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Always nice to pop by your blog for a spot of colour on a dull day. I love your creations. They'd make great book characters and already you seem to have a storyline for each of them. I'm hoping you'll bring out a series.


Leopold reminds me of Mr. Brown, from the tv show "Meet the Browns". Their fashion sense is exactly the same. Sometimes I just turn on the show so I can laugh at what Mr. Brown is wearing. I love Leopold! He is adorable! Nice work!


Fanastic work Vanessa! I love all the thought and detail in the feathers and clothes, no wonder he took you over 3 months to make. Make sure you take plenty of photos before you bid farewell!
Jess x x

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

There is something very endearing about someone who simply takes up the whole room when they come in, isn't there? His tail feathers are marvelous and he has such a transending look about him. Well Done!!!!!


Leopold is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I love his tie. And then there are all his individual tail feathers. His attitude is so well expressed with his head tilted up and one leg kicked up in the air. He even has a pocket square. The more I look at him, the more I see. That is the mark of true art. Thank you for letting us get a good look at him before you send him off to his new home.


Vanessa, your creativity just keeps soaring higher and higher, like Leopold's balloon! What a fantastic fellow he is. I've had a peek at Loani's site, and can surely tell how much he'll be appreciated there.

(I think that your engineering and sculptural talent is growing with each of these delightful characters. That all this technical stuff is hidden inside the lightness of the figures is a mark of your magic.)



He's splended

Magic Cochin

I like his little pocket hankie :-)
And there's a store near here where (I'm sure) Leopold bought his trousers! It's were all gents with charm gusto buy their trousers, corduroy trousers in every imaginable bright colour!!!

It's good you're busy, but remember to take a little break now and then.


Oh Leopold, how handsome are you!!

Amazing work Vanessa. I was thinking as I read your post how detailed and intricate and cleverly engineered he was, and how much time he must have taken, and that was before I got to the bit where you ask if all that shows, which yes, it absolutely does.


I would be proud to have Leopold as a guest in my home. He would lounge on the sofa and hold out his plate whenever it needed refilling.


WOW! Vanessa, best yet.Awesome work.


OMG Vanessa!! Leopold is just perfect!
As a chicken keeper I think he's spot on and with bags of character - I love him!!

Kentish Keg-Meg

Fantastic Vanessa. What a creation.


I love the movement in your sculptures recently. This one is quite amazing! Love the feathers.


Leopold is wonderful, I just love his tail feathers.
Vivienne x


Absolutely fantastic Vanessa, just when I think you can't possibly wow me anymore, you manage to come up with a sculpture even more amazing and mesmerising. I can't stop looking at Leopold. How on earth do you do it!!! Love Sharon


He's gorgeous! (And so is that fair isle on his new owner's blog.)


Vanessa he is splendid! I love his fetching tail feathers xx


You can definitely tell how much work, love and effort you put into every single piece Vanessa, he is such a character, a real work of art! All the attention to detail is amazing, every time I look I notice something else... I just love his tail feathers and little hankie in his pocket, the buttons and all the stitched details too, wow! x

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

lucky Laoni! He's adorable!

Archie the wonder dog

Leopold is wonderful! I don't even know where you start making something as complicated as him and every time I see him I notice another lovely detail!


Isn't he just stunning? I don't know how you do it, you give all your creations their own personality. Every single one is amazing.
I don't know why but I thought he had a bit of Pa Larkin about him.
Have a great weekend.
Carol xx

Judy Edmonds

Gorgeous colours and details, especially the tail!


oh my goodness, wish that i were better with complimentary words, i'd use them all right here. i could study each photo of leopold all day. i love the detail of your work, this rooster, oops, leopold, is just charming. brilliant!

Crochet with Raymond

three and a half months! What a part of your life he has been but I know he will be loved by Loani for sure!
Looking forward to reading about your next commission, what a fun career you have created for yourself!


Vanessa you should see the smile dancing on my face...:) Leopold is totally magical.. what a charmer!
your work is so full of joy!
honestly, i think you are an angel of sweet whimsy :)
just can't stop smiling :)

warmest hugs xxx



Vanessa, whenever I come to your blog you manage to surprise me. Your/Loani's rooster is perfect - no wonder it took you so long to create him, you took care of every little detail! I've never seen such a fashionable rooster :) such a colourful bird personality :)


Gusto! Well Vanessa, this is the noun I would use to describe your blog.

Welcome to the world dear Leopold! May you live a happy, long, and colourful life.

If one day I am lucky enough to commission a magnificent sculpture from you I would love an Easter Rabbit.... I can see him in my mind's eye and he would have pride of place in our lives.

BEAUTIFUL WORK, Vanessa... as always!

Planet Penny

Leopold is great Vanessa, and you can see the huge amount of work that's gone into him. And what a fantastic personality! I know how hard it is to say goodbye to one's creations, I'm sure he's going to be loved in his new home.
Penny x

Teje & Nero

Hi Vanessa! I love your art and Leopold is no exeption - he is amazing! Can't imagine how you do these unique characters with so much feeling on them!
xxx Teje


Leopold is such an exciting creation, Vanessa! He has such movement and character and colour and decoration.....he's amazing! I love the tail feathers and I love his tie!! Well done, I'm sure Loani will be delighted...(I only discovered her thanks to you and love her tea cosies). Have a happy weekend and a nice rest after all your hard work.
Helen x


I'm really in love with Leopold : he is simply fantastic! xxx Alessandra

It's amazing how much character and movement you can create with paper, glue and fabric! Awesome :)


F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S Vanessa!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


I get so happy every time I see pictures of these amazing creations! - just FANTASTIC :)


Leopold is great, as well as all your paper fellows!! They´re full of life!! :)
Love your blog and your beautiful pictures!
Best regards, from Brazil

Magpie's Nest

Right. Sooooooo, here is the back story to Leopold this far back in the blog. Commented on your pig knicker illustrations when I should have been here instead gazing at Leopold in all his intricate stitchery. You both have something indeed to crow about. And it seems that dear zany Loani attracts like-minded souls, which I guess is why I am here too. No wonder you all have something to crow about!!

Gail Bevan

Loani's photo of Leopold shows he has landed in Queensland. I just love his mixture of plaids/florals and THAT tail!!! I know he will be well looked after and much admired.
Best regards from Gail in Australia

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