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Well deserved choc and cuppa.Lovely stuff!
I did like Mr Turley's sketchbook,lovely to see someone who draws....why is January so stupidly busy this year? One usually has a chance to draw breath in January.

amanda makes

Bloody hell Vanessa! Can you get any more wonderful? I adore this necklace! Love everything about it! Lucky Fliss! Audrey says 'xxxxxx'

Vintage Squirrel

What a fabulous necklace - eyecatching, beautifully made and great fun. A real talking point and no doubt everyone will be asking Fliss all about it, understandably!
K x


Hi Vanessa, Love, love, love, love that necklace. You continue to amaze and astound with your creativity.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I'd love to be able to visit an exhbition of your work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park!
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Well I'm absolutely charmed by the necklace/brooch. How could anything be more fun? Happy Fliss. Smart woman to choose your special set of skills.
And so I visited Helen and Gerry's websites and was excited all over again. I love both their styles. Helen's work reminds me a little bit of the Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline books - stories that made me smile as a child. I hope you will show us Gerry's print that Hugo got you. Happy YOU to have connections with such artistic people. Happy THEM to know you!


That's the most gorgeous necklace I have ever seen Vanessa! It is so quirky and original, you are such a talented lady - your jewellery making career is obviously going to be a huge success! Jenny x


Wow Vanessa, what an amazing necklace! I LOVE it!!

Is that knitted i-cord I see there? I've been playing a lot with knitted i-cord jewellery this last week or two. I posted about it last weekend and there's another post in the pipeline. Nothing so wonderful as your fantastic creation though.

What a lucky lady Fliss is to have something so personal and wonderful!


Hi Vanessa, thank you so much, he he about the collar! I think he's gorgeous still! And thank you for writing such nice things about me, I'm hoping to do a post tomorrow, hope you have a lovely weekend, fliss xxx

Teresa Kasner

Vanessa.. I love seeing your sculpture used on jewelry! I had to look twice on the cord as it looks a bit like peyote stitch beadwork. I've done several necklaces like that and it's so neat. We're having some really bad weather here, lots of rain and flooding. I am so looking forward to Spring! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


well first you must never apologize, you have obviously been very very busy, doing the most delightful things! what a fabulous necklace vanessa! i don't know if i've ever seen anything quite so charming or unique.

i'm glad so many good and great things are happening to you dear, they are all so well deserved.(still giggling over your puppy)
happy weekend! lori xxx

Trudy McLauchlan

Vanessa your necklace is absolutely gorgeous in every way!! The detailing is brilliant. To be able to create something so unique must be wonderfully fulfilling.


Thanks Vanessa! love Helen and Gerryxx

Jo Norman

Oh my goodness ... how wonderful is that necklace? You are so talented - it is beautiful.

Crafted by Carly

I can't believe that necklace!!! It's the most beautiful, most wonderful necklace I have EVER seen!!! The colours are my absolute favourites, and the detail is stunning!!! Is there no end to your amazing talents???

Heather L.

I just love your necklace!! What a treat to see a post from you today! And thanks for the links to all the other blogs too. It is wonderful to be surrounded by creativity via the internet. Can't wait to see more necklaces and brooches!


Dear Vanessa,

This is perfectly uplifting! I never cease to be amazed by your generous spirit and your creative energy. Your neclace is stunning as is the joy with which you share others' artistic capacities. Thank you for being you. And yes, I agree, the joy is very much in the details one adds.


Magic Cochin

The necklace is quite amazing! I must make time to visit those links but like you I've hurled myself into 2012 at a cracking pace and am trying not to get distracted too much.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed wearing my holly brooch at Christmas - our (lady) vicar admired it greatly at the Christmas service :-)

Best wishes

Planet Penny

Firstly I have to say how wonderful the necklace is...quite amazing! Secondly though, I am more than a little envious of the wonderful dress form it's displayed on. it's fab! You always deliver surprises , Vanessa!


Wowee Vanessa! You are off to a splendid start in this still very new year. The necklace is a delightful collection of unique elements that all reinforce the joy of each other. Having the brooch as a separate component that can join the party is a brilliant idea.

I also agree with you that Fliss is a rather remarkable lady.

Thanks, too, for the links to all those other wonderfully creative folks. It's great to be able to see so many people doing marvelous things, each one totally unique.



So cute! I love the little dog brooch (and the holly and berries, of course!)


Hi Vanessa, I got a Phoenix catalogue put through my door yesterday and as I was looking through it I noticed they were looking for new artists to join their team/design cards. I have no idea if this would be of any interest but thought about you and the gorgeous cards you have sold via your etsy store. If interested their web site is easily found by typing in phoenix trading into any search engine (ps I am no way involved with this company, it was just that I thought of you when I saw their ad!) Happy New Year btw!

The Muse of The Day

OK. The brooches are one thing ... But the necklace? You just jumped a planet. It is really a wearable sculpture, with freedom for the wearer to decide just how much they want to wear. I can't believe the jump in creativity. Really Vanessa, you have outdone yourself. Carolina


The necklace is gorgeous, what a splendid idea!

Archie the wonder dog

Fabulous necklace and brooch - what a wonderful idea!


wow, that necklace and brooch are amazing, and such a clever idea to combine them together or have them as separates. Am gutted that I somehow managed to miss your winter holly brooches, they are beautiful too. Sorry, I've not been about in blog land so much, lots going on at home (new house, new job, busy commute, studying, plus all the normal family stuff, and something had to give, but I am finally hopefully starting to catch up a bit). Love all what you are doing and am looking forward to seeing more. x

Nana GoGo

What a most beautiful creation. I've just bought 'Bringing Down the Moon' for my Grandaughter's 3rd birthday tomorrow and can't wait to read it to her. It has the dvd too so we can watch it together. I almost don't want to give it to her! Your artwork is so beautiful.


Your necklace left me without breath....It's really wonderful, Vanessa! You are an amazing artist, honestly!
Love, xxx Alessandra

Danette Bartelmay

Love, love, love your wonderful blog. And I am a miniature dachshund mommy too. Sophie, a chocolate long hair and Phoebe a double dapple short hair. Plus a little 3 1/2 pound chihuahua squeezed in there too! Happy knitting!


There's no end to your creativity, Vanessa, and I am so happy for it. I love the new piece, and simply can't wait to see more.

Wonderful year 2012!


annabel burton

love your work... it just makes me feel happy! I come on to your blog when life is a little dull and too hard and whoosh! all is well again. Many thanks! By the way, your marathon knittings have inspired me to give up so easily!


I love your blog. Would you mind if I used a picture of Evangeline on my blog, with full credit and link to you?


The little female sailor is adorable.

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