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I loved looking through your ravelry page, Vanessa. Fun patterns and so much color!

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa.. I'm in Ravelry too.. I don't have enough photos in my Rav projects page, but a few.. I'm there as "TeresaKasner".. yes, very creative, huh? I hope you pop over to my blog and see a very cute photo of my sleeping grandson.. :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Muse of The Day

You didn't just "update", Vanessa, you UPDATED. Holy cow! I feel like a kid in a candy store. Look at all those colors! Yum! That is a whole "lotta lovin" that has gone through your knitting needles. Awesome. Carolina


Lovely, lovely!! I enjoyed seeing all your work together,,wonderful !
..and I'm cariadjude on Ravely and Flickr.
Take care

Alice and Raymond!!!

Oh wow, what a gorgeous mosaic! So much Vanessa goodness! How exciting, I'm off to ogle the rest of your projects now... what a treat as I've not been following you since the beginning so have missed out on so much!
I loved your comment the other day about the internet booksellers, I think you hit the nail on the head, the money goes to the authors and the illustrators and that is what is important, not the millions of middlemen, so thank you for that! I'm deeply inspired by the way you speak your mind, I think sometimes I can be a bit too diplomatic rather than telling my truth, so thank you!
wishing you a gorgeous week XXXXX

Rattling On

I keep adding things to mine that I've made in the past and blogged but not ravelry-ed! That's if I can find the photos... note to self. Be more organised.


gorgeous gorgeous things Vanessa, lovely to see them all together.


Fantastic Vanessa. I'm trying to update my computer at the moment and like you it's a long process. x


Oooh, colourful loveliness! Wonderful. I've just joined Ravelry (find me as Happy-in-Red) and will defenately have to dó something about my profile ;-)


Beautiful, gorgeous colourful knitting! Your pictures of your knitting are always so creatively and imaginatively produced! And they look stunning all together in a wonderful mosaic. I'm not on Ravelry - yet- but maybe one day...Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Helen x


Monumentous Vanessa! Just STUNNING, love this mosaic, love all the colours, love all your clever makes, i'm off to peek on ravelry now xox Penelope

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

I love your mosaic of all your knitting! Looks amazing and very inspiring :-) See you on Ravelry xx


What a lovely display of gorgeousness. The colours are fantastic. x


Hooray! I'm glad you let us know where you are on ravelry. I've requested you as a friend!


I envy your "give me something difficult and new to do and by jove,despite any problems and set-backs I'll finish it and it will be lovely too" ability.
I falter at the first hurdle.My new cat discovered knitting this week, he enjoys it way too much, no chance of my finishing my two fairisle projects until he calms down.One ball being attacked isn't helpful,fairisle- well, you can imagine the mess....


Vanessa, I am a big Ravelry fan, but never considered having my own page over there. Your project page its fabulous! I know that you've already inspired many folks to try their own knit/crocheting projects (just as I was inspried to make my version of your pompom slippers!)

I continue to wonder just how you find the time to do all that you do. Bravo! xo


Hi Vanessa,
Fab post as always. I loved Sir Henry by the way.
Oh and suprise, suprise i managed to get a copy of the second edition of " Mollie Makes". I think i was in Tesco just at the right time as they had just come in! I think this edition is better than the first one.
Anywhooo i hope you are keeping well. Take Care.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

Liz W in Missouri, USA

Oh - what fun to see you on Ravelry! I use it all the time. I'm etqoe1953. Like you - I haven't updated in a while - it seems to take so long to get a picture from my camera to the computer. I really need to investigate some options for downloading photos. I've started listing projects without the photos, in hopes of adding the photos at a later time, not to mention years and years of knitting that never even GOT photographed. LOL. Well - it's all about moving forward, isn't it.
You sure have made some beautiful things. Don't forget all the beautiful flowers and accesories for our friends, the paper people.


Oh! I need more hours in the day. I joined Ravelry a while back and then forgot! I'd love to put my work there, all I need to do is to focus and to do it. Now where did I leave my patchwork.....
Your colourful work is sumptuous, very inspiring and looks fantastic displayed all together like that.xx

What an amazing amount of knitting! You must feel so proud to see it all collected here like that - I would but it would represent a lifetimes worth!

Vintage Town

Hello Vanessa, how beautiful your blog looks! Haven't seen it for ages (mind you, haven't posted anything for ages either - shurely some connection?) It's a joy to see such lovely pics.


Oooh how lovely to see all your knitting together! There are one or two things I don't think I've seen and some lovely favourites I'm recognising. I'm terrible, I haven't even got a camera so no pictures of anything I've made. Not made nearly as much as you anyway but it might be nice to get some pictures before the moths eat my knitting up (I've caught a few fluttering away recently which has made me think I need to look after my woolies better). Ravelry looks a great place for keeping everything together.


I'm so glad to know you're on Ravelry! I'm going to go check out your projects and revel in the knitting, crocheting, and COLORS!

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I'm in Ravelry too.. I don't have enough photos in my Rav projects page, but a few.. I'm there as "TeresaKasner".. yes, very creative, huh?

Madame Flamusse

Dear Vanessa, i like your Style so much und you have such a great feeling for Colores. It makes me Happy when i look at your page. Can i add you as Friend in Ravelry?

Greetings from Germany
Madame Flamusse

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