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oh perfect! It's fingering weight too, that means you can make the vintage jumper you wanted to. At least, I think you wanted to make a vintage jumper? It was blue and used very fine yarn and you wanted to make one ... I think it was you!

Alice and Raymond!!!

what a great bargain! all that yarn for one pound yay! I think I would have fizzed over with excitement! And loving all these fabrics, you have so much creative potential sitting in your home, exciting :OD
Have a lovely week XXXXX


Goodness me, you are keeping busy, Vanessa! Like the look of that stall, I had that yellow polka dot (or one v similar) once and very useful it was too. Those balls of yarn look fabby, I wonder what you will make with those...
Hen x


Wow fantistic bargains, I absolutely loved the 'Sew Pretty' stall and reasonable too. I thought the green print fabric was especially fab. Annaliese and I loved your little anecdote! Look forward to your next blog entry. Love Sharon


Gosh Vanessa. You really are good at sniffing out bargains. And the fabric - wow! Your friends really has a lovely eye for fabrics. Let us know when she gets an online shop, I would love to take a look x

Planet Penny

What a lovely stall, I could spend a fortune there! Especially all the gingham, and stripes, and flowers!!!I frequently suffer from invisible wife syndrome, sometimes Tim loses me in shop because he can't remember what I'm wearing!!! Penny and Higgins xxx

Magic Cochin

Woooo! Bargain!
And the market stall is fab too, lovely lovely fabric (I'm getting all excited!)

Just a little thought about your gingham dress - if I was making it I'd put a little band of bias ribbon along the seam top and bottom of the waistband. I'd use plain red, or a grey-blue. It would set it off in a really smart way.

Hope you don't mind me meddling with your sewing - which is just splendid :-)


Helen Cowans

>visit the market stall of someone I know called Hannah<

Where is Hannah's stall? Looks wonderful! Good to have someone local


Wow, what bargainous yarn. :)
Hannah's stall is lovely, I really, really love that green and white fabric!
Vivienne x


Your butterfly story made me laugh! I wish we lived so close to a market that had stalls with nice stuff - the fabrics look lovely.


Hi Vanessa, thanks for stopping by.
I wish I had a stall like that near to us. The fabric choices and the prices are great, Hannah is a bonus.
Talking about fabric printing, have you come across a website called Spoonflower? You can design your own fabrics and they will print them. They have competitions as well. It's a fun place. It's
I'm always losing things and put it down to a black hole that follows me around. Much nicer to have pretty things turn up in your hair though.


What a bargain!

I'm coming shopping with you! x


My daughter did a car boot sale a couple of months ago.I gave her some wool packs I had bought and didn't like the colour.She sold them both to people who hadn't knitted for ages and didn't want to pay shop prices to have another"go".Let's hope they are back into knitting!!

harmony and rosie

Well, how satisfying is all this, you are like a whirlwind with your sewing at the moment and have one mammoth ta-dah in the making too. As for invisible wife syndrome, yes I do believe that's a bona fide condition and Hugo will need some therapy. Lots of yarn shopping should do the trick!


I read all the way through your post, but my mind didn't really get past all that lovely yarn for a £1 !!!! The bargain sniffer part of my brain clearly needs work ... I never find things like that ... lucky, lucky, you :D

D A Nelson

I have a couple of places I go to to buy secondhand wool that's's one of my guilty pleasures. It's a fab feeling so am with you ref the red wool (which is lovely by the way).
Ref butterfly going's obvious: you have Borrowers. They borrowed the butterfly to decorate their home for a party and returned it (via your hair) later. Ref hubby not's an affliction of men I think. I went from brunette to blond at the age of 14 and my father never noticed.

Dawn x


What fun it's been to see this post, Vanessa. That Paton's yarn is a fabulous could anyone have walked away from it? I love those fabrics you chose, particularly the green and white.

And, as for the errant butterfly, that is very amusing. What color was that invisible butterfly?



What an amazing blog you have, superpretty things you sew and crochet... I am in Love now!

Have a wonderful weekend sweet Vanessa,

love Maaike


what a bargain!! Lovely colourful pics as ever - so good to get a nice bright pop of colour when I come by - sorry, I've not been around much, am trying to stay off the computer and be with the children more over the summer, but am looking forward to the chance to catch up with your posts soon. Certainly seems that you have been busy. (and know what you mean about the Invisible Wife Syndrome - I wore what was a daringly-short (for me)short skirt today, it took til tea-time for me to remark, vaguely that something was different, and had I got my legs out for a reason?!)

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