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Am I the first to comment? That's new one! as your blog readers are usually so active... Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! It's a very nice book with brilliant pictures, so it deserved to win, but now we will want photos of Jonathan in his big knickers... I'm sure someone took a few during the ceremony :)


Oh my! I'm delighted you've won this award. Your talents amaze me, and I'm so happy to find that your obvious skills do not go unrecognized. I'm sending you a round of applause, along with a great big hug from me!


Ooooh Vanessa I am so very thrilled and happy for you! I can quite see why the book won. When you told us about it it the other blog post I thought the pictures were just adorable and it did make me laugh. Very very much deserved. Well done! Many congratulations. I think it is fair to say that everything you do, you add a certain flair and panache to. As you also show in your paper mache your characterisation is brilliant.

Great news about A Secret worth Sharing too. You must feel really happy that your lovely work is being appreciated so much. You know, one of the nicest things my daughter and I did when she was little was share books together. We spent hours cuddled up reading. They are great memories. Our books that we shared were great treasures and she still has them all. It is a fabulous gift to be able to illustrate books for children and really it is the enjoyment of picture books which makes children realise what fun books are and go on to enjoy reading too.

It's brilliant that your pictures are loved by children, that is a real gift. A good story with someone who knows how to interpret it with their pictures is a real joy.

Absolutely brilliant news, I'm so very pleased!


Congratulations!!!! How absolutely wonderful, filled me with a sense of lovliness, I'm so so delighted for you both, but especially for you Vanessa. I'm off to order both books for Annaliese, I really can't wait to share the books with her, especially as she'll have that connection with you and your utterly beautiful art work. Stay on cloud 9 for as long as you can, and savour that lovely moment. Love Sharon


Hi Vanessa. After buying some of your lovely Christmas cards and a brooch recently I wanted more so bought the Pig's Knickers for my daughter for Christmas. She is a pig obsessive (she is 3 and a half) and will love it. I'm so happy that you are getting the recognition you that deserve. I can't wait to read the Pig's Knickers! Bx


Wow! That's fantastic news! Congratulations on receiving such a high honor!!


That is lovely news to hear. Well done indeed.


Congratulations Vanessa. What wonderful illustrations.


The book looks gorgeous. It's the kind of book my (now 9 year old) son would have loved when he was younger. I might just have to buy it for myself!

harmony and rosie

Vanessa, you clever cookie, you must be as happy as a pig in .... knickers, of course!!!! Hearty congratulations to you on your fantastic achievement. Well done!
Kate x



Bethany Kartchner

What WONDERFUL news! Congratulations! You know, I must tell you a funny story. About a month before I discovered your blog (thanks to my mother's suggestion) the kiddos and I checked out Diamond in the Snow. We absolutely loved it! and I remember thinking how lovely the illustrations were. Speed ahead a month and I visited your blog to find out that it was YOU that did the illustrations. Well, I immediately felt a grand connection to you and have been a silent visitor ever since.

Your award is well deserved. Congratulations!

Congratulations Vanessa - so nice for you to have a well deserved accolade :)

Vintage Squirrel

What wonderful news!
Katie x

Kentish Keg-Meg

Congratulations to you. Such fabulous art work.


I bought this for my Grandson, he's just getting into books in a big way.

He loves it.


Wonderful news!
I actually came here to tell you a story about your illustrations.

I picked up a book yesterday called "Dear Father Christmas" by Allan Durant. When I introduced it to my grade 3 class today, I read the author and illustrator names and then had an "aha" moment. I blurted out "I know this illustrator!" then I had to backtrack and explain to the kids.
Anyways, it was a delightful surprise in my day. AND the kids absolutely loved the book and the pictures :)

mlle paradis

congratulations! not at all surprising that you have won this prize.

your piggy is polkadots is irresistible! hope you're celebrating in a v. nice way.

Crochet with Raymond

fantastic Vanessa! I love that you and Jonathan have collaborated on so many projects, that is such a special professional relationship, and one that seems to really work! :OD SO proud for you and thrilled to hear of your news XXXXX

Teresa Kasner

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* Vanessa.. you are a star!! You must be so thrilled!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) from Oregon USA


Wow Vanessa! Congratulations!!!!!


What an honor! Congratulations! Well done you!

Susan Wright

Congratulations, I love your blog and always look forward to new posts. Didn't realise you illustrated Bringing down the moon,thats a lovely book.


Sandi Lee

Oh well done Vanessa, such a wonderful thing to happen, and I can really see why, your illustrations are fab. I am going to buy a book for my granddaughter for Christmas, but which one???!!!!
xx Sandi

cath w

Fabulous news! Well done you.


Wow, Vanessa, that is indeed FANTASTIC news. Well done, congratulations! I remember you posting about the Pig's Knickers and loved those spotty knickers then. I bet you are walking on air. The image of Jonathan wearing spotty knickers to receive his award is amusing. How exciting that you have another book being shown on CBeebies soon.


My compliments, too!!! Wonderful news!!
love, alessandra


Congratulations! Vanessa on your well deserved win. I love your blog especially your papier mache animals.


Vanessa, I am so very proud of you and I share your joy and satisfaction from across the Channel.

I am so very sorry to be a little late joining this marvellous party - I have been off line for a few days - but I hope you can hear blasting trumpets and clashing cymbals up in Northumberland?

Warmest wishes to a very talented artist.

ps I hope you too will be wearing your knickeres over your clothes. Maybe you could knit a pair to celebrate?


Congratulations Vanessa, brilliant news!!
Your illustrations are wonderful and to be chosen by the children themselves is indeed an honour. :)
Vivienne x

Julie@ Little Woollie

Congratulations and well done to the two of you!! That looks like a gorgeous book, I think I might pick it up for my little niece for Christmas. I am glad you get recognised for your special talent Vanessa, you deserve it!! Cheers Julie:)


Congratulations! :-D


Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you did your post about the book, I liked the drawings so much and wished my children were still little, so I could read it to them (all be it translated into Dutch :o)!!)
I think it's well deserved !!!

Liz A.

Congratulations - I have a small tear in my eye at your lovely news.


Oh my Vanessa, what wonderful, WONDERFUL, news. You must be on the cloud ninest of cloud nines. Hugest congratulations to both you and Jonathan. I am now wearing a big grin on your behalf :D


Congratulations Vanessa!!
I'm going to buy it for myself on the title alone!!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

I'm so VERY happy for you! Your art is amazing and this award couldn't have come to more deserving people. The story is adorable but in my (probably predjudiced) opinion - its the pictures that make the book. WELL DONE!


Congratulations Vanessa! What fabulous news. I LOVE the knickers!
Katie x


Congrats! Well deserved, I love that book! I work in a bookshop in Holland and I can tell you that the mole books are some of the most popular picture books we sell! I spotted the pig-book on display in our children's section a few months ago, it gave me a right giggling fit. So congrats!

Archie the wonder dog

Congratulations!! It's a superb book with the most delightful and wonderful illustrations - you deserve the prize!! Congratulations on the CBeebies spot - I'll set the timer!!

Holly McLean

Wow, it must be so wonderful to not only illustrate a book, but to win such an award. How fun!

Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch

What a wonderful award - it must mean so much that the children were the judges too! Congratulations xxx


oh Vanessa, this is such wonderful and exciting news!! i must say i would have dearly loved have seen Johnathan accept the award in a pair of polka dot knickers! what a giggle :D and is it wrong to imaging boris Johnson wearing them? because i absolutely can! haha your pictures really do have some of his eccentric charm ;) it has quite made my day reading such a happy and thrilling post and i offer you and Johnathan my warmest and heartiest congratulations on your well deserved success :)
i already have one of the books and have just purchased the other. i can't wait to read it with my grandson, he'll be so delighted because he loves the other books we have of yours, you are quite our favourite illustrator ❤

Baa-me Kniits

Hooray for Vanessa and Jonothan! Fantastic news and a great achievement...I can just hear the kids cheering your win and picture the spotty knickers that were worn. I will have to look out for that one it looks great, and the new mole one too :-)


Congratulations! That is great news. I will go out and buy this book for my little girl as soon as I can. She loves books and I'm always happy to but them for her. Well done!


That's very much deserved good news for a terrific book Vanessa - well done to you both. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to sknitch in celebration.

Planet Penny

Many many congratulations, Vanessa. I LOVE that book, and so do the grandsons! Thomas was shortlisted last year and he also said the best thing was that the children had chosen the books that they liked best, and the wonderful vibe of having the auditorium filled with children.

love Penny x


Hi Vanessa,
CONGRATULATIONS!!!Well done to all of you!
I`m going to order that book it looks fab, i`m not too old am i, 58!! :-(
Oh well i like it!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Congratulations Vanessa!


Congratulations Vanessa!! Very well deserved. I'm delighted for you!


Many, many congratulations, your awards are extremely well deserved.

Dawn Nelson

Congratualtions Vanessa and Jonathan! Well deserved!!

Dawn x




Well done that girl!!
The Pig's Knickers will be coming my way very soon!
Many congratulations indeed.


Congratulations! Well deserved! x


It does not surprise me, your illustrations are amazing. We all love the mole books when our children were younger and I have them on a shelf in my bedroon now, I can't bear to put them away!

Teje & Nero

Congratulations Vanessa!!! Your books are so wonderful and I love your happy style!
xxx Teje


That's great news! I love your work & enjoy your blog & I'm delurking to congratulate you on the wonderful awards.


Congratulations! Your illustrations in the book are fun and fantastic and so deserving of your nice award! So glad you share your talent with us!

Magpie's Nest

How lovely to see your beautiful chook dancing with its balloon on Loani's Queen of the Tea Cosies/ Grand Burl Baa blog, then click across to see your whimsical pig in bloomers illustrations. Congratulations, and I'm so pleased that I followed the links halfway around the world hopping from the Central Tablelands of NSW, to QLD's Noosa, to here.
Steph, aka The Mad Magpie in the Nest


So happy for you, Vanessa!
love, Barbara :) x and x from Snowy too


Congratulations to you both!


hi vanessa, did you know amazon (u.s.) is sold out of this book?! they said a new shipment is on the way.
so exciting. i have to be patient...


Oh, I've been away for a few days and I've only just read your post - congratulations, I'm really happy for you!


Congratulations on this big award! You certainly deserve it. You are an amazing artist with a variety of talents. I don't know how you decide what to do each day. You do so many things brilliantly. Just looking at the pictures on your blog brightens up my day.


Congratulations Vanessa, beautiful illustrations, no wonder the book won.
Carol xx

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