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carol in Santa Fe

Hi There - I have just tried contacting you via email, but the link just takes me back to your blog. I wanted to thank you for me having the cutest little dog on earth - a piebald, mini, longhaired dachshund. He is unbelievable and I want to send you photos and tell you the whole story about why and how I found him.


Oh Vanessa, as you know I am over the moon with my brooch. Although it was me emailing you the info the brooch was a Mother's Day gift from my four children, and I think they now plan to commission you every time they want to give me a present until I have a full set, and remember we have 7 dogs, 5 whippets and 2 mini wire dachshunds just like Douglas and Ellie! Thank you so much for the link to the dachshund site. But the biggest thank you is for putting so much into making my mini-Finn, I shall cherish it always :D


I love the whippet, but I'm really jealous - you are going on a screen printing course. I would love to do that! Good luck and enjoy, hope to see the fruits of your labours shortly.

greedy for colour

Wonderful!!! I love it - you make my imagination run wild.... Love Kate xxooxx.


These brooches are adorable! I think I'd like to see a squirrel someday...

Pretty Nelli

Such a cute whippet brooch! I follow The Long and Short of It too. I like its positive attitude to dachshunds.

Crafted by Carly

Aaah! Vanessa!!! I LOVE whippets. AND we used to have a lurcher (he was a deerhound/greyhound cross) called Finn. He was very naughty but VERY much fun!!! :-)
The brooch is gorgeous - you're so good at capturing creatures' characters in your beautiful makes!
Have a wonderful weekend.....


Hello Vanessa
I read Annie's blog and I adore it and was well besides myself when I saw your stunning Finn creation sitting there in perfect form. You are so clever and ever so inspiring xox Happy screen printing, lucky you xxx


Dear Vanessa, what a wonderful brooch! You capture the details and character so beautifully, such a tiny but amazing work of art. Happy screen printing - you will love it! I specialised in screen printing at art school - loved every second of the process and so am very jealous of anyone who gets to do it now! Looking forward to hearing how you get on, Jenny xx


The whippet brooch is delightful! And I am looking forward to seeing what you produce on your screen-printing course, I would love to have a go at that!

harmony and rosie

Absolutely GORGEOUS, Annie will be delighted with that I am sure. He sounds full of fun and you have definitely brought the brooch to life.
Happy Easter
Kate xx


Vanessa - Annie's brooch is wonderful!!
I hope you will tell us all about your screen printing! I did some on a course recently and loved it!

Planet Penny

What a wonderful brooch, I love the life and spirit you've captured. I really think I need to speak to you about a Higgins project! You're working holiday looked just fabulous, I hope you've felt the benefit of a few days in different surroundings xxx


it's so perfect vanessa, i can only imagine how happy annie is with her finn brooch. the detail is exquisite, you are a true gem.
xxx lori


Another beautiful make, Vanessa. I think you are the most talented woman I-dont-know-in-real-life-but-do-know-through-blogs!

Helen Philipps

The little sculpture/brooch of Finn the whippet is amazing, Vanessa! You are so talented! To make something look so delicate yet be robust is very clever, and his face and lean wiry body are so sensitively captured.
Enjoy your week back at home.
Helen x


Hi Vanessa,
I saw this amazing brooch on Annie's blog, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was one of yours! You have a very distinctive style, which I think is great. Talking of dachshunds, did you see there was an 'exhibition' in Birmingham at the weekend, with 47 dachshunds in a full scale mock up of the UN? I would love to have seen it, it sounds so much fun!
Looking forward to hearing about the screen printing.
Tessa x

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Who but you could capture the joy and energy of Finn in such a perfect way? I read Annie's Blog and her happiness in your work is wonderful and well deserved. Thank you for sharing. Lucy sends happy little woofs to Douglas and Ellie.


Whenever I see your artwork I think to myself that it will be impossible for you to come up with anything else so pretty, but your whippet... well, your whippet proves that it actually is possible to create more and more pretty/prettier things. Amazing!


A really cool little brooch, whippet is just the word!


Hello Vanessa. I adore both your little dogs. I think you really 'know' dogs as you capture them so beautifully. I love whippets as I think they have gorgeous faces. It must be really exciting to commission you with a pet and see what you do. I bet Finn's owner was delighted with her brooch.

Your holiday cottage looked amazing, what a great place that must be to live. Or maybe you would miss some hustle and bustle after a while. In any case a wonderful place for a bit of peace and quiet.

Can't wait to see some of your screen printing. I bet you will produce something rather special. I did some at school many years ago. I don't remember how it works though. I did a picture of Ingrid Bergman for some reason. It looked like her but a little bit of the design fell away before printing so wasn't quite as it should have been.


I have given you a blogging award! Come check out the details at my blog:


just love your bright and colourful site xxpippa


dear Vanessa your Finn brooch is absolutely adorable! and Annie's blog is very lovely too. i have a bit of a soft spot for whippet's and greyhounds, we have a whippet/greyhound rescue centre not far from us which i daren't visit (although i would love to) because i know i wouldn't be able to leave without adopting one (or more!).
it's been a while since i visited your blog and i am so glad i have done so today because i've been reminded once again how sweet, uplifting and inspiring it is. you are a remarkable artist and a very lovely, gentle and genuine soul.
i hope you have enjoyed a good easter and that the rest of april is full of fun for you.

warmest hugs xxx



I love your whippet, Finn is Fantastic, you are so clever! And Screen printing, cant wait to see what develops from that....I have been gifted some blank frames so I will one day delve into that medium too I think. My mum used to do screen printing, I still have one she did of a drawing I did when I was about 5 of my cat, too cute!


I love your whippet, Finn is Fantastic, you are so clever! And Screen printing, cant wait to see what develops from that....I have been gifted some blank frames so I will one day delve into that medium too I think. My mum used to do screen printing, I still have one she did of a drawing I did when I was about 5 of my cat, too cute!


Vanessa, Are you knitting still? I haven't seen any entries recently with your beautiful knits!


Loving, loving the brooches ....... and I am thinking how I would love a Joe Cocker one! x

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Your brooch is simply fantastic! I am found of whippets. Mine is called Djazz and it loves drink tea. if you want,it is here
"whippet a day, whippet every day" ;-)

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