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Yellow roses in a Cornishware bowl. Perfect.


Ah lovely, I'm now feeling nostalgic too! Have you seen Mollie Makes this month with the patterns how to make all the nostalgic biscuits (including Iced Gems, my childhood favourite!) Your cardigan is going to be beautiful, I love the colours.

Keep up the good work, it's always a pleasure to read your blog
Katie x


Such pretty pics and colors! :-)


What a wonderful celebratory-of-the-good-things post :D
My sister and I used to hold Dolly Tea Parties for all our dolls and teddy bears, with little doll plates full of iced gems! And we'd cut the tiniest sandwiches too. A lot of the invitees would be wearing doll clothes and teddy sweaters that we'd knitted for them. I had a bear called Hereford - bought in a toyshop in Hereford, I wasn't that original aged ten - who I knitted a stripey hat and scarf for in almost exactly the blue and yellow you have here!
I shall be thinking of you when I order my sweet peas, we grew from seed this year, but I'm definitely going for plug plants next time, so much easier.
Have a lovely knitting filled weekend x



I am touched and moved by your post today. The simplicity of those gorgeous colours coupled with the simplicity of everyday pleasures. Thank goodness for the multitude of little joys which carry us through the everyday challenges of life. I like to think of those simple pleasures as little pearls threaded on a necklace.

A beautiful post. Thank you.


Oh you've got me all hungry now for some custard in a cornishware bowl! Beautiful muted colours Vanessa, you have such taste and such uniqueness in your colour choices.
I too like to reminisce about my happy go lucky childhood and like you look for the everyday pleasures in the little things. I love getting into a freshly made bed with clean crisp sun kissed cotton.... oh I think I've died and gone to heaven! I'm off to scrounge for some custard powder now xox


Aren't colour names like duck egg and natural buttermilk just wonderful.
The yellow in the Cornishware bowl both yarn and roses is so beautiful!
I'm actually just enjoying a cup of tea made with loose tea leaves as I type. :)
Vivienne x


Perfect Vanessa, just perfect! the colours, the memories - thank you!
By the way we'd love some rain if you could send some our way - the garden is parched and the pond has virtually disappeared!


Those are lovely colours you have chosen for your cardigan, can't wait to see it finished. I find your knitting very inspiring. Donna

Liz W in Missouri, USA (With Lucy)

What a lovely, quiet, soft post today. The roses in the bowl really are a treat and taking a little time to count blessings is always a good thing. I'm with you on the clean sheets. I always used to say that the one daily chore should be freshly ironed pillowcases. LOL And it doesn't hurt that the Sweet Pea petals look like fairy skirts.


What a lovely post. The colours remind me of beach huts and sand dunes.

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Oh your yellow roses....beautiful! I really like how you are making your Coraline and it does look like corning-ware and custard....yummy :-) Can't wait to see how it turns out, its a great pattern isn't it.
I am just sitting down to an Earl Grey as well, I love my Earl Grey :-)


Three of my most favoured colours - like the blueness of a (uurrrrmmmm) duck egg, the yolk all yellow and yummy surrounded by the white (once cooked up) -

Not a very good description I know, but we buy duck eggs from the butchers (strange place to buy eggs from I know, seeing as they deal in meat) but I always have my fingers crossed when I ask for a dozen that a blue one - or two - will get slipped in. Much nicer then the plain old white ones.

I hope that made sense?

Lovely colours anyhoo,

Nina xxx

ps. I have my fingers crossed too.

Crochet with Raymond

Lovely Vanessa! It is nice to be reminded of the simple and wonderful things in life... I was thinking today about all the things I have planned for the week and how I would rather be knitting or spinning or generally doing what I love to do, and realised suddenly (not for the first time) that it is so important to just love every minute of every day, not just the minutes I am doing what I love.... lets try that at work tomorrow!!!!! !:OD
Loving the alpaca goodness and looking forward to the DB dress whenever you get it photographed, no need to hurry the perfect photo shoot!


Just wait until you hold your first baby in your arms. I wish you that most special bliss which you'll always cherish.


Dear Vanessa, I read every post but rarely comment - there are always so many comments! But I have to say I love this post (and I really enjoy your beautiful watercolours and sculptures). Love to the doggies!

josephine hart

hello vanessa! i'm new to your blog and i love your photographs. beautiful colourways on your knitting...heading over to look at your etsy shop now! do stop by my blog when you have a minute :)

mrs hart xxx


What a lovely post, full of sweet colors & memories. I've just started an african flower throw in blue & white, think it'll be a christmas pressie for someone special. Love your blog by the way, been popping in on it for quite a while but this is my first comment, so a big HI from me :D

mlle paradis

love your list of pleasurable things vanessa. i've been having similar ruminations it summer that's brings such thinking on?

alpaca would have to be on my own list. is it easy enough to knit?

how do you wash it? i have to admit to having shrunk my very favorite and thankfully extremely well worn alpaca sweater. it's doll sized now!

hoping for some sun for you!


I loved seeing the yellow roses, cornishware, deliciously coloured yarn and hearing some of your favourite things too - it's always such a pleasure to read your posts. I have put a jug of pinks on my desk today to help keep me working at my computer..I might need a cup of tea and a biscuit (mmm a custard cream would be nice) too! Your knitting is looking really lovely, I look forward to your next reveal too. Have a great week.
Helen x

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