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Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Feel better soon. :-)


Aw, bless you for being so honest about the skanky details of illness. I hope you feel better soon but take it easy, too. The crochet scarves look amazing.


Hi Vanessa
Sorry to hear you haven't been well - I hope you're feeling better soon!
Take care


Feeling icky sucks! But you´ve hooked lots, so that´s good.

Kentish Keg-Meg

Glad you are feeing better and that the heating and hot water are back.


Hope you're feeling fully better soon. Do take time to convalesce Vanessa x


Get well soon!But make sure you take it easy until you are.x

Holly McLean

I hope you're feeling better. I'm laying a bit low with the cold myself. I stayed in pj's until noon today.


Dearest Vanessa
I do hope you are feeling back to your chipper self soon and that your shower has contributed to this ;0)

Your scarves are looking a real treat and I will wait with great anticipation until you post the pattern xox

Wrap up and keep cosy!

Bobo Bun

Pah to horrible illness, mind you I do like the last bit like you say when you feel better enough so you can enjoy still not being back to full working order.



Vanessa, So sorry you have been feeling so awful. I'm happy you are feeling well enough to shower, that's the first step. Go slow though...and soon you will be up and add-um.
Like the looks of the hookiness xo

Teresa Kasner

Hi Vanessa.. did you try stuffing garlic into your cheeks and suck on them? LOL! I think I'd rather be sick. Hehe! We're at the beach and I just put up more photos.. hope you pop over and see. Get well -- I'll show you my Vanessa scarf after you post the pattern.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

dutch sisters

Hope you feel better soon!
ps. I read your books for the kids in my class, and they love them!


You sound like you've got the best idea, jim jams, bed and crochet. The perfect way to recuperate!


I guess if you sucked on garlic it would maybe disguise the fact that you hadn't had a wash for a few days!

Hope you are feeling more chipper soon! Your scarves are looking lovely!

Planet Penny

Ooh, poor you1 Sorry you've been poorly but glad you are now feeling chipper enough to recuperate with crochet. Isn't the first bath once you start to feel better absolute heaven? I still have memories of that as a child, and my mum make the bed around me with clean sheets. I'd lie like an arrow, straight up and down in my fresh jim jams and she would layer up the sheet, the blankets, the eiderdown and candlewick bedspread, tucking it all in really tightly so I could barely move. Then a hot water bottle and an Enid Blyton, it was almost worth having the Measles/Chicken pox/tonsillitis!
Hope you're on your feet really soon,
Penny and Higgins x

Crafted by Carly

Hi Vanessa,
Hope you'll be 100% again soon! Don't try to do too much too soon, though. That's always my problem when I get sick - and it NEVER works!
Look after yourself.....


Thank goodness your boiler is better! Loving the colour combos on the crochet. Thank you for stopping by on my blog. Joe Cocker loved the pigs - and they loved him - all the same size and shape! They all wanted to play together. How sweet is that. Hope you are completely tickedy boo now. x

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Glad the hot water had been fixed so you can have a nice bath. Just read Penny's comment and I could almost smell the vicks and feel the crisp clean was heaven wasn't it. Hope you're feeling better soon xx


Get well soon. I love your crocheting. So much so that I feel inspired to learn myself. So in a roundabout way something good has come from your illness! xx


Completely with you on the suddenly realizing you need a shower as you start to feel better.

As for the garlic, raw grated garlic on/in all you food is very good too and probably more palatable. For a cold, honey, lemon, hot water and grated garlic - not as bad as it sounds and my naturopath swears by it.

Glad you're feeling better.


Sorry that you've been under the weather, but glad to hear that you are on the rebound!

Love your colorful scarves...the perfect thing to brighten up a bout of illness or a dreary day!

Jo Norman

Came across someone yesterday who reeked, absolutely reeked of garlic. There was me thinking they must have had some culinary delight the night before when perhaps they just had garlic stuffed in their mouth! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

PS Scaggy is such a good word will use as alternative to skanky.


Poor you, being so ill, Vanessa. But glad to hear you are on the mend now. Enjoy the recuperation bit, and just do whatever you feel like! Btw, if you have a chance pop over to my blog and see my doggie bags for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home!
I hope you get well very soon. Helen x

Shannon Yeaton

So sorry to hear you have been ill. I hope you heal quickly, garlic should help. Chicken noodle soup is alway good too!

Scaggy is nice and descriptive, I know exactly what you mean. Feeling good is the best there is, right?

Blessings to you,

Shannon Y.

Archie the wonder dog

Hope you're back to full strength soon x


Here's hoping you're back to the peppy Vanessa we all know and love. Take your time, and try not to over-extend yourself, or it's back to bed...and we miss you too much for that!


Hey Vanessa, there was a northerly wind today and I'm sure I detected a scaggy smell in the air !!!
Hope you are restored soon, not nice for you so I shouldn't poke fun .. no fun for poor Hugo either I imagine, but I expect he's been administering love and cups of tea on a regular basis. Either that or enjoying the p&q !
Take care
Kate x


think you've really captured that turning point as you start to feel better, and realise how bad you've been. Sorry you've been so ill, and hope that you are continuing to recover. Do make sure you continue to take it easy, and look forward to hearing from you when you are back to full strength xx


No no. You don't stuff them in your cheeks. You put one clove in each ear and on the full moon dance naked around the orange grove.

Works every time.

Richard Rose

Hope you get better soon. Those scarves look very similar to one I made ages ago. You can see a picture on my blog (

Dawn Nelson

Sorry to hear you've been ill Vanessa! A shower always works wonders for me when I'm feeling yucky!! Good luck with the scarf pattern.

Dawn x


I think I can imagine the whole family of yours with garlic cloves behind your cheeks - 4 cute hamsters :) I wonder what the doggies would say/bark about this... Glad to hear that you're getting better, still don't forget to boost your immune system - ginger, lemon and cardamom tea does wonders. Keep warm!


Brilliant to hear that you are feeling somewhat better now, hopefully you will soon be completely full of beans and ready to go! I know what you mean about how you feel after illness, it's a kind of euphoria isn't it? I am always reminded then about people who tell us that your health is the most important thing. It really is true, yet I'm not sure we appreciate it enough really when we are fit and well.

Thank goodness you got your boiler fixed. It's all turned a bit grim outside so a bit of comfort inside is definitely what the doctor ordered. I used my new hot water bottle for the first time last night, it was quite an event as it is the first one I've had since I was a child. I came over all nostalgic!

The scarves are lovely, crochet is a very rhythmic thing to do and quite soothing, so I hope it helped your pass your poorly hours away as happily as you could.

It's amazing how rubbish we can feel one day but feel back in the land of the living the next. Welcome back! Yay for showers too - perfect for seeing off the last bit of lurgy!


I'm glad you're starting to feel better! Thankfully, I can generally muster the strength to crochet, even when I'm sick. Showers at the end of illness, or the end of camping, are the best! :)


I feel your pain! Just recovered from ten solid days of it. Love the crochet!


Dear Vanessa, take care, oh dear know just how you feel - lots of cake and tea to be taken every four hours and some gentle crochet, pyjamas rock!
love from Barbara x :)

josephine hart

i know just what you mean - i always jump right back into normal life when i feel better, only to find i did too much too fast and get ill again! take it easy, mrs hart xxx

Leeann Hadgis

Just found your sorry you are not feeling well. I hear that a good way to feel better is to write down the pattern for the awesome scarf pictured above (wink wink). I am so excited to have found your have been pinned!

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