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I'm in love with Sweetpeas....ever since I grew a whole fence-full, way back when. All those glorious colors climbing up a white trellis made my lemonade sipping more enjoyable.

I know what you mean about losing your lust for sewing, after something doesn't quite fit in with what you'd imagined. The key is to trust yourself!

You are a talented artist, with a style all your own. Who could do a better job than you? Another fabric, another'll get it back.


I'm pretty fond of sweetpeas too, but I'm in love with darling Douglas ... he can wrap me around his little paw anytime, just like my mini wire Wilbur does :D

Looking forward to seeing the new cards x


When I was woken this morning by young Fred tentatively pulling back the duvet a couple of times with his paw I realised that he is now 'at home' with us and finding his feet properly...up till this morning he has been a very discreet and tactful early morning visitor to the bed,jumps up gently and you awake to find him peering into your face or asleep snuggled up next to you.Now,five weeks in, he has us firmly wrapped around his paw and is trying to up the stakes...
I know exactly what you mean about the sewing.But you will return to he gingham soon knowing EXACTLY what to do to it,these things have a habit of resolving themselves when you aren't looking.
I'm off to enjoy the sculptures now...

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Really lovely flowers Vanessa and I love that photo of Douglas being read over.....he is in the lap of luxury :-)


I love sweetpeas too - they are just lovely. So are all your pics today, great colors - and I´m always a sucker for sweet dogs..! :-)


Sweetpeas are such lovely flowers...a bit fragile, but the colors and scent are sublime.

Those pups are adorable.

I can definitely understand what you mean about sewing, and other creative enthusiasms.

It's difficult to find time to pursue all one's interests, unless "one" is not all that interested in much. Otherwise, the days are not long enough, and it's always a matter of focusing on what really grabs you at a particular moment.

Have a great weekend! xo

A gorgeous post - all so pretty and I love the sweetpeas, too!
Hugs - Lurline♥


I love your posts, they're always so colourful. The dogs are adorable. xx

amanda makes

What a gorgeous post, Vanessa! I'm totally smitten with Douglas. I actually think about him as I go about my day and think how much I'd love a little Douglas of my this space. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. love, Amanda xxxxx


I adore sweet peas - possibly my favourite flower. I usually grow some but a disaster involving mice meant none this year so I'm relying on kind friends and neighbours!
I love your new fabric and can't wait to see what your plans are for it
Love Gill xx


I just love your jug of gorgeous coloured knitting needles. :)
Looking forward to seeing those little kitty cat sculptures!!!
I have to agree nothing like a bunch of sweet peas and knitting outside, a sure sign of summer.


I think indeed these little pups do have us wrapped around their paws......but we love it!
Love the Evangeline' characterful with twinkles in each eyes.....
nattie x

Sandi Lee

I love that first photo, all the things I love. I have sweet peas growing and they are flowering in the middle of winter, but they don't have a scent :( Douglas is so cute, I'm not a dog lover but he has won my heart.
Now I look at all your photos, they are all lovely.
x Sandi


v.: you are a wonder and a delight! lucky for me they sell sweetpeas in the market and even better a friend just gave me a huge quarter pound bag of seeds!

and douglas is a dear! happy rest of the weekend!

The Muse of The Day

Your "sewing glow" may be taking a break, but your "blog glow" is full on. I went away for a few weeks ... and LOOK AT ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!! I am mesmerized. -totally juiced up just from the first photo on this post. It really is too bad that a woman can't just walk into a pub, get herself through the crowd, and order up exactly what she needs - "A SHOT OF VANESSA CABBAN, if you please ... I need to get my sewing glow on ... pour me another ... I have been a bit low in the color department."
Wouldn't that be just simply awesome?
Missed you, Carolina


Douglas is so adorable!

Sweetpeas; I love sweetpeas! They are number one on my dream garden list...

Vanessa, would it be presumptuous on my part to ask if one day I could commission you to make a sculpture for me? It would have to be when we get our own place... I have been hankering after one for a while now....


Planet Penny

Sweetpeas! They are fabulous! I sowed seeds this year and they've taken forever to grow but this weekend the first flower has opened! Can't wait to pick the first bunch! And Douglas is such a cutie!
Penny (and Higgins!)xxx

Magic Cochin

Nice fabric :-) reminds me of Eric Ravilious ceramics designs for Wedgewood or Ruth Pavely's work for Poole Pottery.

And how I miss Sweet Peas! I didn't sow any this year and my garden misses the sublime scent.


Stockton Crafts

Hi... I have have only just found you via a post at 'Crochet with Raymond', but so glad I have... what a blog full of bloggy loveliness! New follower for you here!
Jill :)x


Just waiting for my sweetpeas to flower.
What a gorgeous photo of Douglas. He's just too cute!
I adore Evangeline. I look forward to seeing your new cards. They are a great idea.

harmony and rosie

Wow, Vanessa you have such a talent, I have loved looking through your website, particularly those gorgeous sculptures, and can honestly say I would have a difficult time choosing a favourite.

I do love the look and smell of sweetpeas, I just remember growing them myself and having to pull them up because they were crawling with green flies, yuk!

Have a lovely week and sending a big hug to that sweet pooch of yours X

Kate x


Love your photographs - and the beautiful Douglas. Donna

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid

I so enjoyed visiting your blog. Your creations are all amazing!


Ooooo Vanessa,
That material is lovely, and sooo pretty. It will make a gorgeous summer dress.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

Those sweatpea blossoms look so perfect with your colored knitting needles. I could look at the picture all day!

Penelope Walford

Vanessa, I absolutely love looking at your space from time to time. I see it changing constantly and love to watch how you change and grow. So colourful, so inspiring. So refreshing. I love your new sculptures ....and of course, the sweet peas got to me too! Love, Sweet Px

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