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Rattling On

Love it! It doesn't look at all bulky, just nice and Chanel-y, boxy and stylish.
The last picture is great...


The cardigan looks great Vanessa and the photography, well perhaps Hugo is thinking of a career change - he's very good!


I'm glad you are feeling better, I missed your posts last week. The cardigan looks great.

Angel Jem

A good cardigan should be like a hug. Enjoy! And as obsessions go, silk flowers isn't a bad one. At least you still have silk flowers to use in a photo shoot that made me smile!

Alice and Raymond

the cardigan is amazing Vanessa and I LOVE it! I think it's very flattering and suits you perfectly, ooh I am so inspired to learn how to knit garments now I'm FINALLY getting gauge on the other things I'm making!
Loved the photoshoot as always, and I wasn't surprised to hear about your past silk flower obsession, it's so fabulously unusual, of course you did!!!
Have a lovely week!
Hugs from Raymond


The cardigan is lovely! I really, really like the colour! Cx


Love the sweater and the flowers! Great job and photos! Wear your beautiful sweater in good health. xoRobin❀

kate is greedy

I love a jumper that knows how to snuggle in. It looks fantastic and the stripes are perfect. So nice to have you back - I hope you are feeling much, much, much better. I am about to go to school and do some felting with Archie's class so I had better pop along now... lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


It's gorgeous, masterfully done!


Hi Vanessa,
Your cardi is lovely and that colour really suits you.
I`m so sorry you`ve been poorly and i`m glad you`re feeling better, even if you`re not ready to rock just yet!
I thought the flowers were real, they look fab.
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Oh cardis that hug you are the best - looks wonderful


So pretty and super snug is your cardigan, really love it Vanessa, very inspiring to ge me knitting! Glad you are feeling better I missed all your lovely pictures and chatter :0) have a great week ahead rolling and a bit of rocking?! xox Penelope


haha, I loved the mum's comment! :)) The cardi is fab and the flowers are truly ENORMOUS!! :))

I'm back in the blogging-world again, so am hoping to keep in touch more often now. xx Veronika


Vanessa, it is just so perfect, perfect fit, perfect knitting and perfect colors.
Great job,

Susan young

Missed your posts too hope your feeling better and your Cardi looks snuggly...Your Delphiniums are beautiful and look real....Hugo is very talented with his Camera...I'm awaiting in the post Dog coat Knitting Book for my playing around with Scottie dogs graph samples as fancy a border of fair Isle Scotties....ooohh the things we do !! Take Care Vanessa.


Great cardi.
A good cardi is heaven.


Lovely to have you back and looking so full of beans. The first photo really made me smile, the cardy is great.


Good to hear from you, again! I love your cardigan and I'm tempted to knit one, but living in Indonesia doesn't make the effort so worthy.....! Anyway, take care! xx

Marie Allen

That cardigan looks GREAT on you! Not at all bulky, just classy and charming. You are a pretty lady.

Teresa Kasner

Love the sweater but I just totally love your photo sessions! Cute as heck. We had a nice weekend here.. just blogged about it.. had a BBQ today.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Your cardigan looks fantastic. Pity they werent real flowers as they look wonderful. There is a house down the road that used to be filled with fake flowers in her garden bed which used to make me giggle, I guess she didnt have to water them or worry about the insects getting to them.


hellooo, im sooo enjoying your blog and allthe wonderful creativity- love the flowers! i have a mix of fakeys and real- i wouldnt of known until i read they were. fun photo shoot ;0)x happy days, kazzy xx

Cath W

Good to have you back, lovely cardi, but best of all is your channeling of Morrissey!!!


Perfect cardigan and, like always, wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing!

Liz A.

In the top picture you look just like one of your papier maché models (in a good way!). All you need is a plinth and a cute tag line like "Vanessa loves dancing with huge flowers!"


what a fabulous cardi and an equally fabulous bunch of lupins!!!!! I loooove lupins.... and foxgloves, and delphinium.... *sigh.



Penny Peberdy

Lovely cardigan, beautiful flowers (though the blue ones are delphiniums, not lupins) :-)

Magic Cochin

I love the photo styling - do you tell Hugo exactly what to do or does he instruct you where to stand?

Every freelancer needs a cosy cardi - no-one can work when they feel chilly. This is the perfect studio cardi :-)

I hope you're feeling very much better - you do look a little serious in the pictures, not your usual joie-de-vivre.

I was feeling like that yesterday - so I've made a little place above my studio for siestas with my studio assistants (for days when I we need 40 winks).

Take care


Love, love the cardigan. Thank you for introducing me to Quince and Co. Can't wait to use their patterns and yarn - but had better save up! x


Your photo shoots are always special and very entertaining! Love the cardigan - just the thing to cosy up in, it suits you beautifully and is just the perfect cardie. So happy you are feeling better now, poor you for being so poorly; it is lovely to see you back. I had no monitor so couldn't go on-line for about 4 days and it was weird! It was a relief when the new one arrived that's for sure. Don't work too hard now you are getting better - we want to keep you that way.
Take care xx

The Muse of The Day

I am not flat chested and I am not skinny, so "fabulous", me, and this cardigan all in one sentence is out, but I would never be one to refuse the warm hug. I like how you put all the photos together - like the results you get from a photo booth or a printing of proofs. I think it looks fun with the massive bunch of flowers, fake or not. And I really liked the first photo, it reminds me of children marching along in the poems of Robert Luis Stevenson. Hope your feeling better. Carolina

Judi A.

So sorry to hear you've not been well. Happens to all of us at some time, so we all can sympathize, but can't say as any of us cherish those times! Glad you are back on your feet, and feeling well enough to dance around with "an ENORMOUS bunch of flowers." :-) I doubt anyone would have guessed they are fake. They still made for a great photo shoot. The sweater looks great on you and I loved the description of it as being like a "warm hug."


Vanessa, it's great to see you return to blogland...and to learn that you have given yourself a bit of a rest. (I am doing that same thing this week and next, with only a few work days to interrupt that easy flow of days.)

The photos are fabulous...Hugo, do take a bow! The styling really sends a message of joy, with the marvelous model's free spirit, the beautiful cardigan, and those extravagant flowers.

I often wear certain favorite sweaters because I particularly like the feel of them. Definitely understand the warm hug.

Best wishes to you! xo


The cardigan looks lovely and the colour is just right for spring but it looks cosy enough for the current breezy weather.


Beautiful! I love your knitted version of a warm hug.

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