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Crochet with Raymond

what a gorgeous story! I love that he sent them in the post! And those pictures, wow, they are stunning, I feel all nice and calm after enjoying all of those lovely pastel colours!
Thank you vanessa!


Thank you Vanessa!
I adore sweet peas and a tent full must have been almost overwhelming! I was interested to read that there wasn't a strong scent as I would have expected - Don't think I'd want to send sweet peas in the post today though!




Oh my, what glorious blooms. I would have been in heaven there, just as you clearly were.


Oh yes, sweet peas,tea,cake,jam jars.Heaven indeed.The colours!
I am growing some heirloom varieties this year, smaller flowers, highly scented and lovely colours.Their scent is gorgeous, rather spicier than the newer varieties,though,as you say, they need the right conditions to bring it out-as do cyclamen.I have one in bloom that I kept from last year and for a couple of days now I was wondering where the lovely scent was coming from, then realised it was the cyclamen,when the temperature gets high enough, out comes the scent.Gorgeous.Cyclamen in the studio,sweet peas in the sitting room.
Slightly marred by the curry in the kitchen....


Oh my, how beautiful all those little jars of sweet pea look. I adore sweet pea!!
I have a bunch in the house at the minute from the garden. I find if a window or door is opened or someone walks past them the resulting air wafts the scent around the room, you just catch it every so often.
Vivienne x


Thanks so much for sharing this story and your beautiful photos with us. Gorgeous sweet peas and I can only imagine what it must have been like to be there in person! :)

Teresa Kasner

I *loved* the sweet peas in the jars and the whole tent full thing was divine. I also had to scroll down and catch up with your doings as I've been away camping for 9 days. I invite you to pop over to my blog and see my photos of our Oregon Alpine Lake here in Oregon USA. Our dog Buddy had a wonderful time and we paddled a canoe out to an island and let him run free over the rocks... he was in heaven.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I adore sweet peas too -- your pictures are so pretty.


Heavenly sight, oh my, wish i was there, it looks soooo sweet,then tea & cake is like the cherry on top, beautiful!!!
Karen x

D A Nelson

I love sweet peas too! Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing. Loved the story about the Reverend as well - what a great tale! Dawn x


Ah absolutley beautiful - lovely photo's.

Have a lovely weekend.

Leah x

Kristina & Jovita

That's so pretty! And it has been proven once again that simple things (like jam jars) can be stylish and beautiful.

Love the pastel and the strong colours - lots of images that could be turned into watercolour paintings.


The jam jars are such a lovely touch - it just looks beautiful! Sweet peas are some of my absolute favourite flowers, I am envious of such a lovely day out, so I can understand your excitement :) Have a lovely weekend, Jenny xxx


What a wonderful festival, I just LOVE sweet peas.


Yet more proof, if it were needed, that it's the simple things in life that please the most. They are beautiful, I can imagine the scent. I have been lucky with sweet peas this year, no bugs on them (those little black things), glorious colours all growing riotously up wigwams and I hsve been able to pick fresh posies every second day, which stand on the window sill to the sitting room, on the conservatory side, where they get the warm sun to release that beautiful perfume.

Lady Jane

Thank you - I really enjoyed that. If I try very hard I can almost conjure up their wonderful scent.


Oh how gorgeous!


oh wow, i wish I lived near there it looks fantastic! As you can tell from my bloggy name i love love love sweetpeas and grow them every year. You are right re the scent, even when growing the sun tends to bring their scent out , if it is a cloudy day they hardly smell at all but when the sun shines it creates a gorgeous perfume. x


Pure bliss! Lovely photos, Vanessa.


There's a lot ot be said bout the humble jamjar. I'm collecting some as we speak to put my button collection in. :) I'm surprised the room wasn't aglow with the heady scent of the sweet peas. I love their smell but I wouldn't want to be engulfed in it! Beautiful beuatiful pictures!xx


I so get hubbie screwed his nose up a bit, but he was totally taken by your story of the reverand. Just the simplest things are the best aren't they.......note to self grow some sweet peas next year.....


Wonderful, the photos are so good I found myself "sniffing", sadly no screen scent!
Carol xx


What a lovely post..Thank you

It's dark and wet and tippling down with rain here and this post is a real treat :0)


lovely:-) and the picture, i just can't get enough of them!


Oh this is just such a fab post, thank you! Such a quirky thing to have a tent full of sweet peas. And I TOTALLY get the tense/exciting feeling you describe. Cx


Stunning pics, just brilliant Vanessa! Tam xx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

How beautiful those sweet peas look all in a row in their lovely jam jars! I love the story about the Reverend sending his flowers in the post and then winning the prize, brilliant! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos, it sounds like a wonderful afternoon :-)


Fabulous colours, wonderful photographs. Thanks for sharing. The sweet peas in jam jars look like your paintings.


Oh my word, Vanessa! What a splendid display. I am sure that it completely lived up to your expectations.

Of course, as soon as I saw the first sweetpea photo, I immediately thought of your gorgeous paintings. You always capture the brilliance and delicacy of these flowers so very well.

Thank you for letting us have a peek into that very large tent. Yes, using jam jars was an inspired choice.



sweet peas and a white canvas tent, oh my a perfectly pretty picture- such a wonderful post, i have just been out in my small court yard to admire the new little sweet pea's popping out...i love the way you pick them and then they seem to grow as quickly as you vase them up ;0) beautiful. i have sweet williams in my kitchen today- shades of dusky pinks, whites and purples ;0)x


Oooo Vanessa I love this post, and your pics are doubly amazing as always!
Sally x


Mmmm sweet peas smell heavenly and are so cute and pretty! They remind me of my childhood, my dad always grew them and the house would be full of them!


I would love to have been there amongst all those little jars of sweet peas - heaven! Thank you for have made such a lovely post about this wonderful occasion, and shown so many lovely pictures of one of my most favourite flowers, Vanessa!
Have a lovely week. Helen x


Vanessa, this surely is a corner of paradise on earth. The colours are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this precious experience. I agree that the humble glass jar constitutes part of the beauty of this show.

Have you read Henry Donald's 'A Bunch of Sweet Peas'? Maybe you should look for it.

Perhaps you should organise a sweet pea lovers club... I would gladly join ;-)


Really lovely sweet peas and beautifully photographed, of course.
Hen x


Thanks for the eye drops in my eyes!
I loved the pictures!

Magic Cochin

A tent full of sweet peas in jam jars! Wow!
You photos are beautiful... almost as good as being there.
Thank you :-)


Sew Recycled!

Wow, I bet the scent was amazing! I have a couple of jars around the house from my allotment and the scent from those are outstanding! Beautiful! I will never tire of scented sweetpeas.

sarah-jane down the lane

Gosh Vanessa. what a heavenly.heavenly post! All those sweet peas, row upon row, all inside a wonderful white marquee, it's just too lovely! I would have adored this too, thanks so much for showing, I am smiling from ear to ear!

Sarah x


Good grief. It must have been heaven inside that tent. Don't they look amazing en masse like that?

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I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

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