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Gorgeous color cheered me right up. Feel better!


Those red, orange, and yellow roses in green vases are heavenly. What a symphony of beautiful flowers.

A huge thank you for those cheering images and, again, for your kind words about Millefeuilles.

You have all my sympathy about the headache. I've been dragging myself around with one today too after a visit to the dentist. Horrid.

Warm wishes,


Vanessa what beautiful colours! Just perfect with the lousy weather we're having today!
I shall look forward to the skirt/cardigan reveal
Hope you're feeling better
Gill xx


Cor! You're spoiling us with all of that zingy colour. Delightful Dahlias! Thank you for sharing :)


I love dahlias, one day I will have a whole bit of the garden dedicated to them, and there will not be an earwig in make your dream about royalty sound like it is something that isn't out of the ordinary?

Liz A.

Ooh! frabjous dahlias.

Crochet with Raymond

stunning! I love the ones, I'm not sure what they're called but they are the pink ones in the second photo, the bright ones, they are so perfect!
Cant wait to see the coraline and the skirt togehter! hope your headache has gone away XXX

D A Nelson

Just what we need on such a horrible wet and windy day! Looking forward to your reveal. Dawn x


It has been so very DARK today....gorgeous colours.Cheered me up no end.Thanks Vanessa!


Vanessa, thanks for the beauty on a grey, rain filled day here in Florida.
Hope you head feels better.


Just beautiful, especially the dahlias. Thank you for that splash of colour.


Beautiful color, so many sweet flowers absolutely lovely :D

Magic Cochin

Stunning flowers! The colours are just so clear and zingy.

I rescued roses from the gale and now have vases of them in the house - the colour and scent are luscious. But I think I like those Dahlias best... the shapes are beautiful.

Thank you for a flower filled blog on such a stormy day.

Hope you headache has gone now

Oh! Have just spotted the carnations... they are my new love... old fashioned carnations


Hope your headache and bad weather are now over and done. Tha colours are lovely. For once, here in Scotland the weather is beautiful - fingers crossed it's heading your way.
Chris xx

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Those blooms are so cheery! Hope you are feeling better soon, bad weather and a headache means snuggling up under the doona :-) Looking forward to the double reveal but especially your take on the Coraline Cardigan, I bet those stripes look fantastic!

Nina - Tabiboo

Just what a needed - such beautiful blooms and so much colour - my eyes feel like they've gone pop.

I hope your headache has gone. A good old walk sometimes helps me.

take care,

Nina x


Well, I can imagine you got up with a headache. Didn't you know ?!! Drinking tea with Royalty in your dreams does that to ye !! :o)
However, hope it has gone now and am looking forward to seeing your finished Coraline Cardigan !!


Hi Vanessa,
What a lovely, cheerful, colourful post today.I love the roses.
We are having rain rain & more rain too!
Hope you feel better soon.And looking forward to the double reveal. Take Care.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Am sorry to hear about your horrible headache, they are no fun at all. I do hope it has left you in peace now.

Well!! Summer has certainly subsided if not disappeared. Terrible weather, rain and more rain yesterday, but marginally better today. It was the kind of day that really makes you feel Autumn has arrived. It's too soon though isn't it? Thank you for your gorgeous floral display, you definitely gave us a show and a half! They were lovely. Such beautiful colours. They certainly did make me feel brighter.

Looking forward to the big reveal!


Guess what? I have the coat/cardigan!! Must take photos and blog to show you! It's cold enough now to wear actually!
I think you'll like it :)) !


Planet Penny

Oh wow! so flowery! I'm sure you needed a lie down in a darkened room after looking at such vibrancy. Hope your head ache got better really quickly,
Penny and Higgins x


Blooming gorgeous! Just what you need to combat this onset of dreary weather. Must have had the same idea as you as today I bought myself a sunny set of sunflowers!
Kier x


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just what was needed.....yellow Dahlia's....bloomin loverly!!....Look forward to your double reveal............woo hoooo..
Nattie xx


hope you feel better soon Vanessa, I love the colours you find soooooo pretty, do you think if we were given colour samples we could match them with the person, if you know what I mean? Those seem to match you! Fliss xxxx


Thank you for the riot of colour. Sure hope your head feels better soon.


wow,that was just fabulous...i felt the love...thankyou vanessa...feel well soon.


Today I noticed that you illustrated the book that my daughter is reading to my grandson in anticipation of their new baby - so sweet to think, oh, I know Vanessa!! Such a great little book for younger children (it was in German, so not sure of the English title!) that addresses how they must feel without going into too much detail for a 3 yr old.
Thanks for the pics - grey rainy days here, too, so much appreciated and I'm getting competitive now you've finished your Coraline before I finished mine... ;o

Crafted by Carly

Wow! What amazing colours!!! I'm so glad I stopped by this evening - it's been gloomy here in Duesseldorf all day long (and your lovely, happy flowers have brightened up the dullness)! Thank you for such a beautiful post, Vanessa! :-)

Diana Troldahl

I hope your headache passes swiftly. Thank you for the color burst :-}
It has been rainy and gray here in Michigan for a week now, I enjoy the coolness but the rain is getting old.
We are fighting the drearies with pot roast in the oven. The beautiful roses helped, too!


I have one word for you: excedrin! But looking at gorgeous flowers might work just as well


Thank you so much for posting those glorious pictures! They brightened my day immensely.

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