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The diamonds look so great in rows and piles! I started on hexipuffs, but your photos are tempting me to switch over to the diamonds... and I totally agree with you on the pink rose versus red rose thing.


I know wedding anniversaries are private matters but I am nevertheless wishing you a VERY happy (belated) year ahead for you and Hugo. I hope you will have many joyful moments together. I love our wedding anniversary date; 20 December! For a winter lover such as myself the winter solstice is a most romantic date and then, my goodness, there's Christmas just round the corner. Marvellous.

I love pink roses too but I must admit that once I received some red/virtually black velvety ones which were an incredible sight to behold...

I cannot wait to see what becomes of those colourful diamonds; so much better than the real thing ;-)


I really must pick the roses still blooming in the garden tomorrow as they will otherwise get frozen-can't reach the red ones, so cream and pink will make a small vase full.Also got some chrysanths still going strong.
I think I might know what you are making....


Hi Vanessa
I think love far out wins passion in the long term, so good on you and Hugo choosing pink! I am amazed at how many rose bushes I have seen still blooming away here in the south east. I haven't had to wear my winter coat once yet... something is seriously wierd with the warm weather we are having.

I like your technique for blocking, quick, easy and super effective! As for the diamond delight you know what they say about diamonds being a girl's best friend.. I think the woolly kind always win. Beautiful colours and stash user-upper.

Look forward to seeing what they evolve into. Re: Little owl knits... I love love love the idea of her foxy stole and the video link you posted made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She is too sweet xox


Was there an anniversary walk, hand in hand, on a deserted beach, with Douglas and Ellie as your shadows? I hope so xxx


oh dear me, i want to send you pink roses now too! thank you for such kind words, i'm truly grateful. i love the atmospheric feeling of your ocean photos too, i can feel the emptyness you describe.
and i've been trying to resist another project, but these darling diamonds are calling out to me!

happy anniversary to you!

Magic Cochin

Best wishes to both you and Hugo - those deep pink shaded roses are gorgeous and I love the way you've arranged them next to the freesias and berries.

I actually love deep dark velvety red roses - not the tight buds but those big cabbage-bloomed ones, with a deep rich scent.

I'm so envious of those beaches, I know I live in Suffolk which has famous lovely beaches, but we are 70 miles from the nearest one!!!

Keep knitting those little squishy, yummy, stripy, woolly diamonds - I can feel how addictive they are!



This is my second attempt at leaving a comment. We are having issues with our computer.
First of all Happy Anniversary, what beautiful roses.
I love the beach, but haven't managed to get to one this year. Ususally my grandson suggest we visit one when I'm over. We usually go to Tynemouth. Though I do like Druridge Bay and Cresswell and have spent many a happy time on one of those quiet beaches in all weathers.
I thought I should tell you,(as I know you love dogs and look in on ours from time to time), that we had to say goodbye to Jewel in August. She had bone cancer. It was such a shock to us as she was far too young, and loved life so much. To help us come to terms, we welcomed Jess into our family. She looks a lot like Jewel, (intentional on Mike's part). She has settled in well.
Well I will try and post this then I'm off to check out some of your links.
Best wishes x


Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, Vanessa. Your pink roses are really beautiful, such a bright and cheerful sight. I love how the knitted diamonds are scattered like flower petals too. And I loved your pictures of those wintry, deserted beaches. Hope you're having a happy week.
Helen x

Baa-me Kniits

Beautiful beaches, I love the atmosphere that comes thru in your photos. It must be glorious to walk on those cold windy wet deserted beaches and then go home for a nice hot chocolate by the fire and some knitting.... :-)

Archie the wonder dog

Love the beach photos! There's nothing like a bracing dose of sea air to clear your head and sort out your thoughts! Happy (belated) anniversary!

Crochet with Raymond

your roses are stunning Vanessa! I've been working at my Mother's florist shop since I finished my studies and I am blown away by these ones, sooooooo beautiful! Happy anniversary to you and Hugo!


Lovely post Vanessa, I'm so with you about the roses, for me not red and must have perfume! your local beaches look wonderful and your little knitted diamonds are lovely, can't wait to see what you do with them ;o)


Happy Anniversary to you and Hugo!

I do agree with you about favoring many rose colors far above those red ones (could this come from early Alice in Wonderland reading? Or maybe just our color sense.)

An earlier comment also noticed how much your pre-blocked striped diamonds resemble rose petals. It's fun to see our visual recognition impulses send us a signal.

I do like your photos of open beach scenes, and envy you the opportunity to visit those scenes without crowds all around. No matter what the weather!

Best wishes from New York, where I am trying to dedicate much free time to my Santa's workshop projects.


Julie@ Little Woollie

Hi Vanessa, Lovely post as usual! Happy anniversary, we had our 18th anniversary last week too, but I didn't get any beautiful roses! haha... I have started making those diamonds too, they are kind of addictive, it is a cute pattern, I might try and make some decorations from them. I like striping mine too! Your beaches look lovely and isolated, perfect for long rugged up walks. Have a great week1 Julie:)

Planet Penny

Happy Anniversary to you both! I love pink roses too, the sugary pink, rather than the salmony shades. A very happy colour.
Your beaches look wonderful,the one that Higgins and I visit is quiet too, If we arrive and there are more than three cars parked we say 'Oh, no! It's crowded!'
I'm fascinated to see what the little diamonds turn into. As you know you set me off on the hexipuffs and I'm longing to get the knitting needles out as opposed to the felting needle. Much safer too, when trying to catch up on the last series of 'The Killing' and reading subtitles! Ouch!
lots of love, Penny and Higgins xxx


Hi Vanessa, love your bright and cheerful diamonds, yes, so different when blocked. The beekeepers hexipuff quilt is in this month's Molly Makes (don't buy the magazine regularly but there is a fantastic free calendar enclosed).
Must be wonderful to be so near to a beach, grizzly days or not!
Carol xx


Happy anniversary :) I love all colour roses and they look great in the photos with your knitted shapes. I look forward to seeing what you do with these.
Jess x


i much prefer pink roses too and it is indeed the colour of true love. i wish you and hugo many happy years ahead.
your diamonds are looking quite delectable, i am very much enjoying seeing them progress :)

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