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Wow!That's all I can say about the skirt.



I LOVE your skirt! Especially the Ikea one! It looks amazing with your tights (that's one things that is hard to find around here---cute colored tights).

And thanks for your kind words. I will be featuring your skirt tomorrow!!


What a groovy collection of patterns and colours you like for your new skirt pattern Vanessa. I had to smile as I made my Alice an a-line skirt a few weeks ago with some cheap and cheerful ikea cotton I bought an age ago which has all different birds on it. Nothing like a bit of ikea that can be worn!
Love love luuuuuurrrrve your incredibly DB dress, you are a true inspiration and master (or mistress?) of the making kind. I love the colour yo've chosed and your desire to finish this garment. I certainly know what you mean about uninterupted knitting time. I almost put my alarm on this weeksholiday to get up to do some quiet knitting time (he he). Have yourself a busy happy bee weeknd xox Penelope


No stopping you now!
Furnishing fabrics can be brilliant for skirts/trousers and remnants can be mega cheap.
I'm desperate to get the weeding done so I have some sewing time,but the weeds keep growing apace!


Ohh, lovely skirts and the dress is looking great, I love the colour you chose. I came across your blog only recently and it is fast becoming one of my favourites! Looking forward to future posts! :)

Magic Cochin

Awesome skirt! It's so graphic and totally fab!



It turned out great! :-)

Liz W in Missouri, USA (With Lucy)

I really like both of the skirts, but being all about comfort, I totally get what you mean about the straighter fit of the red one. My Goodness! You just about have a whole new wardrobe. Isn't it fun to have your creations all done up and to just be so happy with them? The knit dress is, of course, gorgeous. I am admiring how perfectly even your stitches are and how that makes the cables look so good. WELL DONE!


That is some skirt !!


Hellooooooo :)
How clever you are!! With each post you're getting better at sewing! Yay! :) Wish we lived nearer (although I'm not actually sure where you live..) then we could get together for sewing time! :) [MC Hammer in the back ground... tam tamtam tam... Sewing Time... tam tam tam] Although I think most of it would be spend with chatting! :)

I'm making a dress for Anabelle at the moment from a large piece of fabric I still have from way before when I made a toy cat for a friend's little girl. It's coming along nicely! Well.... I'm still only pinning it onto the fabric, but with tum bugs and kids and kids with tum bugs, it's not easy finding time!

I absolutely adore the dress you made in the previous post! Faaaabulous! Oh oh oh, for some reason that reminds me.... no, I think your knitted dress that's coming along reminded me that the knitted coat we talked about ages ago is... finally.... finished!!! :) Whoop whoop! Yesssss, my parents are bringing it with them when they visit me in a weeks time! I hope it's pretty! then I'll take a couple of snaps and post them on my blog to show you!

Our cat's just put a mouse on the door mat.. got to go... Cheerio! Veronika


Wow, I love the skirt! It looks fantastic, and I'm excited to see how your knit dress comes out--I've never had the patience to undertake such a big project :-) It looks great so far!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Wow that skirt really pops! Brilliant colours and the red dots....FAB :-)

Love that knitted dress, can't wait to see it finished. Thanks to you I am getting a nice collection of ideas for making my tunic top/dress :-)


A perfect match of pattern and fabric - and you lok marvellous in it!


Gosh, you have been doing a lot of sewing! The skirt looks fabulous. My daughter chose Ikea fabric for that first dress I made her. It was a bright green with hippos.
Your knitted dress is so fine and neat, I am in awe.

Lynda aka Katie Willow

Gorgeous. That is my favourite skirt style actually. I have a few. I plan to wear a brown Gap one I have for interview on Monday but as I am a bit curvy they don't look how I visualise them looking in reality!
Clever you tho!

The Muse of The Day

So modern, so colorful, so alive - the skirt reads : "No couch potato here, excuse me, I have a life". I think your fabric choice is brilliant. As far as the hunt for the other fabrics: hearing your story makes me feel better about my fancies of hopping on a plane to go to NY just for fabric. Carolina


Vanessa, that skirt is an absolute stunner! The fabric is so perfect for the pattern's design. Back in the 1960's and 70's, I often used sturdy cotton upholstery fabric for my clothes sewing. I liked the fact that the fabric was very wide, and would allow me (also a not very tall person) the opportunity to get much out of a yard of fabric. And the prints, or even colors of the cottons were pretty wonderful.
You are reminding me of what fun sewing can be. I also really like the look of that blue knit dress. What a busy lady you are! xo


What a great skirt - and pattern! Having clicked on the link, I see your skirt is now featured as fully deserved. It looks like a really flattering and nice shape to wear. It works well as a summer skirt but I can imagine it working in a thicker fabric for the winter. Definitely adaptable; I can see how the shape would work as an interview skirt too. Lots of food for thought! There are some good sites you are showing us Vanessa. I think possibly I may be sucked in to doing some sewing again. Last time around there was no blogging to get you all excited - just standing for hours in the department store looking through pattern books for ideas. I did have a sewing friend which made it quite good fun though. We both had small girls at the time and used to love making girly and swirly things. It is excellent to get a skirt out of just one yard of fabric too. I've got the Sew What! skirts book which has nice skirts in it - you draft your own patterns. There is a flickr group here.
Some are nicer than others I think. Shamefully I still haven't used it. I need a metre stick to draw up the patterns with and am not sure where to get one from. I expect a better person than me would manage with a ruler though.
Looking forward to seeing your knitted dress!

Sandi Lee

I love the way the circles look in this skirt, no one else would have the same, anywhere.
x Sandi


ooh yes, that really is a great pattern, it'll look different with each fabric used. Your Ikea circles are fab, such a lot of fun and just great for that skirt. Ikea have some great fabrics I think, I love their Aina linen which I have used all around the house and for clothing too. Gets better and better with each wash. Anyway style bunny, have a great week, am so looking forward to seeing your knitted dress, it looks amazing already!

Kate x


Loving that skirt. Can't wait to have some time to linger over that link. And what patience you have knitting dresses. It looks fab. Hope you were doing something exciting up in London. x

Debbi Crane

I've only just found your blog! Delightful, delightful, delightful!

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