poor bugger!
Have a lovely trip with Hugo, see you next week!


Well Vanessa, you continue to astound me with the proliferation of absolutely true, absolutely delightful in their details, and absolutely irresistible characters.

Sir Henry is a complete joy to behold, and let's not overlook little Lily, either.

Have a grand get away. Your fan club is going to miss you.



GAH! I had to stop reading (too busy with hands on ears, rocking in corner). Think I'll just gaze at wonderful Sir Henry for the remainder of the post...


Dear Vanessa, my English is not enough to tell how much I enjoy your sweet characters!!! I just love all of them and the wonderful stories you tell about them!
Thank you also for your last post! It was so beautiful and so Miss Marple!!!
I wish you lovely adventure! xxx Teje

Liz A.

Yet another lovely sculpture - and I do love how all your pieces have a back story!

Bess at Fixing My Thoughts

Oh my! This might be my favorite one yet! But then again, they are all so marvelous it would be difficult to choose a favorite. Fantastic! Bess

Sandi Lee

You are so talented, I love Sir Henry Brambles adn Lily, makes me feel very nostalgic for all things English.
x Sandi


I'm sorry I'm late for the party. Joan Hickson is/was perfection as Miss Marple. Jennifer Garner may do something interesting (doubt it; Keira Knightly, maybe) but not as Marple. Love the hare; show us more!


he's really smart!!!!! really cute

jo harratt

absolutely amazing once again!!!


Sir Henry is wonderful. What a great face. I really enjoy seeing your papier mache. Thanks for sharing.


Completely unrelated to Sir Henry, whom I adore, is this:

Is this what you're up to on vacation?

Planet Penny

Sir Henry is wonderful and would be a great addition to one of the open gardens in the 'Miss Marple' post! My favourite line was about the 'small but anxious matter of getting a cream tea'. Miss Marple would agree entirely!
Enjoy your adventure, Vanessa, I look forward to hearing all about it!
Penny & Higgins xx


One of the marks of real art is that the longer you look at them, the more you see. There is always more to see in your characters, and I love looking at them again and again. Sir Henry is so alive. I love the way he has one hand behind his ear to help him hear Lily better. I have seen several elderly people doing that. In fact, I caught myself doing that this week. But I am not elderly, of course. I hope you have enjoyed your getaway with Hugo.


He is an amazing chap Vanessa. It all gets more exciting....he looks like he'll just walk off any moment! xx


Hi Vanessa -
About that dress you were knitting and trying to work out how to make cables turn into a ribbed skirt (if I remember correctly!), there are several photos of dresses like this on Tina's blog at if you scroll down, part 3 of her attendance at a knitting exhibition... maybe a solution for you?!

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