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Oh my, how lovely! The dress looks adorable on you, and it's very figure flattering....not that you need it, but it suits you perfectly. I love the color combo, and you were spot on to select the corrugated backdrop...perfect harmony. Congratulations on a new dress, sweetly worn.

Alice and Raymond!!!

I love it Vanessa! it is a very cool dress and very "wearable"!!! And also very flattering, you are so clever!
I haven't commented on your last post because I popped in and popped out to quickly, but I did read the canine post and oh my god I can't believe Ellie pooed in the bank, that must have been mortifying! Aaaaa!!! My mum has a little terrior cross and she took her to the mechanics once and she (tallulah, not Mum) peed on a car battery. For gods sake! She is not allowed out anymore!
Wishing you a lovely and wonderful day!
Love Alice XXX


It's gorgeous Vanessa, I really think this is just beautiful and agree with you about the mixing of stripes, such fun! Anything that hides tummy extras is always a bonus xox Look forward to your next venture!


how lovely........the dress not the rusty gate!


Hello Vanessa
It's beautiful, wonderful!
perfect finish, I loved it!
The colors are soft too, a happy choice.
The pictures revealed his dream!

kate is greedy

I LOVE it - and once again, you are such a fox. I can never have enough stripes to wear either... in fact, to the extreme that whenever the boys draw me, I am always wearing stripes. Have a lovely day, love Kate xxooxx.


Beautiful...and the matching shoes are superb!


Love that dress. I too am a lover of stripes.


Vanessa this is another gorgeous creation!
How clever you are! Lovely photos of you again - Hugo I presume???


That's fabulous! I love mixing the stripes, and you're right that you found the perfect backdrop for the photos. Congratulations on another lovely dress!


Brilliant dress, it so suites you. Your next knitting should be that Debbie Bliss summer dress pattern i sent you lol!!
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Wow, it's amazing, it's so you.


Beautiful! The stripes are fantastic. You look great :)


Well how fabulous! It really suits you Vanessa, although I don't know how you have the patience to knit a dress!Love the matching shoes too!Great backdrop!
Rachel x

Bobo Bun

My first thought was just how much I admired you for hanging in there knitting all that length of the dress. I give up too easily. Second thought was how fabulous your dress is and looks on you Vanessa. You carry it perfectly. Definately a weekend for completing purple and green stripes. Your hair looks great too by the way. Like you we went to and Open Garden this weekend. We paid £12 to get in as it promised a 1940's village fete, theatre and more. Reality an ok garden and a few tables, no bunting, marquees or games. Still grumping about the daylight robbery. Bah humbug.



Love, love, love the dress! Just beautiful!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa.. Buddy and I are waving to you from Oregon USA! Love the dress, it looks very comfy and flattering on you. My lilacs are getting near opening and my white azalea with the white lilac next to it are getting close. You're way ahead of us over there!! Hugs, Teresa
(Hope you pop over to see my latest pix.. :-)


Lovely Vanessa, the beautiful dress looks really great on you, fab colours. Sorry to hear the garden was a disappointment, usually you have such lovely pictures of your garden open days. Roll on the next one...
Love Hen xxx

Madame Flamusse

Hello, i can´t find a contact, so i want to ask you here. Can i make a link to your Blog? I like it very much. I have a new german wool blog. i can i post a picture of one rabbit? I like them very much. And yeah this Dress is really cool and the Shoes look so good to it.
i have not enough patience for so long Dress in "glatt rechts".

Greatings from Germany
Madame Flamusse


Mmmmm...lilac and light limey green.
My absolute favourite colour combination.
In awe of the patience to knit a whole dress.I used to have the patience to do complicated major garments, now have the patience of a knitting goldfish- chunky scarves are us.Arthritis in the fingers hasn't helped!
So annoying when an open garden turns out to be pants.


Beautiful dress Vanessa and love the colours. Looks so comfortable and flattering too :-)


What an amazing dress - it looks great! I love your shoes too.


Very nice dress! I love the whole ensemble (green shoes : wow!)!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

LOVE THE DRESS!!! I am going to have to make one for myself for sure! (if you can wear one then so can I ;-) ) Your shoes are a treat as well! I love those cables and the empire line, so good for hiding our sins :-)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

LOVE THE DRESS!!! I am going to have to make one for myself for sure! (if you can wear one then so can I ;-) ) Your shoes are a treat as well! I love those cables and the empire line, so good for hiding our sins :-)


What a great dress. Can see why you will be wearing it so much. Looks really comfy. And - can't wait to see your next project. x


It's such a gorgeous dress Vanessa. Gorgeous colours and so wonderfully flattering.

Absolutely loved your last post too. Your 'quietish' pottering posts are always my favourites!


sarah-jane down the lane

How clever to spot lavender corrugation! Genius, as is your lovely dress,

Sarah x


Oh, that is a gorgeous dress! It goes fabulously with the t-shirt underneath too. That's another thing I want to add to my endless to do list now! XD

Liz W in Missouri, USA

"Oh, My! Doesn't she look pretty?" said Sir Henry as he look admiringly at Miss Vanessa's new dress.
"Well, yes - of course," replied Evangeline. "I simply adore what she can do with needles and yarn. She always makes the most lovely and happy things."
Audrey added sweetly, "I did her hair you know. I love how bouncey and full it looks."
And then the friends gathered together to have tea and chat some more with Miss Vanessa about the gardens they have seen and the places they have been. It's true - that this particular garden was a bit of a disappointment - not really having much planted, given the time of year - but it did have such a lovely lavender wall that showed off the new dress in the best possible way. They cherish their friend and are very happy to know someone so smart and creative.
Miss Vanessa is a treasure.


That backdrop really is perfect for your photo's - serendipity at work! Always lovely to see your knitting and this dress is lovely and pretty; beautiful soft complementary stripes. It looks very flattering on - I love the layered stripe look. It seems like a perfect style, one that looks great but you don't have to worry about it in any way. Beautiful knitting too, the cables are gorgeous. I do wonder about trying to knit a cardigan sometimes but that is as far as it goes. I wouldn't be able to adjust the pattern like you do and it would just upset me if it didn't fit or anything. You are very patient and clever doing a whole dress (and several of them!) I love the comment from Liz W - she is right too, your hair is looking lovely.
p.s - I read your doggie interview post and thought you must have been so embarrassed by little Ellie in the bank - one of those occasions where the 'never apologise, never explain' rule might have worked. It did make me laugh though! The whole interview was lovely.


so charming in absolutely gorgeous colors and SO MUCH knitting! enjoy wearing your wonderful creation ...
love Barbara


You've done an amazing job of the dress! The shape looks lovely on you and I love the background that matches it!xx

Vintage Squirrel

Loving the dress and loving those juicy green shoes too!!

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