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Dear Vanessa,

Not only were the pictures stunning (as is so often the case on your blog) but I really enjoyed the manner in which you wrote this post.

I know nothing about lace knitting (I still consider myself after barely two years of knitting to be a novice) and it holds an aura of mystery to me. Thanks to your explanation the fog has lifted a little and I can go to bed a little less foolish.

I am so glad you are feeling on the mend. Isn't it a small miracle every time you realise your body has managed to fight and overcome the virus in question?

Have a lovely weekend.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa.. oh this post has lots of teases! :-)

I can't wait to see everything - the dress, the skirt and the new goodies you're making for your shop!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kelly McCullough

Hey! I live right down the street from K1yarns and own many a skein of Scappa. The color is just amazing!


Your dress looks amazing, I love the pattern but I know what you mean you just can't take your eye off lace!
Glad you're feeling a bit better, have a great weekend.
Vivienne x


Oh I love lace knitting. I like the repetitiveness of it, and the suspense and surprise at the end when it's blocked. And a red (!) lace dress is just the bees knees ... I can't wait to see it finished x


Hi Vanessa!
I have to say I love soo much the colour of the yarn that you are knitting with! I heart reds!
And the last picture of your made me really curious!!
Have a lovely weekend and get well soon,
xxx Alessandra


Vanessa, I've not really done much (any) lace knitting or even crochet, and so enjoyed reading about your entry into the intricacies of the instruction column, and your eventual relaxation as you got the concept behind all those abbrevations, initials, commas and brackets.


Also glad that you are feeling better. Isn't it awful to feel poorly, and miss doing what you enjoy (while perhaps being glad to have a bit of time off from other bits of daily life from which all of uf wouldn't mind taking a break.)


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

You keep me dangling for Coraline!
The lace looks lovely and I love tunic dresses so you are forgiven ;-)

Jo Norman

Oh I love love love that colour... am so jealous of your knitting talent.

Little hint of something looks intriguing ... can't wait to see what it is!


Your dress is already looking impressive and I love the red seem to make things so quickly. I've never tried making anything like that as I'm not sure my brain could cope!

Look forward to seeing more!


I never do lace or patterned knitting when a bit under the weather- the brain just isn't up to it!Just undid something I made last week when really not 100%- what made me think I was doing it right? The new version is fine though- why I persevered with it when it was so obviously wrong is beyond me.I'm currently pondering doing some fine lace knitting- I think I shall start small- you are very brave to go right in with a dress.I was thinking about why I like Autumn so much yesterday- I like the way it develops slowly and how quiet it is- and how it suddenly turns into Winter after all the slow mellowing.


Vanessa, I am amazed at the lace dress, it is so beautiful. I can't wait to see it progress. Since right now I can't even count to 5 on a regular basis I think a lace dress is out of the question for me. Best of luck.


Love that pattern too and it's been in my queue for quite a while - this will inspire me to get cracking on it. Gorgeous colour too :)

Archie the wonder dog

Can't wait to see the Coraline cardi and the new skirt and the lace dress is going to be stunning! Glad you're starting to feel better - hope your recovery continues!

Crafted by Carly

Hi there,
I'm glad to read that you're feeling better!
What a busy bee you've been!!! I adore the colour of the dress you're working on - it's stunning! I'm sure it will look amazing when it's finished - I love the 'swinginess' of the picture on the pattern. A girl should always consider how a dress when look when she swirls in it!!! :-)


Beautiful dress pattern! I cannot imagine knitting a whole dress... Crochet, piece o' cake! Knit... I shudder to think! I'm such a slow knitter... It would take me 15 years to make that dress! LOL

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Planet Penny

Your yarn is such a gloriously autumnal berry red, and LACE! Wow, I struggle to keep going on anything big and am constantly in awe of the projects you take on, and finish! Can't wait to see the reveal on the surprises. Glad you're feeling so much better, hope you are fully back on form very soon,
love Penny xxx
(and Higgins, of course!)

Magic Cochin

Oh yes... your description of what it's like to tackle a knitted lace pattern is spot on! It made me smile!

And wooo! what a fab dress it will be - will you get it done in time for Christmas? You need snow on the ground to do the photo-shoot when it's finished.



Oooh! That lace dress is going to be gorgeous. I keep thinking about knitting a dress...and then I remember how heavy a jumper is to hold up, and how long it takes to make and I get discouraged.Not to mention that at 6 ft 1, there's a LOT of knitting involved in a dress for me, lol!


i'm so impressed, and i can't wait to see your dress. i didn't realize you knitted dresses, now you are my mentor! i have recently found a dress pattern i want to make. i'd never even thought about it before. the only thing that makes me nervous is the amount of wool it takes to make one! i will have to water my money tree!

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