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Oooh I'm first!!!!
Many congratulations on your award, I'm thrilled for you. Have a wonderful time at the private view.
Best wishes
Katie x


Many congratulations! I just love the cat and dog sculptures! They are so adorable!


Oh, congratualtions, Vanessa. The sulptures are wonderful and I'm going to be puzzling about how you made the rabbit's ruff (probably in vain) for some time to come!

cath w

Brilliant news Vanessa, and so very deserved!




Wow, Vanessa, this is fabulous news, congratulations! I am completely in love with the kitty sculpture (you knew I would be!) and when I look at the dog, I am reminded of Andy with his Fair Isle jerkin collection! Having spent this week on a papier mache course with Julie Arkell, I can now appreciate on a whole different level the amount of awesome skill that goes into your pieces. How you get such a fine level of detail beats me. So, a very well deserved reward Vaness, I wish I were close enough to visit the exhibition. Enjoy the private view.
Love Hen xxx


Congratulations! You deserved to win as these 3 animals are stunning. They are perfect and I can see how much they have changed since you first started making them. Xxx


Congratulations !!!!!! They are great !!!

by the way: how's your red dress (the knitted one) ?? :o)!!


Congratulations on a well deserved win. Your sculptures are amazing! xx


I feel very happy for you. Well done and well deserved.


COR! Well done you.Sculptures are fabulous, they should win prizes, very prizeworthy indeed.Love them all, but I think the rabbit has it by a whisker.
Have fun at the Private View.


Congratulations on your well-deserved award.
All three are absolutely brilliant but I do love that cute little rabbit. :)
Vivienne x

Sharon Garlick

I'm soooooooooo over the moon for you Vanessa. Many congratulations, all 3 sculptures are just incredible. You so deserve the recognition. Have a really good time at the viewing, and enjoy your time on CLOUD 9!! love Sharon.


Congratulations Vanessa! Wonderful! I particularly like 'Cloud Music'. Enjoy the Private View - I wish I lived closer and could go to the exhibition.
My Aunt, by the way, on a bit of a random note, was very pleased with her holly brooch, so thank you!


V for Vanessa and VICTORY! Wow, how tuning re those sculptures, my mind boggles at your genius Vanessa, I adore the Cloud music rabbit, the detail oh the detail. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work and a very big congratulations on your win, so very well deserved and hope you enjoy this evening and wallow a little in your victory. I think Kirsty Allsop sould come-a-knockin' at your door next!
ps. I love Emma's designs too xox


sorry I type too fast, it's meant to say How stunning are...


What wonderful news. Enjoy every moment of it. I love the sculptures - the cat is my favourite. Bx xxx

Dawn in NL

Dear Vanessa,
Congratulations and Well Done! on your award. I especially love the detail of the kitty's head which reminds me of your gardener sculpture - oh what was his name again?

Keep on keeping on!


A massive congratulations, and a very well deserved one, as your beautiful creations are absolutely amazing! Have a fantastic evening, enjoy it! xx

Crafted by Carly

Wow! Congratulations, Vanessa!!! Have a wonderful evening!!!

greedy for colour

Wahoo Vanessa - I am absolutely thrilled for you - the level of artistry and joy that goes into your work is phenomenal and you are so wonderfully generous in sharing it with us too! I am in the process of getting my card of Cloud Music framed so I will sent you the link when it is done. I love it so much. He actually looks a little like our Honey bunny - maybe I should dress her up just like Mr. Cloud... the boys would love it - but then again, she is not so much into clothes. Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

Heather L.

How exciting!!! congratulations! So happy for you. I just wish I were in SCotland to come see the exhibition in person!


Oh gosh! Huge congratulations, you must be over the moon. All the pieces are perfect but Cloud Music is certainly me favourite and looks to be quite a fantastic feat of construction. I'm really chuffed for you Vanessa :D


Oops, *my* favourite ... I'm another one who types too fast!

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Oh, Vanessa I couldn't be more happy if I had won it myself! Your work is so amazing and has so much charm that I think you should be winnning awards every day. And it looks like you are - with the book and now the sculptures. (Ha HA - I KNEW the Bunny from the cards was special!!) I wish like anything that I could make it to your solo exhibition when it happens - I hope you can share some of it here. It's just SO exciting.
I think Emma is a very special person to share the beautiful Nicholson postcard with you. What a charming friend to have - but you bring it on yourself, you know. Your wonderful work and your delight in everything that is lovely invites it. So here's to you, deary - Hips, Hoorays, and many, many Well Dones.

Rene Lewis

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. What a fabulous accomplishment.

Val Reaves

Congratulations! Your pieces are wonderful! You are such an inspiration. It is always fun to check in with you!

Claire Smith

No wonder there were so many exclamation wonderful...congrats 'n all that.

Not sure which of the sculptures I like the with the embroidery , dog with his wonderful knitted vest or rabbit with his ruff and cloud . All gorgeous enjoy the private viewing....

Claire :}

Teresa Kasner

*C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on having all three sculptures accepted and for the special award! Woo hoo! I'm so happy for you and VERY impressed! I won a 1st place in a National art contest for the Daughters of the American Revolution - on a beaded bag necklace I made... and I remember how thrilling it was. Enjoy it!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

The Muse of The Day

GEEEEEEZZZMMM ... I swear that kitty sculpture talks. I bet you if you walked past it it would say something. It would come alive and ask me if I had brought a thermos with tea. There is so much human personality in your sculptures that I am sure they left little room for the awards to go to anyone else. Congrats, Vanessa. Truly awesome. Carolina

Trudy McLauchlan

Congratulations Vanessa!! You must have done the happy dance around the room when you read your letter!! Your work is brilliant and whimsical and just downright gorgeous ... I love it!

D A Nelson

Congratulations and what a place to exhibit in!! That's fab news.

Dawn xxx


Congratulations Vanessa!!! All three sculptures are gorgeous - the flower shirt and the craft of the determined cat is great fun, as well as the dog with this amazing suitcase and the sleeveless pullover (in German we call this garment a "Pullunder") and of course a hanky in the pocket of his trousers - as we have Mozart week in Salzburg, I had to smile looking at the jumping rabbit and his music cloud (this collar!!!), but I guess I could spend hourse just looking at the shoes of the three guys - I hope to hear some more about them (and of course their names). Enjoy your success, Regina


Congratulations! So pleased your wonderful sculptures have done so well, they are so full of character. I love them all but the cat is my favourite.
Carol xx


Congratulations!!! Well-deserved accolades!


That's is amazing news - and what a wonderful way to start 2012! And your exhibition pieces are perfect, Vanessa, every each of them.




how absolutly thrilling!!! (i'm going to match you for exclamations!!!!!) you are SO deserving of this award and recognition dear vanessa. OH MY GOODNESS, the society of scottish artists sounds so official and serious and just wonderful. i love all your sculptures, they are all so amazing, fantastic, unique. i wish i had a magic carpet to swoop over to the gallery. have a wonderful magical night. i hope you are able to stay right in the moment and enjoy every bit of this.

xxx lori

p.s. what a lovely friend sending you the postcard, i'm off to follow the link now.

Jak Winter

Congratulations Vanessa, it's always heartwarming to gain recognition from one's peers! The cat is my favourite, such beautiful work and very inspiring.
Jak x

Nana GoGo

Many well-deserved congratulations to you and the best news is....I can actually go and see your wonderful artistry at the RSA for myself!Enjoy the exhibition.


Hugest congratulations to you, Vanessa - how thrilling for you - a solo exhibition! How excited you must have felt receiving that letter.

I'm so glad you like the postcard - it's one of my favourites x


Wow you clever thing! Your work is outstanding, but how exciting to have it so widely acknowledged! What a great opportunity to have a Solo exhibition. My, you will have to be very busy! The pieces that you've had accepted, will they b for sale at the exhibition? I'm sure they will sell quickly.

Well done you!

Magic Cochin

Oh gosh - that's a prize and a half!

You well and truly deserve it too :-)


Fantastic news Vanessa! Congratulations!
This is so well deserved - thank you for sharing your work with us!

Planet Penny

Oh Vanessa! Congratulations! The pieces are absolutely beautiful, but I have a soft spot for the cat with the embroidery. Thoroughly deserved.
I have several pieces of Emma's jewellery too. I have a little sheep necklace based on my Planet Penny sheep which I never take off. Emma work is lovely, and completely individual.
Hope you had a great time at the private view,
lots of love, Penny xx


Oh Vanessa congratulations! I love love love the dog statue! He is perfect!!!! Xxxxxxxxx

Archie the wonder dog

Congratulations - I'm thrilled for you!!


Congratulations! That's wonderful. I love all three pieces.

cynthia regan

Bravo you..from across the pond comes my admiration for your amazing talent.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

Another well-deserved honor -- your sculptures are just darling and so unique! Enjoy it to the fullest!


Well done Vanessa, I have only just caught up with your blog. I think all your artwork is fab and you deserve the recognition.

Emily G.

Wow!!! Congratulations!! I can't believe how beautiful your sculptures are! So enchanting! Their faces are so sweet!


Isn't t'internet the best thing? A bit of a blog trawl and I stumble upon your sculptures and they are just fab! Congrats on your win :-)


Congratulations from us too!

Teje & Nero

Congratulations Vanessa! I'm so happy that your fantastic and talented work has been awarded! Your scultures are just so amazing and adorable! I would love to have all of them - every one is so unique and full of sweetness!
Your new cards are also really beautiful! I love your style!
x Teje


Phenomenal and beautiful! You go girl!!!


harmony and rosie

Oh my word, these three characters are stunning. Congratulations to you Vanessa, of course you deserve it though xxx


I personally really like the status of the rabbit. It makes me almost think that the rabbit things by holding the music notes balloon he is going to fly away.

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