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I've just begun to put my work in Etsy, and I could not believe how long it took just to photograph everything, and to get the words just right, and two weeks on I'm still tweaking things.

And that does not touch on how long it takes to make!


Wow! You have been busy!! The brooches are lovely and the cards are a must have. Especially as Evangeline is my favourite mouse!


These are lovely, both the cards and the've done an amazing job!



Magic Cochin

Gosh! you've been a busy girl!

I feel very lazy as I'm in a panic about getting wares ready for my stall at the end of this month EEEK!!!

But your brooches are utterly fab and wonderful - I'm popping over to your Etsy shop right away.



Beautiful work, love the brooches, so seasonal. Gosh i need to get cracking with christmas makes :)
Have a lovely day
Karen x


Gorgeous brooches Vanessa. I know exactly what you mean about the amount of work involved in uploading them onto websites. My least favourite job! x


No Vanessa, it doesn't seem easy at all but absolutely GLORIOUS!!! My heart is skipping and jumping and dancing a jig. I love your mixed media approach. Honestly, Vanessa I am in awe. I adore the attention to detail and I congratulate you for bring this project to successful fruition with everything else you have going.

I'm off to Etsy right now. The only two things which would stop me from purchasing right now are first, you have sold out, and second, my new debit card is valid from today but will Paypal slow things donw?

Well done, Vanessa; you are certainly spreading good cheer and joy all the way to France.


Your work is great; as usual!!!


Fabulous, really fabulous, Vanessa, and I indeed understand just how time consuming all that boring but essential behind-the-scenes work is. Your cards and brooches are very worth it.
Hen x


Lovely stuff Vanessa, and goodness, yes, doesn't it take TIME in huge amounts and patience and persistence-quite apart from your inventiveness and skill and talent- really lovely,lovely stuff!


I can quite believe how long everything took! It is all quite magical, Christmassy and lovely. The colours are lovely and I do think Evangeline is the perfect choice to front the cards. I love the different media you have used for the holly brooches and I love the hand painted cards with your signature patterns on.

All the details that are so time consuming are what makes a difference, Sometimes things are photographed so badly on etsy that you just can't see them properly. All the glorious details of your work can all be seen in your pictures, so definitely worth it. I cannot imagine where you found the time for this major project though.

I love that artists can now take control and manage their own ranges like this. The quality of your greeting cards is fabulous. In the shops we get the same old same old, year after year. It is so good that we can now sidestep those unimaginative people! The more independent ranges that get put out there, the more that might change.


Gorgeous Vanessa, gorgeous (as always).
So much work but worth it, listing on Etsy is a very time consuming thing!
I do love Evangeline. :)
Vivienne x


I can see what hard work and effort these have been Vanessa but it certainly has paid off and they are all too beautiful. I love love love little Miss Evangeline, she is the mousiest mouse ever xox Thanks for sharing your stunning handmade creations with us, a treat for the eyes!

Crafted by Carly

Wow! You HAVE been busy! But all the work was clearly worth it - what AMAZING things (as always). The brooches are gorgeous - so special with all the individual little pieces and different materials. And the cards are cute Cute CUTE!!! :-)


The brooches look amazing all pinned together on the grey coat! Really eye-catching. I can see a lot of work has gone into them. Have just nipped over to Etsy and bought one - as a Christmas present - so thank you, I'm happy to have ticked one present off my list!

Archie the wonder dog

The cards and brooches look amazing - well worth all your hard work!

The Muse of The Day

I turn into a child at Christmas. Your lovely cards and brooches just jump start me. Carolina


Oh Vanessa, what you've created seemed like a mammoth undertaking, because you are so attentive to all the beautiful details that define your work!

I am very tired tonight, and short of time to properly appreciate what I have just seen on your site, but just wanted to send off a quick comment to say...Wow! You do know that Christmas is all about. xo


I just recieved my parcel and am delighted with the brooch and cards. I am wondering if 2 November is too early to start wearing the brooch, I hope not! Thanks Vanessa. Bx

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

I'm so happy I waited. I've just put in my order for a set of both cards. Miss Evangeline looks so sweet. You will have to thank her for dressing up in the spirit of the season for her Christmas Card photo session. (We spoke on the phone and she was very excited about it.) She certainly IS the one to spread good cheer with her happy face and personality. The brooches are charming and are sure to brighten up a winter day. Goodness. Are you ready for a cup of tea yet?

Kentish Keg-Meg

Beautiful! Lovely cards and brooches.


Such adorable holly brooches and Evangeline cards, Vanessa! You are an amazingly creative talented lady and it's always so lovely to see what delights you conjure up next! I am off to your shop now...hope there are still some left! Have a wonderful weekend.
Helen x


Oh Vanessa, they are just delightful(cards and brooches)made with oodles of talent and love ... you have made so many people happy with your creations!
take care, put your feet up with some lace knitting perhaps?!
love Barbara x :)


Too cute!!! You are so creative!


wow..what a beautiful blog you have :o)
i adore both your brooches and your cards and you have the sweetest little mouse friend.
i am off to have a look in your etsy shop.
love jooles x


dear Vanessa

i was just in time to purchase the last brooch in your shop :) they have obviously been selling like hotcakes!
i've left you a convo over on Etsy

warmest hugs xxx
hope you and your dear doggies are snuggly warm xxx


thank you for visiting dear Vanessa

i think you will enjoy the little animation and i am sure that your two little furry friends will like it very much too :)

The Curious Cat

Gosh! I love your work! xxx

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