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jane smallcombe

Thank you for featuring my little gift on your blog.

I have just purchase the Mollie Makes magazine too - a fantastic book!!

Hugs, Jane x

Alice and Raymond!!!

Ooh I loved your post today Vanessa! The photos were gorgeous and that new book looks wonderful...
I'm in the mood to buy a lovely new book, and off to my LYS today so I'm going to see if she has it!
OK, love to you, I'm going to walk up the hill now and photograph the sunrise, have a happy day!
Love Alice and Raymond XXXXX

Heather @

You share so much on your blog, Vanessa, and I am very grateful to you :)


I also bought the Mollie Makes after another blog reviewed it - the ad for 'loop knitting' on the inside cover - not one of yours is it?

Liz W in Missouri, USA

It's so true! The ever-present links on the internet are almost overwhelming sometimes - but then again - look where it has led us. I found your blog from a link somehwere else - and you are right - round and round it goes. But always expanding, don't you think? Sometimes I love it - when I have time now and then to just sit and play and jump from site to site. Other times it's extremely annoying when I just want to find what I want and be done with it. I have to admit, however - that my own little world has grown in the last few years. I've learned many, many new things, and have been inspired time and again by other people's skills and knowledge and talents and efforts. Just look at today - I hadn't ever heard of nor seen "Mollie Makes" and there it is - in the internet and within reach. Mostly, I think it's kind of fun!


Hi Vanessa
Oh boy, I managed to get my greedy little paws on Mollie Makes today and wasn't disappointed. It did feel sort of familiar with Lola Nova and Dottie Angel and Loop and I crooned as I felt the pages and digested the imagery. I have been contemplating the Jane Brocket book and think I need a treat now that you've sold it to me even more so. Love all your beautiful photography and sense of colour. The doily gift is a true work of art and to be treasured for sure, a moment of your joy captured in a frame forever. Happy rest of this week xox Penelope


I was in a (very nice) wool shop in Bath on Monday resisting buying yarn and various ladies in there were discussing Mollie Makes- seems to be catching on FAST.
Jane's applique pieces are gorgeous, I've been drooling over them for some time since stumbling across them online over a year ago- I do like the way one can stumble across beautiful and inspiring things online, makes insomnia almost a pleasure!


too true, really wonderful. congrats on all the hits! (i can only dream!) you are doing so many things right!


Thank you for sharing all the loveliness! Time to go and explore a new book methinks!! Cx


Oooooooh that doilly is just so pretty and delicate. Love it! I also love the look of the book and mag! Love, Love, Love!:-)

Bobo Bun

Too much temptation Vanessa. I didn't know about the new book, now I can't wait to see and decide if I'll buy too. Don't those cushions look wonderful. Thanks for letting us know.


Hi Vanessa,
What a beautiful doilly, i would really like to have a go at doing some fine crochet.
Lucky you, being able to get the new `Mollie Makes` magazine. I`m really struggling to get it over here in Lancashire. I`ve been in supermarkets, WH Smiths in Burnley & on a big retail park near Leeds. I`m getting really miffed now cos lots of bloggers seem to have a copy :-(
I might have to put Jane B`s new book down as a birthday gift, as i`ve purchased a few new knitting books recently.
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I love that apron as well....what a cool idea! Will have to keep an eye out for that book. Thanks Vanessa :-) PS exquisite doily!

Caroline Plaisted

Loved reading this today. I, like Carole in Rossendale, am jealous and on the hunt for Mollie Makes. I even ordered one from the publishers three weeks before publication and was told it would be sent. They now tell me they ran out of copies - boo hoo! No shops in the Garden of England seem to have it. Oh well. Will wait for the next issue.

But thanks so much for sharing those gorgeous goodies today. Caroline

Dawn Nelson

Hi Vanessa! I'm with you ref Jane Brocket. I am a fan of her blog and books too, although I haven't yet got her knitting book. I also picked up a copy of Molly Makes this morning and stole a luxurious hour earlier to sit back, eat chocolate and read it. Heaven!
Am off to my daughter's sports day (in the school hall cos it's raining cats and dogs here).
Dawn xx

The Muse of The Day

Having access to blogs, to me, is like having my own personal magazine, I am its' editor. Having the web, and ll it's connections available to us, keeps the communication lines open. Living on my mountain, in the middle of nowhere, makes it impossible for me to see your work, or that of any other artist on a regular basis. The beauty of the internet comes in to play when I get off the mountain and travel. Now I know what I want to see when I go to England or anywhere else. If it were not for the internet and your beautiful blog, how else would I come to covet a small sculpture of a little doggy? Carolina


Hi Vanessa
I am trying to get a copy of the new magazine...Mollie Makes, but no luck so far. Can I ask where you got your copy from?

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