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Susan Wright

Hello Vanessa, He is so beautiful an absolute joy. He reminds me of my gorgeous dog.I think it is the innocence that makes all animals look similar. Love your blog

Happy weekend

Susan xxx


Sweet Douglas looks as placid as anything and I can most certainly see how very cuddle-able he is. Great to hear you up to all sorts, look forward to seeing what's in the pipeline. A happy, hopefully sunny-shine weekend to you too Vanessa xox So nice to have you back after what looks like a glorious break away x

Archie the wonder dog

Fabulous photos! Enjoy your busy time but please try to take some time to relax in the midst of the busyness!


Oh He is just amazingly gorgeous, super beautiful, dogs are just the best :D
Karen x


So fluffy! I'm trying a less tv/more sleep approach to 2012 combined with incessant list making. It's exhausting and we're only 2 weeks in! Happy belated new year.

Teresa Kasner

I loved these photos of Douglas! Every night hubby picks up our dog and "holds him like a baby" to bring him to bed. It's hysterical. Hubby laughs at the dog every night. Poor dog. :-) Aren't they just the best? Ours is a Cairn Terrier named Buddy.. not a very creative name, but he comes to that name. His real name is Captain O'Reilly McAlister. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)




Lovely photos of Douglas looking very contented with his lot in life!

Alice and Raymond

gorgeous vanessa, he is just so cute! love it how they have no vanity or sense of how funny they look :OD


I know I've said it before, but Douglas could be Wilbur, they are so alike.

My lot all had a good run around down on the water meadows this evening and Wilbur did his best to keep up with the whippets bless him. Then it was home for a quick paw clean, supper and a snooze by the fire ... as you say, it's a hard life being a dog!


It must be really grim for dogs at your house...I love the tongue half out, our cats do that sometimes too, hilarious.Busy here too, I'm glad the cats deposit themselves on my lap in the evening and make me relax,they also come and have a morning snuggle at getting up time.Start and finish the day with a furry cuddle,what more could one ask.


Isn't he just wonderful? Fantastic photos that certainly make us smile.
I bought new shoes today....... pop over and have a look...... they are guaranteed to make you smile.
Have a great weekend, Vanessa.
Carol xx


That Douglas is just too adorable!:-)

Crafted by Carly

What cute photos! Douglas is clearly a VERY happy, content doggy!!!


How sweet ........ and that little tongue ...... Happy New Year. x


Give my best regards to Douglas. Tell him he has a certain style - he definitely knows how to rest! :)

I think I haven't wished you and all of your family a Happy New Year - let it be a very creative one! xxx


Gorgeous photos of Douglas. We've often got one or more in similiar positions here, and I just take time out to watch them for a while and smile to myself- a special moment.


Oh Mr Douglas, what a fantastic position to get yourself into!!


Flossie, my West Highland Terrier, says hello to Douglas - a dog after her own heart!!


Too cute!

I often wish I was The Hound... Such a life!


Have you seen the new silent film The Artist yet? There is an amazing dog in a major supporting role, I think you'd love him, the film is gorgeous, beautiful, funny, clever, do try and see it, X


haha hee hee, i just showed your douglas to my owen and owen said: ruff ruff! wake up! come play! hee hee, so cute! i love how totally safe your sweetie pup feels all blissed out in the cradle of your love.
have a wonderful week vanessa dear.
xox lori

Baa-me Kniits

Very cute! :-)

Baa-me Kniits

Is Hugo wearing a McKenzie tartan?

Baa-me Kniits

Is Hugo wearing a McKenzie tartan?

Baa-me Kniits

Is Hugo wearing a McKenzie tartan?

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

I love when they sleep like that -- totally trusting you not to spread your legs and let them drop to the ground. He may prefer you, but he's putting an ENORMOUS amount of faith in Hugo!


Douglas is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Just gotta love that little Douglas guy!

Planet Penny

I do love the fact that the dachshund attitude is that as long as I'm being cuddled I JUST DON'T CARE! Douglas looks SO blissful. I've just been trying to tackle a crochet pattern which required concentration and a clear view of the page. Not easy when a small black head had managed to slide sneakily round until it was upsidedown in the middle of the pattern wearing a satisfied grin!
Don't you just love them?
Penny and Higgins xxx


Dear Vanessa,

I am just checking to see you are alright! I sincerely hope you haven't succumbed to some horrid bug.

Warmest wishes,


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