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Awwww...he's gorgeous! I have a soft spot for ginger cats and he is adorable. I'm sure he'll be well loved :)


Hmmmm. A formidable fellow, Garfield.



I am sat here spell bound Vanessa,by the beauty, the detail, the colour and how stunningly, amazingly wonderful garfie is!!!! Your art work/craft is just so impressive! spectacular, spectacular!!!! he is just so gorrrgeous! i can tell you must spend hours working away to make them with so much personality and life!
must be hard to part with such precious pieces.
Thanks for going to take another look- im spell bound! x


He is a splendid fellow, beautifully executed! Just come across your blog via Etsy. Super work. Have added a link to your blog from to let others see your lovely creations too.
Good to make your acquaintance ;)


Very hard indeed to let things go unless one knows they are going to a 'proper' home-this is clearly going to be loved very much!


Vanessa! this cat is amazing!! your are wonderfull! some day i hope i can buy you one of those esculptures!! your hands makes magic!


Vanessa, Garfie is quite simply STUNNING. I adore the cloud of butterflies grouped around his caring face.

I have touched upon my desire to commission one of your divine sculptures one day... I am totally serious... if/when you have the time, of course.

I love the colour scheme here. He is beautiful.


You are so clever Vanessa. He's beautiful.

Planet Penny

Garfie is wonderful and I love the butterflies, Vanessa. I'm sure his new owner will love him to bits! Penny xx


Oh my - so darn cute! :-)


I am almost speechless with how beautiful this is Vanessa. Your talent is beyond unbelievable............I think I may have to stay here for a bit and just remain mesmerised and in complete awe! xxxxxxx


He is absolutely wonderful! Your creation will be such a treasure and comfort for Garfie's loved one. Bess


He's gorgeous, I love his eyes. I live with a ginger cat, who is a bit of a character.


Wow! Your work is amazing! The colours and form are really clever. Wow!


Perfect. Just perfect. I love your attention to details, Vanessa, and the way you get to know your "models". Garfie will be so loved for years to come.

Sunshine from Finland!


Puppet Lady

He's just gorgeous! You've really captured the essence of a curious cat!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Garfie will live on, I'm sure, with such a proper memorial. As usual - the detail is perfect - but I'm especially entranced by his eyes. They see magic in the butterflies and express a calm and happy soul. He's looking beyond what is there to what can be. Well done!
(I hope you can use him on some cards.)

Magic Cochin

Garfie has such a sweet face.

I expect he will be treasured for a very long time.


annies abode

wow - you are so talented. this cat is so amazing and i love all the little extras you have given garfie. i am so impressed.


Hello Vanessa
I've been waiting for the next sulpture since falling in love with "daffodil girl". The cat is beautiful and the expression you have caught in his eyes is captivating to look at.
Best wishes


Oh he is gorgeous Vanessa, I'm sure his owner is going to adore him. I love how you interpret his personality.
So sad about the real Garfie though!
Vivienne x

kate is greedy

So much better than taxidermy!!! Vanessa, he is jus amazing as are you. Are you doing more postcards soon? Love Kate xxooxx.

Crochet with Raymond

he is just beautiful, love him! What a special piece and I love that his pockets are full of ribbons!
you are just so talented XXXXX


Every time you do a new sculpture, Vanessa, I think this one is the best, but I absolutely adore Garfie. I'm sure his owners will adore him too, he will bring a smile to their faces. I know the heartache of losing a cat to a road accident. How wonderful that Garfie's spirit lives on in a new medium.
Your work is wonderful.
Carol xx


Vanessa, just too amazing for words. What an interesting artist you are. You have to be really talented to make this type of art. It's so excited to view them and be part of your posts. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful way to honor a beloved pet. And your knitting is fabulous too!!! xoRobin❤

Teresa Kasner

I love the whole sculpture, but I was completely blown away by his eyes. Bravo, my friends. Buddy thinks he's attractive, too. :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Wow! What a beautiful piece, I love the detail like the ribbon in his pocket and the way his eyes are focussing on the pretty butterflies. I would love to own one of your pieces of art one day! Stunning pictures too xx
Sally x


I really can't put into words just how absolutely amazed and delighted we are with our puuurrr-fect sculpture of our much, much, much beloved Garfie. You've truley managed to capture his beautiful and adventurous personality. Thankyou Vanessa for putting so much thought and time into creating such a masterpiece. The detail of all his little features is exceptional. I consider myself very lucky and proud to have a piece of your art work. I am also pleased you shared this with others, so all will continue to know just how talented you are and what a wonderful cat Garfie was. Thankyou so so much. Lots of love Sharon

Mellissa (Bee)

What a beautiful tribute to Garfe and a wonderful sculpture. bee x

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

love his face -- well-done!


beautiful ! love it !


Your use of color is stunning- whether it's knitting, sewing or sculpture or any of the other wonderful things you put together.


ohhh gorgeous!!!!
I just love your sculptures!

Mrs Lloyd

Beautiful, how are those butterflies made i must have a god at those they would make a great addition to my studio! :)

Claire Smith

Vanessa, I think you have out done yourself with Garfie, he's just gorgeous. From the butterflies, to the binoculars the detail is wonderful.......

Sharon is going to love him.

Just wondering after you have designed him, how long does it take to make him?

Have missed seeing your wonderful sculptures, they always leave me open mouthed in amazement.......probably not a good look, but I just love your work.

Claire :}


He is gorgeous - we lost our last cat to old age last Autumn but the neighbours have an adorable new ginger cat called Henry who visits us often and is very happy to have a cuddle. I love ginger cats and your Garfie is a masterpiece - well done!



What a sad little story but a beautiful cat and a lovely way for his family to remember him. I too have a soft spot for ginger cats (in fact most cats) and miss my recently departed moggy.


What a beautiful sculpture of Garfie, I knew him, as Sharon is my daughter and you really have the essence and look of Garfie. He really was a special cat and so loved. Cannot wait to see him. Shirley.

Dawn Nelson

Oh that's such a sad story that Garfie is no longer here, but such a nice way to remember him. Your sculptures are really nice and you put in little touches that are lovely.

Dawn x


Amazing, Vanessa! Such character in that little face! I love all the decorative details, and the colours...and the delightful cloud of butterflies!
Helen x


Garfie is stunning, I'm sure the recipient of him will be utterly delighted with your sculpture. What a charming and beautiful way to remember a beloved pet.


Breathtakingly beautiful ... I adore him


It seems to me that as well as 'making your living' your art enhances your living as well. As someone who loves her 17 year old cat, Lena, so much, I so identify with the love of Garfie. Beautifully done.


Vanessa, let me add my compliments to all those that appear above. That Garfie is a very fine cat with unique attributes. Well worthy of mention by TS Elliot!

(Now I understand your post about having a butterfly in your hair. It must have looked totally charming.)



Oh my goodness! I think I'm in love with Garfie. How truly wonderful!


I think he is perfectly lovely! Am loving his little red shoes. It is all the thoughtful details that make it really special and it is a real skill to impart all the facets of a personality into your work. You must do this in your illustration work too, in order to make the story come alive. There is so much character in this and it looks amazing. The butterflies and binoculars as metaphors for a charming little personality are brilliant. Garfie is going to be most treasured I am very sure. The ribbons and fabric in his pockets are particuarly poignant. What a lovely way to remember him by.


Well done Vanessa, thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. It is a pleasrue and priviledge to see your creative output. You are so thoughtful & creative & I really enjoy seeing a little glimpse of your creative life (I know there is a great deal of hard work before the final reveal)


Garfie is truly adorable, Vanessa. He's so whimsical...such a beautiful creation.

Archie the wonder dog

He's wonderful - I had a tear in my eye when I read your explanation of the different parts of Garfie...


Vanessa, what amazing work! Is there anything you can't do? :)
I can't stop looking at your photos of Garfie, every detail, so well thought out!!!
Hope you have a fab weekend!

Teje & Nero

Hello Vanessa! Garfie is beautiful and surely he was a special cat! I love the way you have done his scuplture and your story!
Your turquoise dress is wonderful!
xxx Teje


The colors are like a shot of vitamin C. The cat looks like he could hop right of the stand and dance around the room - brilliant!


So many people said that Garfie is great, that I'm not sure if its worth saying it once again :) I guess it is worth - I love the colours and the detail, you've put so much into it! If I made anything like that I don't I'd be able to part with it...


Ooooh, he is simply marvellous Vanessa, well done you for creating such a masterpiece and giving Garfie's owners such a fitting tribute. All the details are just brilliant, as I have come to expect from you, I cam only imagine the amount of time you must have put into this piece. The colours are sublime. Hope to see more furry purry kitty friends emerging from your studio...
Hope you're having a good Summer, very gloomy here but school is back tomorrow so more crafty time may just be around the corner!
Love to you all,
Hen xxx


such a cool sculpture!!!

Tita Carré

Hi friend I love your blog always has beautiful things here, beijokas ...
tb visit my store and let your opinion about my products.


So wonderful in so many ways! What a wonderful tribute to a dear kitty friend! Your work is fabulous...the color, the sentiment, the technique...I am so touched by this kitty!

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