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Liz W in Missouri, USA

I think the sweater is fabulous. I can hardly believe that it has survived so well and so long. It couldn't have found a better home. I love the photo of the two sweaters with the knitting needles in front. It looks like a dance.
I think Sir Henry is probably very sad to be leaving, despite the excitement of traveling to a new home. I think he will be hard-pressed for a while to discover the type of cabbage that will flurish, but once he does, won't he be pleased?
I remember Lupins from Wyoming (western US in the Rocky Mountains), where they grow wild. Not the full, lush ones that we see in gardens like in your photos, but the smaller purple ones. Fields and fields of them. I tried to transplant a few into my flower beds - but, some things are just meant to be wild. The cultivated ones did wonderfully though and added such dimention and color. I love how many different colors there are - like tulips!
Hope you have a great weekend.


Fab jumper- what a brilliant find!
Could you perhaps mis-direct Sir Henry to my address by 'mistake' if I grovel at your feet for long enough? You could send him wrapped in the jumper for safety.....

Bobo Bun

Hi Vanessa

Been meaning to catch up properly and say hello. Sorry so brief, but you know about life being busy and mad. Love these pictures all so beautiful with their colours and the content. Your work, the jumper and the lupins well they all hit the spot perfectly for me - stunning. Love the colours in the jumper too - perfect for you I think. By the way I had a knitting blog recommended to me by my friend who owns a yarn shop. You might know it, it's called, Stunning knitwear designs and very interesting lady - think you'll enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend dear Vanessa.

Lisa X

Jennifer Edwards

Oh my, Henry is so so marvelous! I only wish I had been the purchaser! I'm loving your blog, your sculptures, art, and knit & crochet goodness! thanks ever so much!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa... oh, such a pretty sweater, both of them! They are works of art. Congrats on the sculpture sale! It's wonderful. Our wild Lupine is in bloom here in Oregon.. but your fancy colorful ones are magnifique! Thanks for sharing!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Vanessa, do you 'like' Etsy on Facebook? If not, they featured one of your pieces the other day...if you go here: and scroll down to 1st June you should see it :-)
And Sir Henry is lovely!


Are those lupins in your garden? They are fabulous. I used to have lovely purple ones when I lived in New England. Sadly, our southern summers are a bit too hot and humid for them. I miss them!


Oh, so so cute. I adore the color. Now, in America, "jumpers" are quite a different animal, but I so love the english terminology....I'll stick with jumpers. Everytime I watch a movie, especially black and white oldies, I marvel at the beauty of knitwear, just like you do. Lucky us, with the variety of yarns that weren't available back in the day! Lovely craftmanship on your sweet Henry. Lucky owner!!

Alice and Raymond!!!

the jersey, the lupins and you wearing the jersey amonng the lupins are all gorgeous!
Bye bye to Sir Henry, but yay for your spectacular talent because surely another one or two are on their way!!! XXXXXXX


Love, love, love your work Vanessa and all your knits. Sir Henry is adorable, what a lucky new owner!!
Sally xx


Vanessa, what a treat to see such beautiful knitwear, lupins and Sir henry off on his travels. The sweater looks gorgeous, and I too love to day dream and romanticise about who knitted it and where it's been and what meaning lay beind it. Just beautiful, all of it xox I must say that i certainly have a different eye for knitted / crocheted props/cloting when watching movies or telly these days. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. Alice and I are just about to attempt some papier mache this late saturday morning xox


Fabulous sweaters, I love the old movies too, Mrs. Miniver springs to mind. Last week one afternoon was spent happily knitting away watching "The Three Faces of Eve".
Sir Henry is wonderful, I'm sure he will be much loved in his new home.
I have a lovely two-tone lupin (purple and yellow) in the garden and recently won a red one.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Carol xx


Hello Vanessa! What a beautiful jumper, I understand completely how you feel about it! And it suits you so well, a perfect match!
I love lupins too, it reminds me of being a child :o)
Hope you're enjoying the weekend!
Isabelle xx


Beautiful post, Vanessa! Sir Henry is a wonderful creation and it's no surprise he's off to a new home. I love the stripy jumper, it really suits you too, and what a great idea to combine it with the lupin pictures. I think of lupins as an old fashioned flower too, one I love but where I live so do the snails and when I've planted lupins in the past they just got munched up in no time - am having another try this summer! Thanks for a lovely, colourful post. Enjoy the weekend.
Helen x


Hello! I just recently found my way to your blog, and just wanted to say that enjoy it very much! So I am looking forward to the next post on Tuesday.


Wonderful jumper, wouldn't the original knitter be delighted to know it is still treasured and has achieved fame. I'm sure Sir H is going to an equally good home and will be loved forever too.

The Muse of The Day

All three things, the pre-loved jumper, the Lupins, and Sir Henry Brambles, share one thing in common- they all have staying power - something to be treasured. I am sure that Sir Henry will provide years of imagination service to a very lucky someone out there. And after that person Sir Henry will be gifted to one more lucky person, and so on forever. Life is good. Carolina


This post is beautiful! I love the sweater but Sir Henry steals the show. I love your work. Keep inspiring us! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

The Heart in Hand Project


Hello Vanessa,
So much to love in this post, thank you! Sir Henry is just fab, I particularly love his tie, only you have an eye for this sort of detail. Congratulations that he has gone to a good home. The lupins, well I would say they are my favourite flower but I'm not sure I can limit myself to just one in all honesty! And the jumper, how gorgeous and what a find, definitely a '40s style pattern although the colours are unusual for the '40s - and all the better for that though, in that gorgeous turquoise! It certainly suits you.
Hope you've had a good weekend.
Hen xxx

Pati from London

Hi Vanessa, I love those two jumpers, they look so delicate and in such wonderful condition!. I've been following your blog for a long time but don't usually comment on it. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading it and also love your creations. Your "Sisterhood crochet blanket" pattern was the inspiration for a baby blanket I have just made for the baby I'm expecting. If you want to have a look at it, please go to flickr and you'll see it under "pati from London". I don't have a blog but I mention yours as the inspiration for the pattern (I hope this is ok with you). Thanks! Pati x


what a fabulous jumper, it's really lovely. I also love your lupins wish I could grow them but alas after three summers of trying I've given up this year and have moved onto my new love - Hollyhocks, I will be so pleased if they flower so we'll see, but I totally get where you are coming from - old fashioned retro flowers seem so absolutely cool x


so pretty :)


Lovely jumper, I think its the same as I'm currently knitting its called the victory jumper. I found it on the VA website, which its great for 1940s knits

Em Bee

I also knitted the V and A Museum's 'Victory' jumper in red, white and blue 3ply for a 1940s exhibition at Thirsk.
It was only a two line pattern, but gave a lovely lacey effect.

Planet Penny

Well I'm all excited now, because not only is there Sir Henry, but there's the fabulous knitting and then, lupins! I hardly know where to look first! It must be so hard to part with your creations, I am really struggling with parting with my little woolly sheep. Everyone loves them for their individual personalities, which is precisely why I can hardly bear to part with them. A proper business woman doesn't cry when wrapping up a sale surely! I'm sure Sir Henry has gone to a good home. love Penny and Higgins xxx


Hello's already Tuesday in your time zone, so I know I am a bit behind in reading your posts.

Best wishes to Sir Henry as he heads off to his new garden!

That vintage sweater of yours is a magnificent find! And I do like how it has stylistic harmony with the sweater you knitted yourself. Three-ply yarn must be quite fine indeed...sort of lace weight perhaps. I share your habit of keeping an eye out for lovely old knitwear when watching either tv or films. There are some true jems, and of course, I immediately want to make up one for myself.

I'm currently working on sock 2 of a pair I am making as a birthday gift. I think that I am going to make the deadline!

That Cudster jack russell is a force of nature. I so wish I had time and the space to have a dog...just wonder if I could every live up the expectations of a jack russell. I just love their esprit!


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

A gorgeous piece of history and isn't it lovely that you can wear it :-)

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