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Archie the wonder dog

Oh, such a lot of lovely things in this post!!! I love the cards - I'm thinking of asking for some for Christmas so I can frame them and put them in my sewing room...congratulations on your winnings, I'm going to have a look at the books and that yarn looks beautiful! Oh, and the card is exquisite!!


Your cards are wonderful Vanessa! And what nice things you won. I also really enjoyed your post with all the photos from your holiday ... very nice!


The cards are wonderful - an affordable way of owning your papier mache creations. I love the ginger cat.


Oh Vanessa another stunning post and such excitement with all your beautifully printed cards, a great size I agree. I think it's time to treat myself to some of your creations in this beautiful medium! Love your give-away too, how very fortunate and exquisite embroidery. It couldn't have gone to a nicer person! xox Penelope

harmony and rosie

Gorgeous cards, truly beautiful Vanessa



Your cards are exquisite... I shall be buying a pack AND HOLDING on to them!

Your words and photographs about my giveaway have left me speechless (for once) with gratitude. May you win many, many more giveaways!


ps Now here's for a little magic; is that Madelinetosh yarn in Celadon? I am currently knitting up a Never Not Knitting pattern with the very same shade and another one called...wait for it... Gossamer! Celadon is one of my favourite colours and I love the name too as it is the name given to the shepherd in L'Astréé, the first French novel dating from 1610.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, oh how I enjoyed your post today - and I went straight to your Etsy shop and ordered a set of your gorgeous cards! I may never be able to afford one of your exquisite sculptures, but I can now have pretty photos of them! Wahoo!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) in Oregon, USA


Great to see your amazing cards Vanessa - very exciting. Also, love to see the high praises for the work of Katherine Mansfield. We New Zealanders are very proud of one of our finest writers...great to see that she strikes a cord on the other side of the world too.


Your cards are lovely Vanessa, I love the bunny, you have captured that cute little nose perfectly.
Congrats on your beautiful giveaway win, you're a very lucky girl. :)
Vivienne x


Your cards are DARLING! And what fun prizes you've won! Thank you for sharing!


These are so beautiful!!!


I love Katherine Mansfield.
And I love the cards with your sculptures. I do not think I saw the rabbit in this blog, he is...I do not how to put it. He cought my eye immediately. Brilliant work!

Sue, Australia

I also love Katherine Mansfield's writing. My late father in law won the Katherine Mansfield fellowship many years ago and as a result spent several months in Menton, France, her home abroad. Particularly fond of 'The Dolls House'. The actual dolls house is one display in the home of her birth in Wellington. Absolutely beautiful. It includes a working miniature gas lamp.


I love your crads, I'm especially fond of the backgrounds that you have chosen - little details make them so special and you are right about these cards looking better while a bit bigger in size.

Can you let me into a secret? Where did you get them printed? I'd love to do some of my own for Christmas, but don't seem to be able to find a good enough deal, also there's an issue of quality - you can never be sure if the cards would turn out as good as the printers are stating them to be.

P.S. K.Mansfield's book will be added to my Christmas wish list. I like short stories. They are perfect just before going to sleep - to form some images for interesting dreams :)


Hello Vanessa! Wonderful idea to have your sweet animals in cards! I love all of them!
Congratulations for winning that lovely book!
Thank you for sharing your journey! You take so beutiful and unique photos and also cather them together so well with colours and themes!
xxx Teje


I've just ordered two packs of your cards. This is as close as I can come for now to owning one of your sculptures. What an inspired idea from Archie to frame some of them!

Heather L.

Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting pictures. I hope you get lots of orders!!!!

Heather L.

Do you mind sharing where you had your cards printed?


Your new set of cards is gorgeous, Vanessa! I just love the subjects, the colours and the background you've chosen for each one...they are all little works of art in their own right! Congratulations on winning the lovely giveaway from Stephanie too, and the yarn you've picked looks delicious!
Have a happy weekend.
Helen x

Shannon Yeaton

Your creativity knows no bounds, Vanessa. Love the cards - such a pleasure to look at!


I thought it was lovely when I heard you won the giveaway. You express your pleasure at receiving the gifts beautifully and I'm sure Stephanie was happy that everything found such an appreciative and warm new home. You must be a joy to give presents to. I wish everyone's responses could be so heartfelt. Your words were all shiny and so very nice to read!

Your new cards are beautiful, they have come out wonderfully well. I do like your 'staging' for them too. They all look very polished pieces of art (both the sculptures and the photos of them), you must be very pleased and proud of them indeed.

I have heard of your new yarn, very posh! It is going to look lovely knitted up in the beret pattern you choose.


Your cards are beautiful and I'm now seriously coveting some Madeline Tosh yarn. I'm off to favourite your shop on Etsy now!


I can't believe you made those cards they are absolutely amazing. Really, you are so talented!!!! Blown away

Planet Penny

Your cards are lovely and I am very happy to say I didn't do what I did last time and leave it until they had all gone because my order has just gone through...Hooray!!
love Penny xxx


Oh, no, I wrote a very, very long comment praising you, K Mansfield and Stephanie, and then hit the wrong button. All disappeared.

Truly wanted to say that this was a dazzling post in all sorts of ways. xo

Emma (silverpebble)

What wonderful cards, Vanessa! You must be thrilled with them.

Stephanie's embroidery is truly exquisite. GOod grief. Somehow it reminds me of a postcard I have of a little Tudor sampler.

Crafty Mermaid

love, love, love the cloud card - do you offer it as a larger print?

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Well - here I am with finger crossed that there may be at least one pack of your cards left at the end of the week when I get payed. I bought a packet of the last ones and have been very VERY particular about who may or may not receive a note on them. But - I have a question. Who is the little bunny with the ruffle around his neck? I don't believe we've ever been introduced and he looks like a fine young fellow.
Congratulations on winning the book. I can't think of another person more deserving of a book relating to gardens. I love traveling with you to the various gardens that you and Hugo visit. They are some of my favorite posts. Can't wait to see the beret!

Planet Penny

Oh Vanessa, they've arrived, and they are fabulous! I don't think I can bear to send them off, they may just end up in frames and on the wall! So beautifully packed too, it was like opening a birthday present!
Thanks so much
Penny x


Just wanted to say thank you for letting me into a secret. Now I have no excuses not to make a batch of my own :) I need to start thinking about something Christmassy...


Wow the new cards are amazing Vanessa. obviously I'm biased towards the rather gorgeous looking cat! Hopefully I'm not too late to get some, so off now to find out!!

Affordable Insurance

Wonderful idea to have your sweet animals in cards! I love all of them!
Congratulations for winning that lovely book!

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