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Awww, this is so adorable :) I too have a tiny doggy, a wire haired Jack Russell by the name of Logan, who also has the large front paws and loves a good paddle :) something good to encourage!


Thanks Vanessa; consider yourself a blogland fairy godmother ;-)

I simply melt when I look (again and again) at Douglas. He is so flipping adorable!

Have a beautiful weekend,



I LOVE wire haired dachshunds, they always make me smile.

Good luck with your lace knitting - I find it impossible to pick up the right number of stitches if I rip out lace, all those yfwds are so confusing


mmm,salty wet of those unique smells.
I'd love to witness him swimming.Brilliant.I bet his little fluffy legs go like the clappers.Oh how I yearn for a miniature wire haired dachshund, but cats always get the majority vote- not that I would wish to part with the lovely Fred tail-chaser extraordinaire.



I am just getting caught up and first I have to say your sweater is gorgous. I love the color and the details, sorry about the hairs sticking out. I had the same problem with yarn I had, evry time I wear it I just pick some out. Love the pictures of your wet little boy, he is the cutest.

Happy weekend,


Hi Vanessa,

I have been following your lovely blog for a while now, admiring you wonderful knitting and sewing creations. These gorgeous pictures of this quarter member of your family just make my heart melt. Adorable!


Douglas is just too cute, bless him! And what a nice man Hugo obviously is cuddling a wet doggie (I get to cuddle a soaking wet cat from time to time after he has been caught in the rain and feels sorry for himself. I know how it feels!) Little dogs are often more game than bigger ones I think. And it's always good to know how to swim.

I learnt so much doing lace knitting - mostly how to frog what I have just spent hours doing. But I do feel very pleased with myself when I finally get something finished.

Thanks for the blog link - isn't that strawberry fabric just gorgeous? I only had a tiny peek but I'm going back as it looks lovely.

Archie the wonder dog

Awww...he's so sweet! And brave - Archie won't take his feet off the ground!


Now you know I am in love with Douglas ... this post was just for me wasn't it ;)

Wilbur, our miniature wire haired dachshund, waves a paw at his cousin ... from very dry land !


My first time here. Your dog is adorable. I love your style!


So cute. But why does his tummy look all bare? I think he needs more hair to keep him warmer :o)

Crochet with Raymond

he is toooo gorgeous! I love swimming dogs, they make me laugh!
Have a wonderful weekend XXX


Oh poor Douglas, he is making me shiver just looking at him... where's his monogrammed towel to dry him off then?


What a lovely doggy x

Have a lovely week.
Leah x


Awe he is gorgeous, wet or dry! :)
I agree Stephanie's blog is beautiful!
Vivienne x


Douglas is absolutely adorable. We had a minature short hair when I was in my teens. They are the most affectionate little characters. I have a lot of fond memories of him.


He is an adorable wee doggie, i must say dachshunds are incredibly cute dogs, so proud looking when they're out for a walk :)
Used to have a basset, sloppy joe by comparison, but yummy nonetheless!!!!
Have a lovely weekend
Karen x

Miss Holly I just want to pop into this picture. ......and pat that little tummy!!!!


Hi I've just found your wonderful blog you have great style and I love your sculptures. If I'm feeling very brave I'm going to try and attempt your crochet tutorial it's something I've wanted to learn for ages.

I'm looking forward to following your latest bit of knitting too.

Douglas is very, very cute even wet, I hope he is getting to enjoy a bit of swimming in this lovely sunshine today.


Douglas is adorable, wet or dry. I know you have so many projects going, but a wee striped, hooded towel, knit just for him, would garner extra kisses and snuggles, I'm sure!

Vicki K

Douglas is terribly sweet!! So does he have to be coaxed into the water? When dachshunds strike that particular pose with their paws up by their me they look the way otters do when floating on their backs. (An otter pose with otter paws...)


Too cute! Love the wet dog look!:-)


Oh I long to reach into my screen and give him a cuddle all the way across the oceans and skies ...
and may I say you are absolutely the "best-dressed" family?! Hugo's outfit and your cardie - just perfect!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Douglas looks like he is feeling the cold, no wonder you can't help kissing him he is adorable and he does almost have webbed feet doesn't he! :-)


Simply adorable!

amanda makes

Blogger has been withholding your posts from me for some reason...the plus side of that is that I just got a load of them all in one go! Love your cardie and your latest lovely sculpture! As for Douglas? You already know that I love Douglas! xxx


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog - a true inspiration so thank you - the colours and cheeriness (if there is such a word!) brightens my day and eggs me on to stitch and hook.
Thank you


What a gorgeously wet dog! I'm struggling with some lacy tealight covers, and they only have 19 stitches, so I really feel for you!
Kier x

Michelle Lindau

Douglas is indeed a beautiful wee doggy! We have Hugo - a long haired miniature sausage - and he wins over everyone who meets him! Thank you for your blog - I enjoy your creativity very much. Hello from Australia!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

"Look, Lucy," I said pointing to the picture of Douglas. "See how brave Douglas is to swim in the ocean?"
"Arf, Arf" she replied, tail wagging and happy smiles on her wee face. What she really meant to say was. "Douglas is VERY brave and I have such a crush on him."
"You can be brave about the water too," I said. "Even in the bathtub you can have a chance to swim and splash."
"Ok," said she. "Let's go now and I'll practice so that someday I can swim just like Douglas." And off we went to practice swimming and playing with the shampoo bubbles.
When our leasson was all over and Miss Lucy was safely wrapped in her warm towel, we snuggled down and she looked up at me with big black marble eyes and blinked.
"Just like Douglas and Hugo," she sighed, and closed her dreamy little eyes so I could towel her off and she could dream of her favorite little boy doggie.


how adorable...

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