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Your favourite is on my wall just beside the computer.

I love her work too and totally agree that colour is needed especially when it's grey outside. Lucky tulips are so cheap!


Another Winnifred Nicholson lover here. I remember first seeing a print of one of her paintings years ago, my first, and being totally blown away by it. Oh to be able to say so much that is so beautiful with just paint and brush.

Jennifer Edwards

Oh what a bright spot in my day!! Thank you for introducing me to this artist! I had not heard of her, though I am familiar with, and LOVE, the work of the Cape Cod School of Art Artists who learned from
charles Hwthorne and Henry Hensche. Her work reminds me of this type of color work. I can't wait to read and study more about her life and art. Thanks Vanessa! And, as always, your blog is a thing of beauty in itself!


Dearest Vanessa
I didn't know about her till now and want to thank you for opening my eyes up to such beautiful, perfectly painted still life paintings which as you say capture the perfection in a fleeting day of our reality. Thank you, I shall enjoy reading more about her and seeking out her work xox

Teresa Kasner

I've never heard of her but thanks for sharing with us! But my favorite part of this post was your amazing vase full of tulips! Me wantie!! Oh honey......! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Trudy McLauchlan

What a gorgeous array of flowers on your desk, how can they not lift you from the greyness of outside ... inspiring.


One of my favourites. Wonderful work.Her colour is gorgeous.

The Muse of The Day

This post was good for me ... I mean it was therapeutic for me. Why is it that her paintings touched me so? It is because when I view her paintings, although I obviously was not there in the moment to see the actual flowers she was painting, I have been THERE many times - in that quiet moment of reflection while admiring the flowers on the sill. In that moment I am completely alone, and yet the last thing I am is lonely. That solitude with my thoughts brings me to a such a peaceful "place" that I crave that place even when I can't quite verbalized, or pinpoint that I need it. In that moment of quiet, solitary reflection I am 100% myself, no judgements, no opinions, no trying to connect the dots that lie in the future ahead of time, nothing but the moment. Looking at the flowers on my window sill forces me to live in the moment. The paintings reminded me just how dependent I am on those moments. It is bedtime where I live, but tomorrow I will be buying some flowers for my window sill. Thanks Vanessa, I needed the reminder. Carolina

Magic Cochin

Oh yes! I love WN's paintings - in fact my studio door is covered wth the postcards I bought at the WN exhibition at Kettles Yard in Cambridge. The Cyclamen painting hangs in Kettles Yard house, it's one of my favourites and I just love to pop in to say hello to it if I'm passing :-) When I bought my first little cottage I bought a print of WN's Cyclamen to have framed on the wall (it's now hanging in our cloakroom).

I remember once saying WN was one of my favourite artists and being soundly put down by someone (male) who told me never to repeat that in public as WN was a 'light-weight'.

I think WN was a heavyweight with a light touch.

PS I'm sure I had that book, but can't find it.


Several years ago I went to an exhibition of Winifred Nicholson's paintings at Kettle's Yard. It was a good, good day. I have a collection of postcards of her work. They're very precious and regularly find there way into the postcard garland on the chimneypiece.


Such wonderful colour on this very cold grey day, thankyou! Tulips are my favourite and I haven't seen Winifred Nicholson's paintings for years although I remember reading once that she would put in a touch of lilac paint to bring the picture to life. I think there's a lot more to it than that!
Thankyou for spreading the sunshine! :)
Jess xx


Oh, Vanessa, I love your tulips - that's such a nice and colourful arrangement, I'm sure they help you to create good mood and be patient waiting for real spring. Flowers can easily transform rooms and alter emotions, as longs as you have a lot of them. The more the better :)

I also love Winifred's paintings - I've never heard of her before, so thank you for sharing this information!

Insurance Check

I remember first seeing a print of one of her paintings years ago, my first, and being totally blown away by it. Oh to be able to say so much that is so beautiful with just paint and brush.

mlle paradis

lovely lovely lovely! thanks for this!

Helen Philipps

Beautiful post, Vanessa! I love Winifred Nicholson's work very much and so enjoyed seeing these pictures today. And those amazing tulips the mixture of colours, like sweets!
Have a happy weekend...and keep cosy!
Helen x


The flowers look amazing. What lovely work. I'd never seen Winifred Nicholson's work before.


Hello Vanessa,

I am a little late here but things are SO busy here. This nature of this post is what first drew me to your blog; the colours and subject matter are beautiful and just what we need in winter. I must confess though to being overjoyed (despite the inconviences) that we have finally had snow here near Tours. I am relishing the winter colours - snow with blue skies turning pink late afternoon - in the knowledge that soon we shall be getting similar colours to Winnifred Nicholson's paintings. I shall run off now and see if I can find her joy-inducing book.

Cheerio to you, Hugo and your wonderful dogs.

Affordable Auto Insurance

I love her work too and totally agree that colour is needed especially when it's grey outside. Lucky tulips are so cheap!

Crochet with Raymond

that was like a burst of summer sunshine Vanessa, your desk looks absolutely incredible!
Blessings to you and I hape your Feb is off to a wonderful start


well Vanessa, would you just look at all the marvelous comments that have already been left telling you about how your post has connected with those folks' eyes.

And I join the WN fan club. From the first time I saw one of her paintings, I have wanted to avail myself of more opportunities to see more.

The pictures in your post and the links you've given us provide wonderful opportunities.

I liked Celia's comment, and now wonder why it is that I have never visited Kettle's Yard.

Your tulips are splendid and I am sure that they will give you that magic entry into painting your own unique luminosity!

By now, you can tell just how much I did love this post.



thank you for introducing her to me, i'm so glad to know her work, it's just lovely. watercolor is my favorite, and if this isn't (haven't followed your links yet) it looks very much like it.
and your tulips! oh my! in the little valley i live in there are a few dutch growers. soon tulips will start popping up in all the green houses (and some yards) to be shipped all over the world.
those really are sunshine in a vase.


I have this book and never tire of looking at it.

Reylan | Labor Posters

I remember my mo had that book but after the hurricane that hit our county the book is lost.


Winifred Nicholson is a fabulous painter. I love his work.

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