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It's lovely Vanessa. Knitting it may have felt like a bit of a marathon but I predict that wearing it will be a walk in the park :D

Fleur Cotton

Oh Vanessa that's really lovely. I really can't make my mind up whether over the dress or trousers is best because it looks great over both!

Have a lovely weekend and show that dress off!!

Fleur xx

Crochet with Raymond

it is just beautiful Vanessa, I love it. Love both looks but think it looks very awesome with boots.
Wishing you a happy weekend!
Love Alice and Raymond XXX


Wow!!! I like it with the dress underneath a bit more than with the jeans, but it's also a matter of which mood you're in, I think (as in my case: some days I'm feel more "girly", so it would be with the dress, and on other days more "sporty", that would be the day with the jeans) :o)!!!!


Well, I like the grey version but seeing your improved version, I like yours even more. I think it's the colour, the no sleeves and how you wear it. So, everything really!

Loved the photos, you look very petite and lovely in your dress. I love the layered look of the sleeves with the colours of the dresses complementing each other but I also really like it worn with jeans and boots. I like the colours of the dresses together though, so perhaps that pips it at the post?

Colours are funny, people do seem to see them differently. My daughter and I often think colours are quite different. For instance pink not purple. At least in the picture where the light is shining on it, I would say orange. Anyway, just tell those that disagree with you that they should listen to the artist! I just asked my daughter what colour she thought it is and she said 'orange'.

It's a very pretty dress and I hope you enjoy wearing it.


Love the dress so much. I actually love both looks! It all depends on what you will be doing and where you are going!
Fabulous job. xoRobin❤


Vanessa, you did a fantastic job. The color, lace wow it looks so amazing. And might I add you look adorable in it. So do your glasses.
Have a wonderful weekend,


Love that dress - I think it looks lovely both ways!


Oh Vanessa! I'm so inspired, seeing you in your BEAUTIFUL new knitted dress! You are beautiful, it is beautiful. I do like to knit lace, but I know what you mean about the concentrating part. I have long wanted to make one, and now I know I will. xxx Lori


Love it both ways---- it really looks good on you! Enjoy it. :)

Jo Norman

Oooooo I love it! I prefer it with the dress underneath but actually both looks are just great. I have an orange knitted tunic that I enjoy wearing so much just because it's orange and makes me happy :-)

kate from greedy for colour

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it - or as we say in our family, lub, lub, lub, lub, lubbit! Particularly with the dress underneath it. Great colour too and as ever, you are a fox. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


Excellent- I have the wool and the pattern for a lace shawl, but I know it is going to need concentration and so I keep putting it off!


It's beautiful, I like it with the dress underneath, but then again I like it with the jeans too!!

kathy b

I like them both, but prefer the non dress look!
Great finish


Fabulous dress, I like both versions, if I had to choose it would be the dress version but the versatility of the dress is part of its appeal.
Have a great weekend.
Carol xx
p.s. was trying very hard not to do a "Harry Hill" fight sketch!


My goodness, Vanessa; that first shot of the lace pattern with the sun filtering through is perfect.

The dress is stunning and you look stunning. You look extra special with the fabric dress underneath... and the boat would make a super hat too.

With my thin-on-the-ground knitting skills I am totally in awe of the slog which you put into this garnment. But then that's you all over, isn't it Vanessa? ;-) Turning slog into artistic magic.


How very beautiful Vanessa, I just love the dress look the best. Its funny because as soon as I saw the first photo of you wearing your tunic I thought I must ask you about the tunic type dress you are wearing beneath it!! I have been hunting for a basic tunic dress pattern for ages now, I'm desperate to just make a couple of soft draping linen or linen/cotton ones for comfort and a simple stylish look. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week...yay!
Right ,back to the knitted tunic, I see burnt orange too and I do prefer it without the sleeves too. It's a true labour of love and I take my hat off to you mastering the art of knitting dresses/tunic's for your self. I am in the process of knitting a waist coat for myself and am dreading that it might not fit very well... I guess it's all part of the learning to choose the right size for yourself. I don't think I am experienced enough to get this quite right at the mo but I'll keep trying :0) Wishing you and your lovely photographer Hugo a marvelous weekend xox Penelope

Deborah Newton

Someone brought your beautiful efforts to my attention. Thanks for giving my design a go -- it looks fabulous on you!!!

Happy knitting!

All the best-- Deborah Newton


So fabulous. I want to stop everything and cast on. as luck would have it - I have the pattern, and the required amount of Ultra Alpaca....


Great dress! I prefer when you wear it with the cotton dress underneath, it has much more personality in that way!!!
xxxx Alessandra

Teresa Kasner

Vanessa, when I scrolled down to view that lace tunic, the color was so brilliant it was like a stained glass window.. my eyes enjoyed the shot of color very much. I vote for it over the dress, it's very feminine. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Vanessa, I am chuckling because just as I started to type to you I noted that Teresa Kasner my Portland area blogging friend's comment is right above mine. Today I just posted pictures of my first lace project which I crocheted...complex for me, but not nearly as complex as your successfully knitted dress. While I like all the photos of your dress, I think the shirt/jeans show it to best advantage. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. <3


Beautiful! Lace with needles is something unbelievable for me. ;-) I like the jeans look better.


Wow Vanessa thats so gorgeous, I only wish I had the patience (and the skill with the magic sticks). I like both looks but could see me wearing it with jeans a lot!
Sally x


Over the dress, I think, but it looks great both ways. What a marathon knit - but worth it. I definitely prefer it without the sleeves. It's beautiful, Vanessa.

lily boot

It's beautiful and you look so lovely - I especially like it over the dress - and I love your wonderfully chunky orange ring! I think I may have to knit me one too! Well worth the 5 and a half months.


what a truly beautiful dress - all that work really was worth it - it looks good worn both ways, but love the look with the dress underneath!

cath w

You know, with the dress underneath, I think that is an absolutely perfect outfit and you look awesome.


Wow Vanessa, your knitted dress is beautiful, what a stunning colour and all the better with that sunlight shining on it. How I wish I could knit like that!
Happy weekend to you.
Kate xx

harmony and rosie

By the way, how remiss of me, I meant to say I like it very much with the dress ;)

I think I like it most with the dress but it looks fab either way. Love the colour. And hats off to you - I knitted a lace scarf once and that was enough for me - it's not 'TV knitting' is it!


It's gorgeous, you did a fantastic kob, clever you......I think I like it over the dress best, but both do look good!

It reminds me a little of an art deco pattern, the lace work I mean.....does that make sense?

As ever, super impressed!


Gorgeous! And so is the tunic!! I like it with the dress, and especially with your blue tights. Just lovely. xx


such a lovely Alpaka wool tunic- love the twinny just made me a lovely polka dot blue and red cardi...its the best thing ive ever owned and the time it takes to knit- its precious....was gazing at the sailing boats up your stairs...the stuff of dreams ;0)xx


Lovely, great skill needed and patience too. Love it with the jeans.
And can I just say, beautiful photos... you have such a natural, untouched by makeup and other gunk, beauty about you.

Crafted by Carly

Vanessa, I LOVE it!!! The colour is amazing! I'd definitely go for over the dress too. And I adore the colour of the tunic with the turquoise of those tights! Where DID you find those tights, by the way???
Hope you're having a good weekend!


Oh Vanessa it's gorgeous, I prefer it with the dress underneath! Did you ever get the little thank you card I sent you? I love your style!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend, fliss xxxxx


Just beautiful and it suits you so well. If I have to say I prefer it with trousers but either way you can be very proud.


That's really lovely and the colour is wonderful!

I've had this pattern in my giant heap of upcoming projects, but now it's moved to the top... now all I need is some truly yummy yarn (I was intending to use a black, but hello colour)...


Great job, Vanessa, it looks super on you! In fact, I'm quite inspired to make myself one... ;)
I thought the colour might be the Malabrigo lace "glazed carrot" colour, which I used for a Wispy cardi a couple of years ago, it's beautifully intense but I think yours is more of a blood orange colour - gorgeous.
I like both the looks you show - in my view, it works equally well with the dress/boots and with jeans (hence the inspriration?!)... and I think a tunic is probably a bit more wearable than a dress, certainly for me.

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Lovely, Vanessa! LOL - lots of suggestions for the color of the yarn - I kind of see it as a Poppy color!
This is a great pattern because it seems so flexible. It looks good both over the dress and over jeans and I think would look equally well over leggings. I guess that means you can wear it to suit your mood on any given day.
Thanks again to wonderful Hugo and his photographic skills.

Pretty Nelli

I love the colour ! For some reason I can't wear anything red, it's such an energetic colour. The tunic looks good on you.


Your Alpaka Tunic turned out beautifully. The bright color, whatever anyone calls it, is perfect for you. It is very cheerful. I made the Alpaka Tunic when the pattern first came out in Interweave. I usually ponder a big project for several months, and often change my mind, but I knew immediately that I wanted to make that. I knit mine in a faded denim color and wear it with jeans and a long sleeved white T-shirt. I think it looks great over a dress, but I wear dresses rarely and only for more formal occasions.


Vanessa, you are soooo clever! I wish I could knit like that (and have the patience for such a long project). The dress is such a beautiful colour and I like both looks but I think it looks particularly nice over the fabric dress. Anyway, you should be proud of your dress and enjoy wearing it lots of ways!
Best wishes
Katie x


Your dress is too cute for words! I can tell by all the comments, I'm not the only one who thinks so. I like it with both the dress and the trousers, and I can see it paired with jeans as well, as a sort of "uptown casual" look.

The knit pattern is eye catching, and I adore the little barely there-sleeve.

The only drawback might be, people in public places constantly asking you where you purchased such a pretty little dress.


Okay - this is the most beautiful knit dress ever! I love it. And your bunny reflection artwork is so sweet. Glad I found your blog. I'll stop by often :)


I like it better with jeans Vanessa and I definitely see the colour as burnt orange probably because I dislike red! I am currently knitting a lace shawlette so I understand why the dress took so long.

Archie the wonder dog

Your dress looks gorgeous either way!


The tunic is fab Vanessa. That orange/red colour really suits you.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

Magic Cochin

Oooo great! You've finished it! Lace knitting is a bit of a marathon isn't it... but it gets easier as you go along.

I think I like the 'with jeans' look best, but the under-dress is lovely too, so I'm looking forward to reading more about that.



Its beautiful Vanessa! I LOVE the colour - my favourite :-)

I think it is best with the dress and the double layers, you look so petite in that outfit :-) It is a bit too bloomy with jeans and you look lost in it.

Are you happy with the end result? You seem a bit preoccupied in your photos...maybe all your looming deadlines?

hugs Jen xx


I think that looks great on you! I like it best with the dress, but it looks nice either way. Good job!

Trudy McLauchlan

What a stunning dress, Vanessa. It's really beautiful and you look very groovy in it!


wow thats stunning! i love the colour too :) might try this pattern after i've finished other things in my que!



Your dress is gorgeous, congratulations


Absolutely stunning!

Planet Penny

I would definitely say orange! It's lovely, and suits you and I like it best with trousers. Congratulations on finishing it, I could never take on such a big project, all in one colour, I'm very bad at sticking it out to the end!

love from Penny and Higgins xxx


beautiful sweater! congratulations!
kisses from Uruguay!


It is a great dress and I love that orange colour - it is really funky - worn either way.


So pretty and great color!


I love how bright red it is. It just shots out energy.

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