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Looks like a great party. We had thought through some plans for a party, but since it meant a slumber party and awake until 3am...on the day of our play opening mind you, I just could not manage it. sigh. ~Kelly


What a great day you had! you obviously enjoyed it as much as William and Catherine! If only you'd invited W and C to your party....


Looks like you had a fab day/party. I'm very proud to be English - it was amazing - loved it. x Leah x


I wasn't going to watch the wedding at all, I was supposed to be working. My son invited me to a party at his school in the morning, and I couldn't resist. It was good fun, and I'm glad I went, Kate looked fabulous, I really liked her dress. It was fun spotting famous people in the crowd.

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Oh what fun! No parties here in my neck of the woods - but I did wake up early enough (4:00 am - just as William and Harry were arriving at the church) to watch the wedding before heading off to work. Even though it was a regular workday here, we had fun going back and forth to the internet to see interviews, recaps of the ceremony and everything else that was available through the web. Since I share Queen Elizabeth's name and I was the born the year of her coronation, it's no wonder that I'm an avid Royals Groupie. I think all your red/white/blue decorations and treats look delicious and I'm so glad you had such a fun time.


It was a great day and a beautiful wedding and you certainly celebrated it in style! :)
Vivienne x


What a fantastic party! They certainly went all out. Looks like you all had so much fun. Love the idea of Kate Middleton ring copies - yours looks brilliant!


Looks as if you had a fantastic day. Absolutely love the photos of the dogs!


What a wonderful party. I think the wedding was so beautiful, except Charles, Camilla and the Queen had sour puss faces on. I feel bad for your baby, but know that you are not alone. My big 85 pound Goldren Retriever is so scared of children, he shakes when they come near. A little girl stepped on his tail when he was 6 months old, and he still holds it against all children.
Have a great day,

sarah-jane down the lane

I should just like to say tremendous effort to your in Laws, wow what a brilliant day!

Wasn't it all just so perfectly lovely?

Sarah xXx


What a great way to celebrate and it looks like you all had lots of fun.
The wedding was stunning, I just couldn't stop watching it!

Anne Reed

What a fabulous day you had and it was such a special wedding I found the whole thing really uplifting and felt proud to be British.Have to say I love champagne it is my one weakness along with chocolate Brazils and maltesers and peanut M&Ms,walnut whips.........Anne x


Wonderful pictures - so lovely to see how you celebrated (and FAB necklace too!!)

We had a street party after the service - definitely something to celebrate with others.



Oh what a great day and the effort gone into it - great fun!!! Hmm quite jealous now didnt think to do anything like that lol xx

amanda makes

Looks like a fabulous day at your In-laws! I'm glad you had a good time.Audrey is in fine fettle! I love seeing her little face every time I go into work! She is being much admired and enjoyed! Hope the days fly by and Hugo is back before you can say Jack Robinson! xxxx

Bobo Bun

Loved seeing what a great party you had Vanessa and so lovely of your in-laws to go to such effort. Looked great fun. We didn't watch it, but I do love the idea of people coming together and celebrating whatever the occassion.

Must go and check out your gorgeous dogs interviews.
Oh and thank you for your lovely message. Really lifted me as feeling very nervous indeed right now.


Janet Brown

What a wonderful party - you certainly celebrated the Royal Wedding in style!!! I really enjoyed the wedding and have bought souvenir newspapers and even have the royal kiss as my laptop background picture!!

Changing subject - just wondered if you have seen the two articles on Julie Arkell recently?? The first in the latest edition of "Making" magazine and the other in the spring/summer edition of Debbie Bliss knitting magazine - thought of you when I saw them! :)


Looks like you had a great time- only two ways to approach a day like Friday, really go for it as you did, or just carry on as normal,which is what we did...partly as I still remember the pain of the champagne hangover last royal wedding day...


Even if we are not British (100% Italian!), I and my two little boys had our eyes glued on the screen while watching the Royal Wedding! It was so nice and even moving, like a classic fairy tale! So glad you did enjoy it, too!

P.S.: even Pippa was amazing!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, you are so lucky to have married into such a wonderful, generous, fun-loving family! Looks like a jolly good time was had by all. Lucky hubby sailing for a week, on what kind of boat and where? We have a sailboat and I lived aboard in the San Juan Islands WA for 4 months and singlehanded it in the San Juan channel. Glad you liked my little Buddy dog! You're so sweet.

Hugs, Teresa


Wow, that's what I call a party. Looks like it was so much fun!!!! Thank you thank you, I received my note cards. I love them and boy did they come fast. Have a great week.


Looks like you all had a wonderful day, It's so nice to see people making a real effort to celebrate it well done to you all. Hugo must be sailing round my neck of the woods at the mo and as I can see the sea from my house tell him to give us a wave on his way past lol. Enjoy some quiet time whilst he's away and can't wait to see your next masterpiece.
Have fun Pene x

Claire Boynton

What a fab post! I'm really enjoying the different, homely ways everyone spent the day. Your party looks so fun, and the food delicious.

I watched most of it alone with my Twitter friends - which worked out very nicely as it was great fun and sort of felt as though I was in some amazing pub with loads of great people. I live in a house of boys and I struggled to get them interested; they got up after Kate had left for the church. The scones won them over in the end, but I didn't care anyway - it allowed me to have a little weep without them laughing at me!

It was a fabulous day.


What a wonderful party for a wonderful day. x


Looks like you all had a rather grand day and what fabulous attention to detail on your parent-in-law's behalf! There is nothing like a glas or 2...3 of bubbly and yes I agree with you about it being such a special day for the whole nation. As for Kate's dress well, say no more, it was simply exquisite xox Hope you have a good week, don't work too hard without Hugo there xox take care x

THe Muse of The Day

I can't comment long, I just had to stop reading to tell you that I am "LOVING" it - I feel like I was there. I would have had a blast had I really been there. On to more reading. Carolina

Loved the dog interview and am still laughing that Ellie did a poo at the bank!


Vanessa, check out my blog! Thank you again. LOVE THEM!


I thought the wedding was absolutely beautiful and I sat entranced in front of the telly for hours and hours (I hardly watch any usually). The dresses were gorgeous and everyone looked beautiful or handsome and I enjoyed putting the horrible news in the world to one side for a few hours. Lots of smiley happy faces for once. I did nothing special myself and seeing all your celebrations I feel I let a good opportunity go to waste a bit. You all look to be having a great time! Sadly not everyone teaches their children to be nice to animals, poor little Douglas! I hope he wasn't too traumatized. Perhaps Nannie McPhee should pay some children a visit. (I watched that after the wedding!) I love the ring - noticed that straight away! Very regal.

Karen Reyburn

Oh my!! That is amazing!! If you like that you will LOVE my day....

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