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They are adorable - you are so clever. I would love an apron like Evangaline's myself!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Evangeline told Douglass that she and Louise actually DO hop down and have a peek around now and then. They have to do it when there are no grownups, for of course grownups don't really believe. If they hear any one coming they have to scurry quickly back onto their stages and pretend they have never moved. It's all rather discouraging for the grownups who DO believe, because they are the rare exception. But then, they would tell the grownups who DON'T belive and then they would be laughed at. Evangeline and Louise don't want that to happen, so they stay perfectly still till no one is watching.
It doesn't work that way with the little doggies though. They can go in and have lovely tea parties with Evangeline and her friends. This is what Ellie told Lucy the other day, and Lucy whispered it to me and I believe her.

Crochet with Raymond

Hello Vanessa! They are both so gorgeous, love your latest evangeline and Louise is definitely one of my favourites of your sculptures, hope they both find new homes quick smart!

kate is greedy

Are you sure you don't feel a story brewing because I certainly do. My niece was staying the night last night and she and Hugo decided they wanted the tooth fairy for the story. In shocked tones Rose told us that at school a little girl (who shall remain unnamed in the wider world) loved it so much she kept all of the little extra bits. I love how it has turned into a scandal at school!!! I thought you might be tickled too. The girl in question is only just 5 so I don't think we should judge her too harshly. Love Kate xxooxx.


She is lovely - feel very pleased to have one or should I say, 'the first' of the series - she still makes me smile. Opened my beautiful holly pin yesterday - a birthday present from Jeff - it is beautiful - gave it a little mention over on my blog - I don't, for one minute, expect she'll be in your shop for very long. Kind regards, Becky


Vanessa, Louise is truly scrumptious. I love her cheeky little face. Congratulations on another couple of stunning sculptures, you clever girl xx


They are both totally, utterly, and absolutely wonderful. Evangeline I love you, but I soooo need a Louise to love!


Ohhh I love Evangeline!!! She is so cute! The details on the shoes stole my heart! Great work Vanessa!!! Bravo!


Hello Vanessa,

I like the pig and the sweet Mouse, they are a great work.Your blog is very good.
kindly wishes from Irmi


Heaven sent sculptures by a lady who must have had a little sojourn, at least, in paradise.

Beautiful attention to detail.

Beautiful artistic soul.

Just beautiful.


Hi Vanessa, you really could imagine these magical figures talking, what wonderful stories they could tell. Such beautiful creations.
Thank you for visiting my blog, Amy is still doing well, the vet says "she is an amazing cat" and she really is.
I don't like these dark nights but at least the sun popped out for a few hours this afternoon, really lifts the spirits. Hope you and Douglas had a lovely walk.
Carol xx

harmony and rosie

Vanessa, your wee beasties are utterly gorgeous, you are a super-talented girl you know!
Hope you enjoyed that walk, it's getting very cold down here now.


You are so talented Vanessa, I love them both, they have such character and charm! I imagine they could get up to lots of mischief if they really could come alive! Hope you enjoyed your walk, isn't it cold today?? Jenny x


You are super, super clever!

Judy Edmonds

They are SO SWEET!


Gorgeous as ever- and delicious shoes on Evangeline as per usual....lovely stuff.


Vanessa, your Evangeline and Louise are full of personality and character. Anyone who is fortunate enough to give them a home will have the added pleasure of engaging in long (if silent to other ears) conversations with these engaging personalities.

They are wonderful from top to toe. xo


They are soooo adorable! Louise is so solid and so very pig-like (in a sweet way), and Evangeline looks so happy and joyful twirling and whirling to the old songs.
Hope you have a happy day, Vanessa.
Helen x


oh I wish your little creations could come to life too - wouldn't it be magical ? They are simply gorgeous. Thank you for your comment about Butterfly, I think she is pretty special too, but then I'm biased!

Crafted by Carly

Lovely, lovely magical creatures! I can just tell that they DO come alive at night - and that they are both real characters!
Thank you for such a fabulous post - it really made me smile!!! :)

Archie the wonder dog

Evangeline and Louise are adorable - I wish they could leap out of the screen and into my kitchen!! You have such an amazing talent - thanks for sharing!


I'm sure that come teh chime of midnight when the house is quiet as darkness itself, these creations indeed twirl and dance with life.


I'm popping over from Helen's blog. Evangeline and Louise are so very sweet indeed. I love all the different elements you have used in these wonderful little creations. Very, very cute! Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

Baa-me Kniits

They do seem like they are moving and I love their can almost hear them talk :-)


oh! cute cute adorable! how do you ever do it? so much work, details, it's all so clever and inspired.i love them both, you must giggle when you work.


Louise, Evangeline - and Leopold above - are marvellous!!!

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