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I am a bit of a nosy so and so, and enjoy seeing glimpses of other peoples houses. I love your curved staircase.


I love your blog. Cant wait to have a go at your little squares scarf.


Just read your interview Vanessa, I did titter about Ellie at the bank! What did you do? How did Douglas save the fish, I'm intrigued now!
Looks like you had a fabby Royal Wedding party!
Rachel x


A lovely posting and it did make me laugh about Ellie - I laughed out loud! I know what you mean about the house being quiet without the dogs. Our house feels just as eerily strange when the cats have gone to the cattery and /or the dog is at the kennels. Animals become a large part of our lives and we miss them and their peccadilos when they're not there. Love the photo of the seagull.

amanda makes

I do so love your doggies. I wish I could have them to stay too! xxxx


Sure do love your post today. Dogs are the best. Loved your article and your wire-haired dachshunds are the best. I think I mentioned before that my 84 year old mom has a mini black/tan dachshund who is her world! (Gretel)
I loved your tour of pictures. Your staircase is beautiful! And that blue sky was so soft and wispy, I did see the legless duckling! I love looking for shapes and things in cloud formations. I did that when I was a child and I guess now too. You live in such a lovely area. And yes we played that game...........nimcompoop!!!!!
Have a great rest of the week, xoRobin❤

Paula Wessells

Hi I am new to your blog and just love your post today. We have three longhairs and it is amazing when they are at grandma's the house is so eerily quiet. The other thing you might notice [if they sleep with you] that all the while you are complaining about the space they take up in the bed, when they aren't there you can't sleep! :)Your furbabies are gorgeous!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa, I also loved your bits and pieces blog today. *LOVE* the seagull photo. I read the interview and I do love your babies. Buddy waves a paw.. woof. Your Oregon friend, Teresa (did you see my grandbabies photos on my blog? Come see!)


Lovely photos...I particularly like the water colour.
I often wonder what's weighing Dewi down as he sighs a great deal.. He's very worried at the moment as I keep sneezing (nasty cold) so he's by my side ready to offer me licks when another sneeze convulses me.
Take care


I would love to know--is that a toilet chain pull thingy in the first picture? I could look at people's houses all day long--just the ones that look lived in and loved. All the mundane bits. I love it.

What a lovely idea for a post - and I love snooping around other peoples houses! More please :)

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Lovely photos Vanessa, the blossom, the light, your painting and that chandelier!!! Brilliant!

LOL about the bank but I bet you weren't laughing at the time. Its funny how much space little dogs take up isn't it....ever since Russell passed on I have realised how active and in your face he was. Always doing something that JRT unlike my girls who seem to like the quieter life :-) PS Loved that photo of you from your walk, you look nice and rugged up and snuggly warm in your jumper and hat xx

Judi A.

When I saw the first photo, I immediately thought of an emergency pull in case of the need for help while in the bathroom (like in hospitals). I do assume I'm wrong and think maybe it goes to a shade or blinds? Loved the shots around your house and the picture of your mom and dad, giving you the feeling that you see them every day even if they live far away. Nice. Do hope they have one of you and do the same. :-)


Such a gentle, lovely post Vanessa. Love all your beautiful photo's too. The seagull picture is great! I love the confetti of blossom too and have to treat it like confetti whenever I can pick up some fallen blossom. I love your stair case and the colours of your walls. Really beautiful, thanks for sharing xox I'm off to read your interview I'm intruiged.

kate is greedy

Happy belated birthday Vanessa - I hope you had a wonderful day and all the spoiling in the world. Thank you so much for your message - We have been away on and off for the last three weeks and it was impossible to get any computer time - an almost torture. I love Audrey so much - Amanda must be thrilled. You are amazing the way you can give an animal so much personality and life. I am sure all of your illustration work must give you such an insight into what a rabbit would be like if she was a hairdresser. Mind you, if I had beautiful carroty coloured hair I would be worried. There is nothing less appealing than looking up halfway through a haircut to find your hairdresser daintily chewing on the ends of your tresses.
Anyway, I am just rambling now. All my love, Kate xxooxx.


I know what you mean about the quiet.
My cat Andrew would always have a comment to make about everything and used to snore like a trooper.If he was asleep upstairs, you could hear him downstairs.The house has been very,very quiet this past week since he went off to the eternal mousehunt.But the Blackbirds are certainly doing their best to compensate.


Thanks for sharing your pictures, so pretty and cheerful :) Have a lovely weekend Vanessa!xx

amanda makes

Hi Vanessa! I've had some serious interest in Audrey today! My clients adore her1 Please could you send me some more of your cards as the ones you've sent have gone already. A few people thinking of christening gifts and wedding gifts! xxx

Vintage Squirrel

Will go and listen intently to the interview in a mo. We are missing Porridge as he is off making puppies with a very pretty Luna. We hope things go well and to plan! The house is very quiet without four legged friends, so I know what you mean....... but I did get a LOT of work done.


Happy weekend to you, Vanessa!

I enjoyed reading that interview and learning a bit more about Ellie and I have a good notion of their differing personalities. And I very much like the idea of their having an affectionate Auntie.

The light in your home, shown in these photos, is remarkable, particulary evident in that staircase photo. Wow!

The painting of your parents is quite marvelous. You always have such a wonderful way of creating space and capturing colors, gestures, and finding unexpected compositions.

How great is it that you had that camera ready to click the cloud picture. What an image! (And more great composition, of course.)


The Muse of The Day

In the banK? Really? Did you have anything to clean it up with or did you have to ask for help? I loved several of the pictures you showed us. Of course the painting of your parents made me want to press my nose up against the screen of my laptop for a closer look. I created my own quick little story of what was going on in the photo of the older couple. Last, but not least, the door with the frosted glass was a photo I wanted more of as well. I went into dreamland with that one - everything from what a glass dress might look like if one designed a doll with a glass dress, to thoughts of if you had skylights with glass like that, what kind of afternoon sunlight patterns would get created on the floors and the walls as the afternoon passed. Plenty to inspire me in this post. Thank you Vanessa. I am waving a big hello from my mountain. Carolina


Hi Vanessa,

I've just discovered your blog and love the knitted items you create. I have just rediscovered my passion for knitting the only downside is not having enough hours in the day to do it as often as I'd like!

rent holiday apartment london

Lovely photos I really adore blossoms and you are so right that they are amazing. Its just the in spring everything looks different the sky, the wind, the bird ....

Bertha Brickner

Totally love the chandelier! It’s very unique from the glass ones! And the staircase is greatly designed. I find it very creative!

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