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Alice and Raymond!!!

Hello Vanessa!
Same here, soooooo much rain in the last fortnight, I was cooped up inside for days on end... but I kinda liked it, it's freezing outside so the less I had to leave the house the happier I was! :O)
Your knitted dress is coming along beautifully, it looks wonderful on the mannequin, can't wait to see it on you!
Have a lovely weekend XXXXX


Lots of rain here too!

How about finding a dress pattern with a skirt you do like, and marrying it with the red gingham bodice ... which looks lovely :)

Flossie Teacake ... my kids loved the Flossie Teacake books growing up ... brilliant name for a blog!

Vintage Squirrel

If you have an a-line skirt you like, you could turn it inside out and copy it's shape onto newspaper and use it as a pattern to marry with your bodice. Or you could continue the pretty gathering round the neckline by mirroring it in the skirt section? Don't give up. I do agree with the look of the pattern though, it doesn't appear to be your usual style.
K x


Have you thought about taking the top half of the dress and turning it into a shirt instead of a dress? It'd look adorable as nice little blouse. I love the look of your knitted dress! I'm a novice knitter but my mom taught me to crochet and I'm about to embark on my first crochet sweater journey! Good luck with the dresses!

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa, I adore the color and shape of your knitted dress and can't wait to see it done and modeled by you. I'm not a sewer so I can't make suggestions on the sewn dress, but I know you'll figure out something. I just visited a wonderful rose garden yesterday, I'd love for you to visit my blog and see the photos.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Vanessa,
What a brilliant blog post.
I just love the colour of the roses. I watched Hampton Court Flower show on tv and they showed some beautiful roses. I am going to plant some more as i just love the fragrance.
Your knitted dress is lovely and i just love the colour.You mentioned the size worry! Did you use DB yarn, cos my LYS lady says DB yarns are not quite the same as some other yarns. ie DB`s double knitting yarn is not the same as Sirdar dk. If you get my drift, so she tells me with monotonous regularity "do a tension square". Pffft!! Just wondered if thats why you think it seems small.
Your red check dress is coming along nicely. i was going to say why not try an A-line skirt.
Anywhooooo as they say over here in Lancashire " crack on".
Take Care
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxxxx


I think the gingham fabric you've chosen for your dress is edgy enough that it won't look 'neat and prim', it'll be your style. I vote to continue with it, I can see the finished dress in my mind's eye, and think it will look great. And if you still don't like it when finished offer it as a prize on here :0)


Rain, rain go away ....... love the pics that resulted from it though. Good luck with the dress. I keep telling myself that 'just go for it' and add or detract whatever - really there are no rights and wrongs despite what we read - who is to say what is the correct or wrong way - as long as you end up with something you love that looks good. Experimetation I say. Have a good weekend. x


My first thought when you said you didn't like the rest of the dress so much was to keep it as a top. But you would have to be careful to balance it out as it would be empire line; I think it would have to be the right length and not be too full. However, when you said your idea of attaching an A line skirt to it, I really think that would work. You could also gather a skirt onto it but I think A line would work better. If it were reasonably lose you could then have ties to pull it in to fit you. They could be at the bust line or at the waist. That is a look I like as it is flatteringly slimline without bunches of fabric but on the other hand not too body con (which means you can't relax while wearing it, or you have to wear big knickers!)

I do think the top part looks lovely, so don't abandon it as it all looks so neatly done and really suits the fabric. I think I would probably be inclined to look at a dress you already have and draw around the skirt part to make a pattern (leaving room for seam allowances or putting them in when cutting out the fabric). To get both sides of your pattern identical I would fold up the centre and choose the nicest side and then pin it onto either fabric or more paper on the fold (when you unfold it will be symmetrical) - either to get a perfect pattern piece which could be used again or cutting straight on to the fabric which would be quicker. Have just realised that I am saying similar to Vintage Squirrel.

In the original pattern I like the waist band of the red dress best. When I'm not sure about what I am doing (frequently!)I like to cogitate over ideas and mull them over until something comes to mind. It may help if you just look at dresses generally and find the sort of thing you like and see if it could be adapted for this. I'm assuming that the opening is at the neck at the back? You could still use your invisible zip which will need to go down far enough so the dress will be easy to get on and off.

Anyway, good luck Vanessa! I'm sure you will manage to come up with something great. Love how your knitted dress is looking too.


Hi Vanessa

Did you know you've got a mention in this month's Let's Knit magazine??


Hello Vanessa,

Hurray for Higgledy, Piggledy My Black Hen! I love chicks, hens and Purple Podded Peas; it's a great blog.

I'm not much of an expert but I think your blue knitted dress looks heavenly. It is weird how there is no rhyme or reason with sizing. I am such a newbie knitter that I find that kind of surprise quite unsettling. Mind you knitting has taught me PATIENCE. I am amazed how calm I remain when I realise that I just have to frog it all and start all over again.

If you don't like your red dress then don't finish it. I'm sure you will find another pattern which makes your heart sing somewhere in your marvellous project list.

The rain will go away very soon: promise ;-)

I love all the colours in the corners of your house.

See you soon,


HI Vanessa

I have just been catching up with a few blogs including yours and thought you might like the new Painted Portrait dress pattern by Anna Maria Horner. You can find it in this blog post and it is released this month (not sure exactly when!!!).

Much love

Jane x


I have been working so hard recently that it was a real pleasure to take a few mninutes to look at your last few blogs... such a treat, thank you!

I just love the cushion in the top picture, is this some kind of unusual sewing technique? I have not seen it before.


What about a wide piece of ribbing for the waistband and then a gathered skirt with some embroidery along the bottom? I think that could be really cute. Also, a wide waistband with some embroidery and then the gathered or a-ilne skirt could look really cute too.

harmony and rosie

What a shame, I love the fabric and the top part so I'd be tempted to have a go at marrying an A-line bottom to it. How about using the top line of the existing pattern so you know you'll get a match, then drawing round an existing skirt of one of the dress patterns you've already used. It'll be a bit of a challenge but think of the satisfaction when it all works out, because I'm sure it will. I've just done something similar with a dress I made for my little girl and it worked really well. Go for it, you can do it!!!!


Liz A.

I was going to suggest just turning the top of the dress into a shirt but I don't think it's quite long enough. But I'd definitely try it with an A line skirt. You can always add a tied belt to cover over any messiness in the join.

Planet Penny

Ooh I've been there with half made things. I usually end up thinking it's all down to being a completely different shape to the rest of the world, and if it gets too bad I throw it on the floor and jump on it so I'm a very bad example!
However I got very excited about Mrs Bobobun's skirt on her blog and have ordered the book she's using, Sew Serendipity, and it might be good for you too...


The knitted dress is a beautiful colour and looking good. I look forward to seeing the finished garment. Was this pattern in a book or a magazine as I love the styling of the skirt part.

Beautiful photos on your blog- made a dull day a lot more sunny!

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