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Try and find "Green Dolphin Country" by Elizabeth Goudge - a cracking read!!


well dear, i think you should make a scarf AND a blanket, this is so fantastically adorable. oh how the rowan is knitting up, and i think the imperfection is the best part (although i still think their perfect), your diamonds are the most charming thing i've ever seen!
it is funny how you mentioned the book covers, they would have prompted me to buy these also. the enjoyable read must be just what you need, giving a break to the fabulously creative brain of yours.

today is my christmas shopping day, i'm a bit late (i did do a little while in the mountains) but really? who waits this long? wish me luck! :)

Magic Cochin

Oh! I love the cover illustration of The Dean's Watch... does it say who the artist was? I'd love to know.
Gosh - a whole king-size blanket! Now that would look amazing! How will you keep the lozenges randomified I wonder? so the one colourway doesn't dominate a corner - I bet you have a cunning plan because you probably have that sort of mind ;-)

I feel ashamed I've fallen out of the habit of reading novels at the moment - I feel a New Year's resolution coming on!



definitely a blanket :-)

Emma (silverpebble)

I have to say, Vanessa, that if you were to make this blanket I think it would be the one I would have the worst case of the wanties about in the whole of blogland. What a tantalising start you have there. Your diamonds appeal to me more than cookie-cutter perfect ones. The colours are wonderful. I will be dreaming of the full size version.....


I agree wholeheartedly, 100% ABSOLUTELY that it should be a blanket. That's the first thought I had when I saw your first photos of these diamonds. Perhaps aim to make a bed runner for the end of the bed and then continue it to full sized should the mood take you. But yes, blanket all the way!

Alice and Raymond

a scarf! what a fantastic idea! A lovely big rectangle shawley scarf would probably be my limit, although wowee, a blanket would look incredible!
The rowan treed diamonds are just beautiful.
Have a happy week!


What a lot of work. Wow!!

Harmony and rosie

Oh surely a blanket. A massive undertaking but think of those snuggly nights in the future when you will be grateful for your perseverance. And I agree, quirky and unique is very often far superior to perfection. Whatever you decide to do I know it will be splendid!
Kate xxx


Hi Vanessa, well it would make a fantastic blanket but I could envisage it becoming a bit of a chore. I'd just keep going until you get totally satiated with diamonds and see how far you have got. I love the 'non-uniform' appearance.
I've got a shelf of similar old books, they were my Mum's, mainly Book Club editions. still with their covers. I read many of her books when I was a teenager.
Carol xx


vanessa, i love the higgledipiggledy look your diamonds have once joined together...its beautiful and very endearing. how snuggly and uniquely you too :) (I know I spelled at least one word wrong in this comment!!) ps: my little packet arrived and i am in love with the tags...thank you so much!!


What do you think about using these diamonds for a scarf and making larger ones for a blanket?


I love it too!!! A blanket wil be lovely, a pillow too I think..... X claire


Gorgeous. And oh, a blanket, definitely a blanket. Although Heathers suggestion that you aim for smaller and add more if you feel able seems like a good idea to me.
And while I'm agreeing with people I'll second Julia's suggestion that you read Green Dolphin Country :D

Archie the wonder dog

It would make a great scarf...or a great blanket! Maybe you could keep making them until you get sick and then just knit a few a week or at the end of each knitting project - they'd add up to a blanket sooner or later! And thank you for your lovely comment about Archie on my blog!


Blanket! I love knitting blankets. You can snuggle under them while reading Georgette Heyer (one of my favourite authors).


A comforting blanket and a relaxing book...the stuff of dreams.
Christmas preparations:slowly. Why does everything take so much longer as one gets older? Stuff that I could have done in one day, now takes two, so it may well end up a bit of a last minute rush,despite best intentions.

Teresa Kasner

Dear Vanessa, I must say that this post made me feel cozy and nostalgic and happy. I love the patchwork quality of what you're making with the diamonds. Very homey. I met an old friend for lunch today, we exchanged gifts and caught up with each other's lives - then I went to a big box store and got hubby a big rolling toolkit and some tools for xmas. :-) I'm done!
❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
*M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Vanessa, never, ever apologize for your reading tastes! I'm having book envy - I think the Georgette Heyer are long out of print and I would love to read them!


Your little diamonds are gorgeous, such pretty colours and yes I definitely think you should make a blanket too!
Vivienne x


Your little diamonds would make a gorgeous blanket!


Hi Vanessa,
I love the diamonds they are coming along nicely, go for a blanket lol!I purhased the pattern for the patchwork blanket/quilt. And fancy doing that next year, yikes! I have sooo much i want to do but i`m a bit slow & steady with projects. Oh well we`ll see.
Have a lovely Christmas & all the best for the New Year
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Dearest Vanessa,

Elizabeth Goudge was a writer who totally inspired me when I was a child! ANY book by her transports you to another place and, yes, I too will agree; Green Dolphin Country is amazing.

I love the way you make your reader feel so comfy and indulged: second-hand books, cosy blankets, victoria sandwich! Ahhh, this is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The blanket dilema: it's funny how I so often get fired up about making a huge amazingly colourful blanket (my latest craving is a Silke Leffler colours inspired blanket) and after a few squares I start to doubt my blanket vision! Please make a blanket out of all those delcious diamonds and then I too will sail away into blanket kingdom and make my Silke Leffler one!

So exciting! Isn't it marvellous to feel inspired?

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Well - the secret is out. There was a time in my life when I bought books by the cover! Yes - the publishers are right when they design an interesting or artsy cover for a book and you know what? I was never disappointed. One of my favorites was a series of short stories by Bailey White called "A Good Year for Plums" and it had the loveliest spotted chicken on the cover. Always read with joy and abandon. When I am tired or in need of resting my brain for a while, I pick up children's books. I bet I've read an old copy I have of Winnie the Pooh well over a hundred times. Add to that a wonderful blanket made of charming little diamonds, a good cup of warm spice tea and a snuggly littel soft doggie and the world fast becomes a good place.


I agree with all of the above; your diamonds will make a wonderful blanket. I have been using the same pattern to make stars for the Christmas tree, they do take a while so I admire your dedication, you are much speedier than me!

I hope you have a warm and cosy Christmas, thank you for a year of inspiring images!

Planet Penny

Those covers are a delight, and I adore Elizabeth Goudge, what a great choice. Those little diamonds are so pretty. Maybe do what I'm doing with the hexipuffs, don't think about the huge amount of work, enjoy making each little component and drop then into a pretty basket and'll have enough pretties to make something amazing! Have a wonderful Christmas, love to you and Hugo and big cuddles for Ellie and Douglas,
Love Penny (and Higgins) xxx


I DO think it should be a blanket! A scarf would be lovely too but as it is so very very nice, I personally would like to see more and more of it. If you do get fed up at any point, it would look great as a throw too. I really love all the different yarns in there and their gorgeous patterns and colours. It has a whole ton of charm for a number of reasons but it all looks great to me - it seems very neatly sewn up. (I actually like sewing up blankets).

Sometimes, even the same yarn brands come up different sizes as according to the amount of dye in them they can be thicker. For this reason you get a bit less yarn length-wise for your money with darker colours (the yarn soaks up more dye for the darker colours, so it weighs a little more and looks a little fuller). It sounds weird doesn't it but I investigated when I thought that the lighter colours of my yarn were thinner. It turned out that I wasn't imagining it!

I think it is a lovely project to have, one to keep you going all throughout next year, with the aim to have it done for next winter. It's lovely to have a pick up and go to project and this one is always going to be interesting as every time you add more diamonds it will change it a bit. So that's my vote: definitely blanket! They look like sweet little leaves before they are joined.

I read an Elizabeth Goudge book a couple of months ago. I found a 3 in 1 volume in the 10p box (which has sadly gone now) in a charity shop. It was a really feel good and enjoyable read. I might read another over Christmas. I also read Green Dolphin country which turned out to be familiar as I had seen an old film. I think I would be drawn to your books as well, I love the covers. Nothing wrong with relaxing over a nice book or two.

Thank you for your recommendation of Rev. Over the weekend I caught up on the whole series on iplayer. Yesterday I watched the Christmas special. I love it! It's funny and poignant and I really enjoyed it. It would have escaped my notice too if you hadn't mentioned it.

You've also reminded me that I have an unread Chekhov book of short stories - got because I read one online called "The Lady and her dog" which I found intriguing.

I'm not doing too badly with Christmassy preparations. I've posted off everything that needs to go and just got the final shop to do which I am going to do tomorrow.


Dear Vanessa, loving those book covers and the beautiful creations with Rowan Fine Tweed, seems it will be a "dangerous" wool for me! I love the finer ply wools so much, oh dear, perhaps I should tell Santa where to find it?
I was so delighted to read the article about your award in your local paper and such a great photo of you, congratulations again Vanessa and a very happy Christmas to both you and Hugo, love Barbara


Love the dustjackets, they are so intriguing and atmospheric. I am making the bee keeper's quilt (hexipuff) blanket, which is looking stunning. I would definately recommend doing this one if you are heading in the blanket direction. Stuffing each one with wadding is genius as it not only holds the shape of the hexipuff but gives the blanket a most luxurious and warm quality. They are very addictive, aren't they?




A quirky charm is spot on. So sweet. Love them.


Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

You know what they say 'it won't happen overnight but it will happen' ;-) Hope you are having a lovely Christmas Vanessa xx


where is the diamond pattern from?


nevermind - I found it!

Claire Slade

I love all Elizabeth Goudges books, the first one I read was The Deans watch, I hope you are enjoying it. Blanket is going to be pretty spendid when it's finished too!

diamond certificates

Really a cute design... I love the patchwork quality of what you're making with the diamonds.

Abbie Florence

BE A BLANKET!!!! PLEASE...and I will send you my shipping address ;)


Absolutely great. I would go with blanket. It just screams blanket to me!


Hi Vanessa - I love the quirky charm of the diamonds and how they are a little 'off' but still so, so pretty. They will make a beautiful blanket! xx susan

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