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Planet Penny

Oooh Vanessa, how horrid to end up with a sore throat and no hot water! I'm just about to light our wood burner, and then it will be a power struggle all evening as to who will get pole position, and my money is on Henry! I of course won't get a look in! Cuddle up by that fire with a warm dachshund or two, and get well very soon!
Lots of love Pennyxxxxx
And the two H's of course!


Poor you, wrap up under some blankets, hope it gets fixed soon xx
ps.lovely kitten pics!


Dear Vanessa,
I do hope you're feeling better soon!
The kittens are wonderful - they look ever so similar to our ginger tabby, Milhaus - who is a Maine Coon. He is adorable but dribbles too much!
I'm sure your minature dachsies are glad that you're home!


Hope you feel better soon Vanessa-we teach children to share, and they do, but we didn't mean their ailments as well- getting every cold is an aspect of Motherhood that I do not miss one jot!

Archie the wonder dog

Hope you feel better soon (same with the boiler!) - the kittens are gorgeous and it sounds like a lovely visit, apart from the cold sharing!


Poor, poor Vanessa,

You have all my sympathy, you really do! I suspect you have been so full on that your body is telling you 'stop'! But stop you can't by the sounds of it. This happens to me from time to time.

Look after yourself.

Those beautiful kittens have given me solace after a painful weekend. Our little cat passed away on Saturday and we are all so, so sad. We are envisaging having maybe two kittens when the time is right.


Oh those kittens are so adorable, you're making me want one even more than normal!! (my OH is allergic so no chance sadly.)Sorry to hear you got poorly while away though, not what you want at all! Hope you get the boiler fixed too so you are able to run yourself a nice hot bath and relax. Sounds like you need it! xxx


I can join you in feeling miserable with a cold, Vanessa, I do hope yours clears up soon. We are swooning here over the gingers. What fine furry fellows.
Hen x

Kentish Keg-Meg

Hope you will feel better soon. Love the kitten photos.


Pumpkin coloured cats! Very seasonal ;D
On a more serious note, I'm sorry to read that you're ailing ... wrap up warm and rest properly won't you dear Vanessa, there are some very nasty germs about this autumn xxx

amanda makes

Get well soon chickadee! xxx

harmony and rosie

Cute little kitties, they look so soft and fluffy. Glad you enjoyed London but sorry to hear you came away with more than you bargained. The delights of being with children, I'm afraid .....


Ooooo those kittens are just adorable. I had a beautiful ginger cat for many years he was a legend in our neighbourhood and even now we miss him! Hope your cold goes soon!

Teresa Kasner

Sounds like you had a fun trip, I hope you didn't get sick while there and have to travel while not feeling well. Poor you! Did your doggies smell you all over when you got home, trying to "smell" what you'd be doing? Mine does that. Cute lil kitties!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Bless you Vanessa, colds are the pits. I do hope you have your boiler sorted out soon, ours went on the blink a month ago and it wasn't fun trying to juggle where we were having our showers and baths!
It's lovely to have you back again, I do so very much look forward to reading your posts as this is certainly one of my favourite blogs.
Keep warm and get better soon, lots of hot toddy's xox Penelope


Welcome home Vanessa. What a shame about your nasty cold and throat. Especially with no heating! And it's all just a bit too brhhh to be without just now. I'm sure Ellie and Douglas will do their best to make you feel better. Our pets do miss us, as we do them. It sounds like you had a lovely welcome back from them.

Yes, children can make a right old din and make your ears hurt. It can definitely be a bit of a shock. Glad that you had a nice time at the fun fair. I'm a prize wimp myself, the merry go round is my limit! The skirt looks lovely on your niece, you wouldn't know there had been any palaver with the waist measurement at all.

Hope you get your heating back soon, it's not much fun. I was without any for 7 weeks earlier this year. It was odd how you almost get used to it and kind of manage. It wasn't so cold though as it is now. Fingers crossed that you get yours on asap!

Those little kittens are so cute; it's lovely when there are two to keep each other company. Get well soon, and try to put your feet up a bit until you feel better.

Take care xx


Oh no, sorry you've caught a cold from your nephew...young children are often very generous to me in that respect too! I loved the kitty photos, they are beautful. My cards from you arrived safely and I LOVE them very much. Might just have to frame at least one of them and keep it...Cosy up with your crochet blankets and a hot toddy, and get well very soon, Vanessa!
Helen x


You must have smelled so delicious [kitteny-goodness] when you got home. My 2 cats always love to get into my suitcase when I return from a trip.

Crafted by Carly

Hi Vanessa,
Poor you! So sorry to hear that you're unwell! Being near kids can be hazardous, you know!!! Hope you're back to normal soon.....
Super-cute little skirt, by the way!!!


Hope you feel better soon. x Agree about empty fun fairs - depressing without people but the later you get there the less money you have to spend!

Magic Cochin

Hope you're feeling perkier today, I'm sure your doggies will have cheered you up.

I've been away too - and it's so chilly isn't it! I've been on an amazing adventure but I'm so pleased to be home with my 'studio assistants' and a big mug of hot tea.



Hope you are feeling better - and no boiler! How horrid. I can feel how soft those kits are from here. x


Hope you feel better soon. The kittens are adorable :)

I was away last night, and came home this morning to the best greeting ever from 3 of my 4 dogs (the fourth is never that bothered about me being away!) - so I know what you mean about doggy greetings :)

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Awwwww - I'm so sorry you're not feeling quite chipper. Sure hope the heater gets fixed soon.
Kittens and kids are a wonderful combination. Looks like you had a good time - despite the INCREDIBLE energy output!
Feel better! Thinking of you -


Rats, Vanessa. I do hope that the boiler is soon back up to full performance!

Of course the doggies were delighted to see your return...must have had fun sniffing out all those hints of your divided loyalty to distant cute kitties!

Bravo to you on reshaping the skirt, and I do know how much easier it can be to just make something from a to b to c to d, without any retracing back to b or c.

Hoping you'll be feeling much better soon. Rest is key. Liquids, lots of them, also really help.



It seems that if you or your sister decide to have pets - they come in twos :) Lovely ginger kitties.

Get well soon.


sounds like a fun visit- the kittens are adorable. Nothing so depressing as an out of season funfair though. Except maybe a cold and no heating. That's not good at all - hope you get it fixed soon and hope you are soon fully recovered. x


Feel better soon!

Those are adorable kittens!

mlle paradis

welcome back! the kitties are adorable. but i did especially like your scarves and the sea post. i'm going to actually try your little squares over xmas! that gives me just about 7 weeks to get organized with lovely colors. either that, or have a nice session at peter jones before i head up north for chrimbley.



Oh Vanessa they are sooooooo cute!
I hope you are feeling a lot better now.

The Curious Cat

Hey Vanessa,

Just thought I'd pop over as I haven't been to visit for a while and I find you as colourful and fun as ever! Love your sister's little kitties - how cute! Hope you are keeping well! xxx

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