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That is a very pretty pattern and your yarn looks delicious. :)
Vivienne x


Oh Dear!!! i am expecting to see your dress!, i am sure it's beautiful!
please hurry!! i can't wait!


How do you knit so fast??

Liz W in Missouri, USA (With Lucy)

I think it's going to be fun to see how you do the various colors on the Coraline sweater. It's such a pretty one and people have done some amazing things with it, haven't they? Can't wait to see the Bliss dress, either.
So glad you are feeling chipper. Hope your week is all that and more.

Alice and Raymond!!!

he he yes I agree, it is very easy to pretend that we are happy and perky while wearing pyjamas and being a grumpy mess!
I'm off the check out this cardigan and see what you're up to next!


Hello Vanessa, I have returned from my holiday and although I haven't taken the time to post on my blog I simply wanted to see how you were and to say 'hello'. I'm happy you are feeling chirpy and well.

Have a productive, happy week.


It's a lovely pattern ... and may even be better stripey! Get knitting, then you'll be 99.9% ;)

Susan Potter

Dear Vanessa

Sorry I am contacting you this way - but could not find an email link :) I am writing to tell you about my fantastic giveaway of 10 lovely 100g balls of Stylecraft Special yarn to celebrate opening my little etsy shop.
Please see my blog at
if you wish to keep this quiet that is fine by me - and if you wish to share the news that would be the best :)
Thank you and best wishes
Susan Potter


Oh Vanessa, I have been a long time Ysolda fan ever since I read an article on her in the Saturday Times. Her knits have always seemed too complicated for me but maybe just maybe I might one day feel confident enough to knit one of her pretty's xox Can't wait to see your glove fitting dress xox P


Love that cardigan! Can't wait to see your colors and the finished dress. You do such beautiful work. xoRobin❤

harmony and rosie

I think your moodometer must be working on me, I feel a lot happier since popping over to see you!

Thanks for your lovely comment, it made my day as that's what I used to do in my previous life - the food, not the photos.

Looking forward to seeing the creations, I started a jumper for my boy back in April and haven't touched it for months, tut tut!

Kate xx

I'll Take The Scenic Route

I am looking forward to the big reveal of the knit dress. On inspiration from you, I just purchased Chic & Simple Sewing. I just bought it a few hours ago (read: now I don't want to do ANY of the things that need to get done around here). I feel like doing the Nestea plunge into my fabric stash. Thanks for the inspiration. Carolina

PS- if you click on the "posted by" link, Vanessa, you will see a video of me, hiking, where I live. It is worth it, despite the fact that I am in it. The view is beautiful.

Vicki K

This kind of post is among my favorites - just whatever is sitting nearby that you have worked on in the past, want to work on, or will think about working on... just regular everyday stuff! Can't wait to see your dress. Beautiful yarn!

Magic Cochin

Oh yes, that's a very nice pattern - the 'smocked' yoke and the colours you've chosen remind me of the little smocked frocks my Mum loved to sew for me when I was a tot.

I saw some love bias binding the other day and thought of you ;-)



Well, it's a lovely pattern but I don't think it would suit everyone, and certainly not someone well-endowed 'up top' as they say! No, that yolky fastening bit would surely emphasise the bolsters I have attached to my front!


Just a PS... I was browsing the Black Sheep website and found a knitting pattern for a cardigan I really liked, but which wouldn't suit me... but you came to mind as it looked so's in the Rowan Pure Lie knitting book, pattern one I think, cabled, and flared, very pretty.


Hi Vanessa,
Can`t wait to see your Debbie Bliss dress! I love the look of that yarn for your next project, lovely muted colours especially the bluey-grey.
I bought the "Simply Knitting" mag and went for a latte at a Starbuck`s cafe near my Mum`s. There i am happily sipping and reading and low and behold there you are!!! Another mention in a magazine! Page 79 under Knitting Websites, another glowing endorsement of your blog. And much deserved! Well done you.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


beautiful colours, looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan x


I love the secret bloating (that yes, strangely can lower one's mood to around 38% in extreme waistband-pinching circumstances). I'm commenting at a breezy 88%...not quite up with you, so perhaps I need to go and write a blog post...

Can't wait to see the dress. x


Going out eh?mmm,buying new yarns whilst out and about too...that's why I try to stay at home...happy knitting!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Oooh looking forward to the reveal! I love that Coraline pattern too....its on my list :-)


I can whole heartedly sympathise. On a positive note - I love your yellow washing basket.

Happy chipper day,

Nina xxx


Hello Vanessa.

That cardigan is going to be another beauty...will you be doing the "smocking" in contrast colors?

I agree that sometimes even when we aren't feeling really upbeat, that just doing something upbeat can help change our beat, if you get what I mean!

Right now, I am having problems fully connecting with blogger, and it is keeping me from being fully upbeat. I am sure that the situation will eventually change. xo


Dear Vanessa,
you just made my day with your beautiful knitting, Coraline is a darling pattern as the Americans would say? and your colors are beyond adorable ...
wonderful too that your dress is finished, so much knitting in that, you are amazing. I'm struggling with duplicate stitch on felted tweed at present ...
love Barbara x

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