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The garter stitch stripes look amazing. The colours go together really well. I am currently looking for a pattern for some black merino. I'm not entirely sure what to make with it yet, a cardigan of some sort. I did buy the wool with a specific project in mind, but I'm not too sure about it now. Have a good weenend, and hopefully you will have a finished cardigan to show us next week.


Oh Vanessa what beautiful beautiful yarn and you have my favourite colour combination of all time, green and delicate pink. It's going to be GORGEOUS.... nothing like knitting with soft good quality yarn, look forward to seeing it finished and you might just have inspired me. I've been desperate to knit myself a garment and a cardigan has always appealed but I have never had the confidence to do so but now I know that a beginner will be able to conquer this I might just give it a try. Thank you.

Love your peony's so blousy and perfect. I always liked the idea of being called Blossom when I was growing up but am please with Penelope (which has been shortened to too many names to mention) It means faithful which makes me feel a sense of strength. Have a marvelous weekend xox
Penelope xxx


happy weekend "ness". lovely post as always. good luck this time around with the cardigan.


Hi Vanessa!
Lovely pictures with wonderful color combos!


Liz W in Missouri, USA

I love flowers this time of year! I've just moved and am still trying to decide what to put in my pots and bowls in the small flowerbed. Peony's are so gorgeous - I wish they bloomed all summer. Maybe some Verbena would work!
I hope you will be able to share little bits of your new pictures with us when they have been painted up although I'm betting there are probably some copyright issues there.
No - I don't think you are mad at all. I totally agree that the cost of fine yarn in both time and money make it worth every effort to have a garment that you love. Can't wait to see the finished product. Have a wonderful weekend!


Beautiful Peonies and beautiful yarn too! It looks so pretty with stripes!
Rachel x


Lovely flowers and sweater. Funny you should like the name Lulu Rose as that is my youngest daughter's name! Hope she ends up liking it as much as you do!

kate is greedy

Peonies are my favourite - I wish I could grow them but apparently we are a couple of degrees to warm in the winter for them to be happy. Apparently you have to do crazy things like put icecubes around their roots everyday... maybe if I didn't have to get breakfast for Archie and Hugo in the morning... I accicentally changed my name when I got married and while it is a good one, I have always dreamed of having a surname like Honeychurch or Meadowsweet or Bloom. I don't really talk about this with Jonno though.
Lots of love and have a wonderful weekend, love Kate xxooxx.


Peonies- good enough to eat,so softly fluffy when open and so very hard and tight in bud.Wondrous.
A cardigan in a weekend? That sounds like my kind of pattern.
What make of acrylics are you using? Some makes are very slippery and slimy and not nice at all- I like Liquitex best,you can use them thick or really thin like watercolour.
The only person,apart from officialdom, who uses my full name is my Mother when I have transgressed, so when they call me by it at the Doctors or the bank I always get this vague feeling of creeping guilt...


This sweater (and the flowers) is very lovely. I have ordered from Quince and Co. in America and is delightful. However, I don't know what American Wool is either. Wool from American sheep I guess. :) Have a great weekend.


Love the colors and stripes! Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece. You sure are a fast knitter!! Happy weekend. xoRobin❤

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa... first.. the photo at the very top of the page was extraordinarily DEE-lish-USSSSSSSS!~ Eye candy! And the name discussion is funny as I was Teresa until we moved to a new school and the first girl who talked to me flippantly said "Can I call you Terri?" Being an agreeable sort I just said "Ok." And so she introduced me to EVERYONE in the new school as Terri. I had that name for 8 years until I moved again and got married and decided I wanted MY name back. :-) Isn't that a crazy thing? I love your sweater and you too. Teresa :-)


Hi Vanessa, oh the cardie looks so wonderful with stripes ... I adore it!
Happy knitting ... it's such a carefree pattern, isn't it?


I often call my William 'Sweet William' but he doesn't know about the flower yet. Last summer is too long ago for him to remember and the ones in our garden aren't quite out yet. Neither are my peonies. We must be on the slower side of the valley.



I like Rose Grey! But you are right, we get used to our names don't we and they are part of who we are.

I love this cardigan! It could very well be the one for me. Love your stripes version; I'm rather fond of that green. It's knitted in the round isn't it - so no nasty seams and I would get to buy some posh addi circulars (which I hear are brilliant- I've tried normal ones and the stitches get stuck on the join). Isn't it lovely when people buy us lovely yarns? I think you must be a very quick knitter though! I do think you are right to do it again if you were not so happy with it before - and twice the knitting pleasure too. Your peonies are gorgeous, I love their fullness and deep rich colours. All those paint box colours are wonderful too!


Oh such glorious colours of those flowers! I hated my name as a child because no-one had ever heard of it so I'd get emabarrassed. Nowadays I love it and I'm pleased my mum chose that name for me all thoe years ago! Great knitting by the way, you've got me wanting to do some now. :)xx


What a lovely post. The flowers are just gorgeous.
You are sooo patient with your knitting, pulling back ewe i hate that.But as you say expensive yarn deserves respect. The yarn does look lovely from the photos.And i think that pattern will really suit you.
My sister, who lives in New Zealand, is bringing my some Possum yarn when she comes over in August!!It`s supposed to be very soft and is mixed with merino wool.
Looking forward to seeing your paintings in progress.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

Alice and Raymond!!!

Hello Vanessa! I popped in yesterday morning before work, but didn't read your whole post because I was in a hurry and wanted to enjoy it completely and fully!
your flower photos are truly stunning, wow, they look better than a magazine! And that cardigan, exciting! I'm going to go and have a look at the pattern and see if I might be able to do it! Oooh! It's lovely, and I' loving the garter goodness happening, can't wait to see it finished and modelled!


Brilliant post...the flowers and your new knitting project, it's like smelling the peonies and feeling the soft wool. It's a good choice to knit it again and I'm looking forward to see this eye-catching Vanessa-style-cardigan!


Lovely flowers. I'm intrigued with your new sweater project, and I'll stay tuned to see the results of re-knitting.

I agree with you, no sense wasting wonderfully expensive yarn on something that won't do it justice. Good call!

Rattling On

I hate my name and always have done, I'd have given anything to change it, still would I suppose. But as you say, people are resistant to change.
I know someone who is called Flower...
My peonies are beautiful this year and there are lots of them. The very high winds we're having are ruining them, so I may just cut them and bring them indoors to enjoy


Hello Vanessa just popped into your lovely blog and had to let you know how inspiring your photos and knitting are - just wonderful!!! I am going to try and knit one of those cardis, I haven't knitted anything for myself to wear before (short attention span!!haha) but if you can do it in a weekend then I think I can manage ! Regards Julie


I love the name Vanessa - ever since I discovered Vanessa Bell I've thought it was a beautiful name! Your colours in this post are so delicious, the flowers, the paint and the yarn! I love the Annabel cardigan, and Barbara's blog at Pale Blue Door is also one of my longest favourites - it's a small (blogging) world!
Helen x

The Muse of The Day

If reincarnation does, indeed, exist ... well ... then I would like to come back as Miss Peony Darling. I think it would be fabulous going through life as Miss peony Darling. Perhaps I could get lucky and marry a man named Master Sweet William. I can envision the two of us working in the garden whilst we try and come up with the perfect name for the baby. I appreciate this opportunity to dream, Vanessa. Thank you for taking me there. Carolina


I love the name Vanessa - ever since I discovered Vanessa Bell I've thought it was a beautiful name!
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Beautiful yarns Vanessa! and I so get where your coming from regarding the names(,Although I think Vanessa is a lovely name!) I hated my name all my life so shortened it to Dot, my parents were going to call me Naomi, which although another old fasioned name I wuold have much prefered to Dorothy!

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