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It looks wonderful on you - another lovely dress!


I enjoyed your gallery so much. You`re looking great and feminine. What an eye-candy-dress, brilliant!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

Beautiful job on the dress and I LOVE the color -- so pretty. Perfect place for the photo shoot too -- congrats!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Vanessa your dress is gorgeous, if fact they all are! What a great photo shoot, those colours look fabulous on the beach. I really like the detail around the neckline in that dress but I prefer the shape of your purple and green stripy dress as it is a bit more forgiving for the fuller figure? ie ME, I wonder if one could combine the two? Pretty flowers in the grasses too! :-)


WOW!!!! i love it! shows off your figure and that colour really is something else- so beautiful ;0) love the lobster hatch washed up- how wonderful that the dress matches the beach hehe lovely!!! x


It's wonderful and you wear it SO well! It's very flattering and a perfect color for you. And I tried, but I can't pick a favorite dress among your knits. They're all smashing!


Your dress is beautiful, looks great on you and the colour is fab! I think your knitting is wonderful, you are so speedy! I've been inspired by your sewing skills too and I'm thinking of making that dress you made (the turquoise one) x


I'm always amazed at your dresses. They are works of art, and they get finished too! It looks lovely on you. Love the photos, as always.


It's beautiful Vanessa!
I love the the colour and the cables on the yolk and around the neck are so pretty. :)
And what a stroke of luck with the creel too!
Vivienne x


Look at you ! How wonderful to have finished such a fab and figure hugging knit and to look so good in it !! Love this FO :D
And the pictures from the photoshoot have brightened my day, thank you. I could smell the salt air and feel the fresh breeze.


That is a very nicely detailed pattern- the stitch around the neck and down the front is very pretty.Looks wonderful- so much nicer in your turquoise than the pale pink in the original pattern! Cashmerino is a lovely yarn to work with and gives such a crisp stitch- I'm always thrilled when I find some reduced in the remainder bin.
Getting a little cooler here,cat in his furry basket for his snooze instead of in the garden,time I dug out my fairisle ufo and got stuck in again.


The dress is gorgeous! You're very clever! I love the detail around the neckline. You're a real inspiration to anyone who wants to make their own clothes, I've always fancied it, but have worried that it would be really obvious I had made them but your stuff looks off the peg.


Fabulous dress. Great job, well done! (And the creel is such a good find...) C.x

Liz W in Missouri, USA (With Lucy)

God blesses patience. I'm glad you waited for the photos till you could get outside - because the creel is so PERFECT. Lovely, Lovey job, Vanessa. And personally - I kind of like the turquoise trainers. They are balanced by the elegant ring. You really do look amazing in your new dress. And by the way - thank you for the photo essay, too. The lighthouse and the grasses and flowers and the beach have been a wonderful way to start this morning.


That dress is so utterly look wonderful in it.
nattie x


I love, love, love your dress Vanessa, you clever lady!


oh my goodiness, I have just posted a long message and it's just deleted itself! Grrr. In a nutshell Vanessa, this is so so STUNNING, love the colour, so you, so gorgeous. Love the coincidence and colour in the creel and love the lighthouse too. Thank you for all your gentle encouragement and awe inspiring handmade creations. xox I can only hope to knit myself a dress one day, busy knitting a cardy which I can only hope will be as neat as your knitting xox Penelope , happy days with Ysolda and Miss Mozelle

Magic Cochin

Oh yes, it is a very flattering fit... no wonder you love it so much. In fact your version looks so much better than the pattern picture ('m not sure I would have knitted it seeing that).

I very occasionally wear heels, which might make me nearly 5ft6" - I have no idea how anyone wears skyscraper heels all day!


Mellissa (Bee)

Wow, what a pretty dress and a lovely blue. Well done on its completion, you look fab in it and your photos are brill too. Bee x


Oh my what an amazing dress, love the color & shape, it is an absolute peach :)
Wish i could knit like that!!!!
Have a lovely week
Karen x


Your dress is gorgeous, it really flatters your shape, and fits perfectly. The colour suits you as well. I don't really have the patience to knit something so big, I am currently "resting" a cardigan at the moment - I just have one sleeve left to make, not sure why I don't just get on with it!


Oh my, how beautiful! You are inspiring me to get out my needles again...!


You should be on a catwalk with that blue beauty! I rather like the curvier version on you than the straight lines the model is wearing. The fit is lovely, and your decision to make the neckline higher was spot short gals need to watch for that!

I'm loving the beach setting for your modeling adventure, and smart of you to wear trainers in the sand.

You must knit like the wind....two months is admirable, not to mention how much I admire that dress....simply stunning.


Vanessa, you look fantastic in this dress. The color is perfect and you did an amazing job with all the knitting. Perfect, just perfect!


Gorgeous! Such a great dress, lovely fit and delicious colour, and your photos on the beach are perfect!
Helen x


Wow you got a perfect fit on that dress, well done, it's so flattering. And it's a gorgeous colour. Love the matching accessories, especially the ring.
Kier x


Hurray for lovely knitted dresses that fit perfectly! That's a relief - it's awful when you can't get your head through the opening or something. What gorgeous pictures too - my favourite is the third one down - it's a lovely picture; what a great setting. It's a beautiful colour and so well knitted. I prefer it without the picot edges too and I like your colour better than the pink. You always seem to get so many things done, if you are a tortoise it's a very busy one! It's a lovely pretty and flattering dress. And comfy too. What more can you want? I think the trick is knowing what suits you and looking at the end picture of your other knitted dresses, I would say you definitely do. (I do have a soft spot for your fair isle dress)

When I was younger I used to wear heels very occasionally, a few years or so back clumpy heels which were easier to walk on and now absolutely none. I really don't think I could anymore. I've got no patience with hurting feet and I just can't walk on heels. You suffer for your art obviously!

Crochet with Raymond

As always, just beautiful Vanessa! THe colour, the pattern, the fit, you look fabulous in it and the photoshoot was perfect ha ha love the co-incidental turquoise prop, thats what happens when we don't rush things!
Have a lovely week XXXXX


I hope you won't mind me saying (or better writing!) this, but I think this dress is the best of the four. It looks lovely on you !!


What a fabulous dress! It looks so lovely on you and such a perfect photo shoot. You are such a clever sausage!


Hello Vanessa. Your dress is gorgeous and looks fantastic on you. Absolutely love it and love the montage of your handmade dresses too. What a feat...well done! x


Well done Vanessa, it's lovely, such a beautiful colour. Looking forward to your next big ta-dah!
Hen x


Absolutely beautiful, Vanessa. All the photos are so pretty, as are you.


The dress is breathtakingly lovely! And you definitely knit it to fit perfectly! Love the color, love the photo shoot, love the gratis pictures of the yellow flowers, too! And I'm glad to know you used the cashmerino. I just made a baby ripple afghan with some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and was wondering what else it could work for.


Lovely, Vanessa, you are such a style queen! And such a dedicated knitter - you're my hero. I find heels disconcerting too, feel like I'm pretending to be someone else...

little macaroon

I just found your blog - I love it, it's so colourful!! Your dress is fabulous, I'm very envious - I think technically I have the stitches to do a "proper" piece of grown up clothing, but I'm not brave enough to start!
I look forward to following your blog via mine.


Hi Vanessa,
Your Debbie Bliss Dress is gorgeous. Well done you. I just love the colour, my favourite colour. It is a very flattering style.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Beautiful dress, well done. It looks great!


This is such a beautiful dress. I have that magazine. A knitted dress is totally outside my comfort zone, but I'm very tempted to go for it. Such gorgeous photos.


Vanessa, it's great to see another swell fashion shoot by Hugo, showing the results of your wonderful knitting. And that seaside setting and prop are perfect.

I agree that your dress really is prettier than the one accompanying the pattern. I've used some of that DB cashmerino yarn in a chunky weight for a Christmas gift scarf and also loved working with it. The actual weight of the very long scarf was very wearer-friendly.

On the topic of heels, since I am on my feet for so many hours a day, I no longer wear heels...closest I come are some wedged heels, and a couple of pairs of boots that have heels about 1 1/2 inches tall. I do still keep a few vintage higher heels in my own "shoe museum" just to remind me of what I once managed to totter around in. xo

D A Nelson

Hi Vanessa. Love your dress and the colour - I prefer your version as I think the other one is a little too girly with the picot edging. Like you, I find going from flats (Doc Marten's - I love my Docs) to heels...well...difficult, but because I am going through a 'trying to be more glamorous/girly' stage, I've been wearing heels too. They look great, but oh so hard on the feet. I love Ysolda's designs and am planning to start Cria soon. Good luck with your new dress and cardie! Dawn x


Your dress turned out brilliantly! It is very flattering and I love the colour :) Good job!


this dress has been on my list for a while. it looks amazing!! thanks for the inspiration!

Planet Penny

The dress really suits you and the photos are great fun. Interesting to hear how the yarn makes up as it's expensive to buy and then find you don't get on with it. You must find it hard to know what to choose when you get dressed in the morning!
love Penny and Higgins xxx


Oh Vanessa this is your most beautiful dress of all ... it fits to perfection and such a pretty color
you look stunning in the photos (and I've asked the angels to guard your tights from mishaps!)
Barbara x :)

Lynda aka Katie Willow

you are so clever x it looks great on you too :-)


A dream, love, a love I work with
say !!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Vanessa!

Lily McCool

Lovely dress. I would really like to have a go knitting it for myself - But I don't know how to go about getting a copy of the pattern. Please can you help.

Love Lily


It's gorgeous Vanessa, congratulations

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