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Its really good to see you doing so well Vanessa. Please keep on with the blogs though! I bought bringing down the moon when my son was about 4 and he's now 15!!!!

dutch sisters

Love your blog! (and I read your books in my class)


So glad your blogging muse has emerged from her hibernation :D Those tiny flowers are lovely. I don't mind admitting to doing a spot of paper mache myself, but nothing so minuscule! I am in awe :D


Your little flowers are beautiful, looking forward to seeing the jewellery you make with them.
Lovely to have you back Vanessa. :)
Vivienne x

Vintage Squirrel

eeek! so excited and hoping very much that the jewellery you are fashioning will be for sale? Yours hopefully,
Katie x


Beautiful and intriguing. Nature is a constant source of inspiration. If I had the TIME I would be embroidering winter trees. I remember seeing one outside Chaumont Ch√Ęteau (where the international garden festival is held) one winter and just wishing I could embroider it right there.

And look at that lichen!

Have a beautiful weekend and I hope your mouse fingers work their usual magic.



I'm glad that you and the Pig's Knickers are getting so much recognition - it really is a lovely book and I'm enjoying reading it with my daughter. By the way, we call bras, "mummy's seatbelts" in our family as that is what my daughter decided to call them as soon as she could talk. Bx xxx


Your jewellery is delightful, so love those little flowers :-)


Your jewellery is delightful, so love those little flowers :-)


Your jewellery is delightful, so love those little flowers :-)


Enjoy the weekend...yes, the knackered feeling can be very trying,especially when there is just so very much to do.Looking forward to seeing your jewellery.I very much like the idea of precious jewellery made from really simple things, made precious by the workmanship.

The Muse of The Day

Granted ... Blogging is an "extra". I am sure that most read a blog post in under a minute, and I know just how much longer it took to write and download and format the photos, never mind actually taking the photos. In the olden days you never had to blog because it simply didn't exist. The question I ask myself, over & over again, is "Why do I blog", the answer usually is enough to keep me blogging, even though, unlike many, I don't sell or promote anything via my blog - so the answer I hear has to be really clear. The day I don't hear the answer, will be the day to discontinue the blog. Hoping your answer is clear. Carolina

Teresa Kasner

Welcome back from your break, Vanessa! I do my blog when I feel like it and when I have something to say and when I have time. It all works out. I hope you pop over to see mine when you have a chance as I added a short video yesterday of my big wonderful waterfall - it's roaring right now with 7500 gallons per second coming over the falls. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

mlle paradis

at the risk of repeating myself, vanessa, you are AMAZING!

the jewelry is just wonderful! thank so much for keeping on NOT repeating yourself. i think it's so sensible that you keep switching. it keeps you fresh and interested and i'm sure that everything you do benefits from that.

happy 2012!

mlle paradis

oh p.s. i do love the flowers - can't say how much! but could i use a couple of pictures of the necklace to do a little post about what you're doing?

thx xo! i'll wait to hear from you. no hurry.


Love your blog Vanessa. Still hope to see the Coraline Cardigan one day when you have time.

Archie the wonder dog

Great article! And I love your teeny flowers!


Your mini flowers are lovely, I do quite like them au natural but am sure I will change my mind when you paint them in mousey ways....I've been trying to move a newly hatched stick insect into a new space (bugs and me not good) and was just thinking they would do extremely little paintings!

Lovely post, well done on your article, hope your flurry of work gives fab end results!


Wowee you have been a busy bee or is that mouse? :0) Do you use a magnifying glass when you are doing your miniature painting Vanessa? I would love to down scale my knitting and crochet into the miniature but I find it tricky working with super skinny cotton and yarn! Maybe one day.
Congrats on your interview about your super gorgeous illustrations, they are definitely the bees knees, or pigs knickers or mouses miniatures...oh boy I better go before I become totally silly! xox Thanks for sharing all your beauties.


Congratulations indeed on the article and your sweet flowers.


Your little paper flowers are darling! Congratulations on the article! You certainly deserve the notoriety!


Beautiful little flowers and seed heads!


I've just read the article : congratulations! I love your flowers, too!!

xxx Alessandra

Paula Rusling

How does it feel to be famous? You are an inspiration to us all x

Poliana Prates

Hi Vanessa,
my name is Poliana, and I'm a Brazilian girl, who loves your blog! Today I got a photo, that made me remember you and your paintings, and I want to give you a copy of that photo! =) So you can paint it, for yourself!... it would be so nice!
send me an e-mail?? [email protected] .. sorry about my poor english!! Kisses!


oh isn't that sweet?! the girl above me!

you inspire dear, all around the world, you see? congratulations on the article, how exciting it must be. i enjoyed reading it (beaming with pride, i know that girl!)

your flowers are darling, i love tiny things, details are so charming to me (and you too i know). enjoy all your creating vanessa, remember when you post it's a treat for all, but never worry when you can't.

have a wonderful week ahead!
xxx lori

Crafted by Carly

Cute flowers, Vanessa! Looking forward to seeing them all finished and painted-up. I KNOW they're going to be gorgeous!!! I'm off to look at the article now.....


Great post! and incredible blog ! Very helpful post! I must say. Simple & interesting. Wonderful work!
thank you!


That's a wonderful article! Congratulations on such a complimentary write-up.


Vanessa, your current adventures in jewelry land are very intriguing. I'm also a fan of the sculptural qualities of seed pods, dried plant stems and the like. They always seem to energize my imagination and sense of wonder.

Now, of course, I am curious to see what colors you will chose to add to the deliciously delicate papier mache.

Bravo to you on that great newspaper article. It's bound to bring even more folks to your growing fan club.

Best wishes to you, busy lady! xo


Are you actually going to bologna?? It's my native town, can I give you some suggestions for places to visit (and maybe restaurants to try)? I know for sure you'd like some of the less known, free-entry university museum...please please tell me I have time to point you to the nicest spots...


Flowers of the hedgerow made by yours truly.
I wanted to spend a minute to thank you for this, I definitely enjoying every little bit of it, and this answered all my questions

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