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Do have a wonderful little trip, Vanessa. I love the colors in the lavender-blue looks snuggly to me. Speaking of snuggling, could your little dogs get any cuter? Tummy rubs abound!


Love the scarfs - and such a sweet little doggie! :-)


I am always amazed by how you instinctively wear colours which marry with your photo backgrounds; those shades of grey with the cheerful colours of your scarves is marvellous. Simply wonderful.

Seeing that sea (ha, ha) reminds me exactly of our sea off the Normandy coast where I lived for seven years. How I used to love those gale force winds in autumn and winter and smell it all; so energising.

Have a wonderful time on the train knitting, Vanessa; one of my favourite indulgences I think, having time to myself on a train to create.

Please send a kind animal-lover thought to our little young cat who is fighting an infection. I think she is on the mend but I cannot admire enough my husband who bravely has to administer a very unpleasant treatment which must certainly baffle the poor kitten who loves hime to bits.


Such sweet doggies! <3


Lovely scarves, but my attention was diverted as ever by your gorgeous mini wires ... she looks so sweet there !


I love your scarfs, hope you manage to squeeze in some crochet action whilst you are away! Have a good trip xx


It is really rather pleasant when the first windy Autumn day cool enough for a proper woolly scarf arrives!
Have a lovely break Vanessa.x


The pictures of the scarves make me want to learn to crochet, and the pictures of your puppy make me want to immediately leave work and rub my own puppy's tummy. I think we must both lead very blessed lives! Have a nice trip!

kate is greedy

Scarves at the beach - is there any better setting!!! I pearrrsonally (that is a scottish accent - I can't say it without one) cannot wait to crochet one of those scarves. It may have to be a stripy yellow one. I can't wait for the cards to arrive - I am thinking about framing them as a series because they really are the most inspirational works I have ever seen. I have started making papier mache birds and they look very kindergartney by comparison but they are so much fun and great to make with the boys. I am missing you so I have to make sure I get commenty on your blog again because I am always imagining we are having a chat. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, looooove the photos of you holding the scarves on the beach!! Do you remember that I figured out the secret to this scarf pattern? I have kept my promise not to share it. :-) Mine is red and white and of course it looks like a stripy candy cane! Once you publish your pattern I will show my scarf on my blog and send people to your blog for the pattern. Have fun on your trip! We have reservations at the beachside RV park in 11 days.. can't wait!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Lovely scarves and Ellie looks ever so comfortable! A little poser! Enjoy your stay in London!


Hi Vanessa, love your photographs as always. There is nowhere quite like the beach on a windy, blustery day with the waves crashing.... Gorgeous photos of your crochet as always too, and such sweet little doggies, my little doggie (King Charles Cav) just loves to lay back and have his tummy rubbed before we get up in the morning!

Patty Boyd

Beautiful photos, again. You do greats posts!

Archie the wonder dog

Beautiful photos - love your scarves!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

Those waves look like they are rolling right in from Antarctica! Brrrrrrr! Your scarves look lovely and colourful.
PS Did you see which lucky duck won Sarah London's new book and all that yummy wool? Thats right ME...can you believe it :-)

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

The photos are wonderful - as usual. I love the gray, stormy looking seas that are the perfect backdrop for your bright and cheery scarves. Little Ellie is such a content, wee thing - all snuggled up and safe - just like resting in God's pocket. Have a safe journey and enjoy all that knitting time!

Planet Penny

Oh I know that blissful doggy look, it's being perfected in our house as I type! Lovely beachy pictures. I wish we lived just that bit nearer our beach as it's pouring outside and Higgins NEEDS a walk, but he hates splashing through muddy puddles!
Love the scarves too, so colourful!
Penny xx

Thrifty Household

Bright cosy scarves, waves, walking on the prom, reading the weekend newspapers...what could possibly be better than that?

Enjoy your stay with your sister (I wish I was going to stay with my sister for 5 days!)


Those colors are so very happy! Beautiful work.

harmony and rosie

Beautiful, colourful work and I love the muted clothing you're wearing with it (nice jacket!!). Enjoy your family time!
Kate x


Hi Vanessa, Fantastic scarves!! Are you planning on giving the extra scarves as gifts? Oh, and your puppies are just TOO adorable lying on your laps.

Crafted by Carly

Hi Vanessa,
I LOVE all the scarves - the colours are amazing!!! Where do you get your gorgeous yarns from? Beautiful beachy photos too!


Just popped in through Karen's blog (Did You Make That?) and I'm having an instant "dog crush". :-)

Teresa Kasner

Vanessa, I wanted to let you know that I put a post up about the cards you made on my blog and put a link to this page. Lots of my blog friends have some of your cards, and more want to get your cards, and all of them love you and your blog!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Muse of The Day

I love the scarves. Somewhere in your blog there is a tutorial for the one you are wearing in the photograph, right? I am going to have to go look for it. I have been "away" working on a big project. It is done, so now I finally have time to catch up on all I have been missing. Good to see your bright colors again. Carolina


Beautiful scarves! I LOVE the orange and white one. I think it's the perfect width for a scarf and the colors are so much fun!

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Impressive blog! -Arron

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